Aaron Braun Wins First US Title – Captures 2013 .US National Road Championships

Braun’s Celebration At End Likely Prevented Him From Breaking Steve Spence’s American Record

By Chris Lotsbom, @ChrisLotsbom
(c) 2013 Race Results Weekly, all rights reserved

ALEXANDRIA, VA (17-Nov) — After injecting one surge after another, Aaron Braun separated himself from chasers Shadrack Biwott and Tyler Pennel to win the inaugural .US National Road Racing Championships here this morning. Timing 34:28, Braun missed Steve Spence‘s 12 kilometer American record by two seconds, though was ecstatic after earning his first national title.

“I’ve been close so many times,” Braun, 26, told members of the media moments after crossing the finish line next to the Potomac River. “So many times I’ve been right there and got second or third. I didn’t want to let it go down to a kick. If it did I’d be ready for it, but it’s so great to finally cross the line and be U.S. champion.”

Between brick houses lining Old Town Alexandria, Braun established his spot up front within the race’s first mile. As planned, the father of one wanted to be aggressive throughout the contest.

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“I just wanted to make a good honest pace. I didn’t want to mess around,” Braun said, draped in an American flag with the winner’s medal around his neck.

With each kilometer that passed, Braun seemed to inject a momentary spurt of speed. Promptly the pack of about 16 would respond, led by four-time Olympian Abdi Abdirahman and Biwott. The group went through five kilometers in 14:29 with Braun a step in front.

Running confidently in his yellow adidas vest, Braun seemed poised and comfortable. Each stride looked effortless, while his rivals seemed to be keying off every move he made. In essence, Braun controlled the destiny of the race.

Just like he had planned going into today’s contest, the Adams State alum wanted to make a noticeable move at the race’s turn around point at about 7 kilometers.

“Me and my coach talked about at that turn around point around 4.5 miles that that would be the perfect time to make a move,” Braun said with a smile. “In college, when you make a move I was strong enough to immediately get rid of people. But with this kind of field, that wasn’t going to happen. So I had to keep my foot on the pedal, keep it nice and steady, and be able to hold that pace all the way to the finish and hope it would eventually drop them.”

The move would shake up the group, yet core members Biwott, Pennel, Abdirahman, and Josphat Boit remained.

Over a bridge between miles five (8 km) and six (10 km), it appeared that Abdirahman was readying for the final charge to the tape. That was when disaster struck: coming off the bridge and taking a very sharp turn, Abdirahman lost his footing. Falling to the ground hard, he let out a loud “Ahhh!”

“Oh my Goodness, I saw him [go down] and felt sorry for him,” recounted Biwott. “I was worried running if he was OK because I heard him going down hard and I looked back and saw him holding his face. I was like ‘Oh my gosh. I hope he’s OK.'”

The next time anyone would see Abdirahman was coming across the finish line in a medical vehicle, draped in a paramedic jacket and with a drop of blood on his left cheek.

As if in unison with Abdirahman’s fall, Braun surged again, this time creating separation back to Biwott and Pennel. What was a three-second lead at ten kilometers (which Braun crossed in 28:48) soon became ten.

Coming down the final straightaway with the early morning sun on his right, Braun celebrated with the victory in his pocket. Swept up in the emotion of his first national title, Braun waved to the crowd before breaking the finish tape in 34:28. Told he missed Steve Spence’s USATF-ratified American record of 34:26 by two seconds, Braun simply shrugged it off with a smile.

“It’d be cool to say I was an American record holder, but it’s not like it’s one of those [major] records,” he said, noting that it wasn’t on his radar coming into the race. “First national title was absolutely the main focus.”

Braun credited his recent racing success to moving back to Colorado and training under college coach Damon Martin. This fall Braun has placed second at the USA 5-K National Championships, timed 1:03:52 at the B.A.A. Half-Marathon, taken third place at the NYRR Dash to the Finish Line 5-K, and now earned the $20,000 first-place prize here. Next up, he will try and retain his title at the Manchester Road Race on Thanksgiving Day where he jointly owns the course record with road racing legend Philemon Hanneck.

“I’m not plateauing,” said Braun. “To keep in this sport you have to keep getting better, because everyone else is getting better too. So if you’re staying the same you’re getting passed. I’m determined to keep getting better year after year.”

Aaron Braun (front row, bright yellow kit) leads Matt Llano (far left with sunglasses), Tim Ritchie (second row, yellow/blue kit), Abdi Abdirahman, Matt Tegenkamp and Shadrack Biwott at the inaugural .US National Road Running Championships (photo by Chris Lotsbom for Race Results Weekly) Aaron Braun (front row, bright yellow kit) leads Matt Llano (far left with sunglasses), Tim Ritchie (second row, yellow/blue kit), Abdi Abdirahman, Matt Tegenkamp and Shadrack Biwott at the inaugural .US National Road Running Championships (photo by Chris Lotsbom for Race Results Weekly)

After a late charge that saw him make up some ground, Biwott claimed second in 34:35. With his podium finish and Matt Tegenkamp‘s eighth place showing, Biwott earned enough points to overtake the latter on top of the USA Running Circuit leaderboard, making him this year’s champion and giving him an additional $6000 on top of his $10,000 second place prize.

“If that’s true, then I’m a happy man,” said the former University of Oregon Duck, speaking conservatively as he hadn’t yet seen official results. “It’s great, man.”

Still in Biwott’s legs was his third place finish at the USA Marathon Championships six weeks ago. Despite the fatigue, he was pleased with how today’s race turned out.

“To be honest I’m exhausted. My legs are tired right now. I’ve never been so tired in a race like today,” he said.

Rounding out the top three in somewhat of a surprise was Pennel, who hadn’t raced since the USA 10-K Championships at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peachtree Road Race last July, where he finished 14th overall and seventh among Americans.

“I had a great block of training,” said Pennel, a member of North Carolina-based Zap Fitness. “I took some risks hoping I was ready to run and that got validated.”

Finishing fourth and fifth, respectively, were Christo Landry and Elliot Krause, 34:40 and 34:43, respectively. Placing eighth, 22 seconds behind Braun was Tegenkamp, his final time 34:50. Teammate and fellow Jerry Schumacher-coached athlete Chris Solinsky did not finish; his last registered split was 14:31 at 5 kilometers, just before he fell off the lead pack.

Quick takes and top 25 results appear below.

Quick Takes added by LetsRun.com

Aaron Braun had 20,000 reasons to smile after this one Aaron Braun had 20,000 reasons to smile after this one

Quick Take #1: A big day for Braun. You can watch our post-race interview with him (and Braun and Biwott) below but he said the $20,000 is going to be used to help pay off his wife’s student loans and help keep him in the sport training towards 2016. Braun said he initially had planed to make his marathon debut in this fall but had a hiccup and hopes to debut in Spring 2014.

In the article above, Lotsbom said that Braun was doing most of the surging in the race, but we asked Braun about that and he said Abdi was the one putting in most of the moves.

Quick Take #2: We also interviewed Biwott after the race who was thrilled to have taken home $6,000 today. The former Oregon Duck is now training in Sacramento under the remote tutelage of Matt Lonergan whom he raved about. Lonergan is in Boston. After we stopped filming, Biwott, he said he’s never been so tired after a race and we understand why. Just six weeks ago, he was third at the US Marathon Champs in 2:13:26.

Abdi was smiling even after suffering a bad fall Abdi was smiling even after suffering a bad fall

Quick Take #3: We also caught up with Abdi after the race (interview embedded below) He had a cut on his face and as well on his upper leg just below his hip. However, he said the worse part of the fall was the pain to his hands which he used to brace himself. The fall cost Abdi probably at least $7,500 as he was in the top three at that point. That’s a big blow financially for a guy who didn’t get invited to New York as he hoped this fall and is running the Honolulu Marathon in three weeks. Hopefully, he recovers quickly so he’ll be ready for Honolulu.

QT #4: Who the hell is third placer Tyler Pennel you ask? He’s a 25- year old who went to DII Western State where he ran pbs of 13:51.42 and 28:23.54 before finishing last year. Now as part of Zap Fitness, he’s lowered his 5000 pb to 13:45.63. He was 10th at USAs in the 10,000 this year but this was a big result for him.

QT #5: The 5th place finish for Elliott Krause was also a surprise and certainly a big result for the former Wisconsin Badger. The 13:34 performer for Wisco had an injured hamstring which kept him from running the 10,000 at USAs and this was his first big result since then and as a pro.

QT #6: We tried to catch up with Chris Solinksy after the race but he didn’t want to talk after his second clunker on the roads in the span of two weeks.

Aaron Braun

Abid Abdirahman

Shadrack Biwott

Top 25 Results are as follows:

Men’s Results:

Rank Name Bib Time Pace Hometown Age Prize Money
1 Aaron Braun 13 00:34:28 04:38 Englewood, CO 26 $20,000
2 Shadrack Biwott 10 00:34:35 04:39 Folsom, CA 28 $10,000
3 Tyler Pennel 68 00:34:37 04:39 Blowing Rock, NC 25 $7,500
4 Christopher Landry 50 00:34:40 04:39 Ann Arbor, MI 27 $5,000
5 Elliot Krause 48 00:34:43 04:40 Appleton, WI 23 $3,000
6 Timothy Ritchie 75 00:34:46 04:40 Brighton, MA 26 $2000
7 Matthew Llano 52 00:34:49 04:41 Flagstaff, AZ 25 $1000
8 Matt Tegenkamp 86 00:34:50 04:41 Portland, OR 31 $750
9 Josphat Boit 11 00:35:03 04:42 Mammoth Lakes, CA 29 $500
10 Joe Moore 64 00:35:08 04:43 Minneapolis, MN 29 $250
11 Richard Medina 62 00:35:24 04:45 Boulder, CO 24
12 Chris Kwiatkowski 914 00:35:34 04:47 Washington, DC 24
13 Nick Arciniaga 4 00:35:51 04:49 Flagstaff, AZ 30
14 Joe Stilin 82 00:36:05 04:51 Blowing Rock, NC 23
15 Michael Reneau 73 00:36:23 04:53 Saint Paul, MN 35
16 John Gilbertson 35 00:36:35 04:55 Mammoth Lakes, CA 22
17 Jacob Riley 74 00:36:38 04:55 Rochester, MI 25
18 Craig Curley 24 00:36:41 04:56 Tucson, AZ 25
19 Pat Fullerton 33 00:37:10 04:59 Bradford, MA 25
20 Josh McAlary 104 00:37:18 05:01 East Lansing, MI 23
21 Benjamin Sathre 77 00:38:30 05:10 Chaska, MN 23
22 Tony Filipek 30 00:39:07 05:15 Caro, MI 25

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