2013 USATF Oxy High Performance Meet – Schedule, Heat Sheets, Quick Meet Preview and Results

by LetsRun.com
May 16, 2013

Update: Meet Results are being posted here.

Below you will find the schedule for tomorrow’s 2013 USATF Oxy High Performance Meet at Occidental College where mid-d and distance runners will be conducting a glorified practice and chasing IAAF ‘A’ and ‘B’ qualifying times for the 2013 Moscow World Championships.

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Below the schedule you will find the heat sheets for each event as well as the plans for the rabbit for each race that has a rabbit (no rabbits for the steeple). After most heat sheets, we make a brief comment or two so consider this to be a mini-preview of sorts.

If you want to watch the meet, you can do so for $20 via flotrack (warning you will be signed up for a monthly recurring charge).

*2013 Moscow World Track and Field Championships – Women’s American ‘A’ and ‘B’ Qualifiers
*2013 Moscow World Track and Field Championships – Men’s American ‘A’ and ‘B’ Qualifiers

Schedule (note all time are Pacific Time)
6:40 pm  Women’s Steeple
7:00 pm  Men’s Steeple
7:20 pm  Women’s 800
7:40 pm  Men’s 800
8:05 pm  Women’s 1500
8:40 pm  Men’s 1500
9:20 pm  Women’s 5k
9:40 pm  Men’s 5k

6:40 pm  Women’s Steeple (9:43 A/9:48 B)

Event 1  Women 3000 Meter Steeplechase
        Meet:  9:41.96  2012        Bridget Franek, Nike OTC                   
     Name                        Year Team                                  

Section 1  Timed Finals

  1  Higginson, Ashley                Saucony                     
  2  Kipp, Shalaya                    Unattached                  
  3  Hall, Sara                       Asics                       
  4  Groenewoud, Chantelle            Speed River/                
  5  Nickless, Bethany                Nike                        
  6  Ballinger, Mary                  Zap Fitness                 
  7  Lawrence, Collier                Oiselle                     
  8  DeWalt, Kara                     Bay Area Tra                
  9  Lalonde, Genevieve               Speed River/                
 10  Vaughn, Sara                     Unattached                  
 11  Masciana, Juliane                adidas                      
 12  Anderson, Lindsey                Unattached                  
 13  Pease, Sarah                     Rogue Athlet                
 14  Hayakari, Minori                 Japan                       
 15  Goldkamp, Mary                   Rogue Athlet

LetsRun.com: 2012 Olympian and NCAA champ Shalaya Kipp, who is red-shirting this year at Colorado, is the favorite here. She won at Mt. Sac earlier this year. Higginson (9:52.82 9:34.49) was the 4th placer at last year’s Trials. The Japanese runner – Minori Hayakari – is 40 years old and bound to crush the Master’s World record which according to this website is 10:38.90. Hayakari went sub-10 last year.

7:00 pm Men’s Steeple (8:26 A/8:32 B)

Event 2  Men 3000 Meter Steeplechase
        Meet:  8:19.14  2012        Don Cabral, Princeton                      
     Name                        Year Team                                  

Section 1  Timed Finals

  1  Cabral, Donn                     Nike                        
  2  Bruce, Ben                       adidas                      
  3  Cowart, Donald                   World Expres                
  4  Turner, DeSean                   Unattached                  
  5  Hughes, Matt                     Unattached                  
  6  Bean, Cameron                    Zap Fitness                 
  7  Nelson, Billy                    New Balance                 
  8  Mahoney, Travis                  Njnytc                      
  9  Cleaver, Matt                    Unattached                  
 10  Milne, Taylor                    Speed River                 
 11  Stones, Carl                     adidas                      
 12  Ibarra, Luis                     Nike                        
 13  Ripley, Zach                     Playmakers E                
 14  Brockerville, Ryan               Point Grey T

2012 Olympic Trials runner-up Donn Cabral as well as the fourth and 5th placers from the Trials (Bruce & Cowart) are all entered. However, the fastest American on the year in the field is former Indiana runner DeSean Turner (8:29.99).

The man to beat might be 2010 and 2011 NCAA champ Matt Hughes of Canada. He beat Cabral at NCAAs both of those years and won Stanford earlier this year in a new pb of 8:21.34 -the 4th best time in the world.

*LRC 2012 Men’s US Olympic Trials Steeplechase Recap

7:20 pm Women’s 800 (2:00.00 A/2:01.50 B)

Heat 1: Marilyn Okoro 47 for 400m, going 600m.
Heat 2: Maggie Veessey 58 (going for 600)
Heat 3: Joy Eaton 60 (going for 600)

Event 3  Women 800 Meter Run
        Meet:  1:59.48  2011        Alice Schmidt, USOC                        
     Name                        Year Team                                  

Section 1  Timed Finals
  1  Leinert, Shannon                 Big River Ru                
  2  Wallace, Lea                     Nike                        
  3  Thomas, Latavia                  Nike                        
  4  Gall, Geena                      Nike                        
  5  Wright, Phoebe                   Nike                        
  6  Schmidt, Alice                   Nike                        
  7  Smith, Jessica                   Valley Royal                
  8  Kampf, Heather                   Asics                       
  9  Simpson, Jenny                   New Balance                 

Section 2  Timed Finals

  1  Harper, Lyndsay                  Brooks                      
  2  Kajan, Selma                     New South Wa                
  3  Crofts, Helen                    Simon Fraser                
  4  Praska, Bethany                  Unattached                  
  5  Belleau-Béliveau, Karine         Les Vainqueu                
  6  Medina, Gabriela                 Mexico                      
  7  Ogbasilassie, LemLem             Unattached                  
  8  Rodgers, Christina               Unattached                  

Section 3  Timed Finals

  2  Herrick, Stephanie               New Balance                 
  3  MacLean, Leanna                  Phoenix Athl                
  4  Westaway, Jenna                  Calgary Inte                
  5  Dubose, Damajeria                Unattached                  
  6  Zorich, Brett                    Bay Area Tra

Heat one is interesting for one reason in our mind – 2011 world 1,500 champ Jenny Simpson is racing for the second time since her switch back to the tutelage of Mark Wetmore. Simpson has a 2:01.20 800 pb but last year when she ran the 800 she was awful (2:03.49 at this meet, 2:05.79 in New York) and it was clear she wasn’t going to have a great year. Her 800 in New York was truly amazingly bad.

The 2nd and third placers from last year’s Olympic Trials in Gall and Schmidt also are in the heat.

It’s hard to believe but the US has zero ‘A’ (2:00.90) or ‘B’ (2:01.50) qualifiers this year.

*2012 US Olympic Trials Women’s 800 Recap

7:40 pm Men’s 800 (1:45.30 A/1:46.20 B)

Heat 1: Matt Scherer 1:17 for 600m.
Heat 2: Michael Cortney 1:17 for 600m.
Heat 3: Sharese Webb 1:19 for 600m.

Event 4  Men 800 Meter Run
        Meet:  1:44.71  2011        Cory Primm, UNA                            
     Name                        Year Team                                  

Section 1  Timed Finals
  1  Johnson, Brandon                 Hsinternatio                
  2  Harris, Geoff                    Halifast Athleti            
  3  Rutt, Michael                    Njnytc                      
  4  Jock, Charles                    Nike                        
  5  Martin, Ryan                     Asics                       
  6  Wieczorek, Mark                  Brooks                      
  7  Yokota, Masato                   Fujitsu                     
  8  Kitur, Felix                     Santa Monica                

Section 2  Timed Finals
  1  Gilreath, James                  Adidas Team                 
  2  Jones, Richard                   Unattached                  
  3  Emmen, Tetlo                     Unattached                  
  4  James, Jamaal                    Hsinternatio                
  5  Smith, Kyle                      Phoenix Athl                
  6  Dawson, Andrew                   Unattached                  
  7  Abbott, Joe                      Unattached                  
  8  White, Sadiki                    Njnytc                      
  9  Mumba, Prince                    Santa Monica                

Section 3  Timed Finals
  2  Perezchica, Andres               Unattached                  
  3  Husted, Mark                     Denver TC                   
  4  Bradshaw, Paul                   Great Britai                
  5  Johnson, Joshua                  AUS                         
  6  Ferguson, Quin                   Unattached                  
  7  Romaniw, Anthony                 Speed River

Three Olympic Trials finalists form last year in Ryan Martin (4th), Mark Wieczorek (7th) and Charles Jock (8th) are in the 800. Masato Yokota is the 25-year old Japanese national record holder (1:46.16).

*2012 US Olympic Trials Men’s 800 Recap

8:05 pm  Women’s 1500 (4:05.50 A/4:09.00 B)

Heat 1: Phoebe Wright  2:10 for 800 (going 1k)
Heat 2: Brett Zorich & Lyndsay Harper 2:14 for 800 (going for 1k)
Heat 3: Latavia Thomas 2:14 for 800 (going for 1k)

Event 5  Women 1500 Meter Run
        Meet:  4:05.92  2012        Shannon Rowbury, Nike                      
     Name                        Year Team                                  

Section 1  Timed Finals
  1  Sifuentes, Nicole                Saucony                     
  2  Stellingwerff, Hilary            Speed River/                
  3  Mackey, Katie                    Brooks                      
  4  Schappert, Nicole                Brooks                      
  5  Lucas, Julia                     Nike                        
  6  Brown, Sarah                     New Balance                 
  7  Lagat, Violah                    Unattached                  
  8  Coburn, Emma                     Colorado                    
  9  Conley, Kim                      New Balance                 
 10  Simpson, Jemma                   Nike                        
 11  Cain, Mary                       Unattached                  
 12  Tomlin, Renee                    Nike                        
 13  Buckman, Zoe                     Nike                        
 14  Kuijken, Susan                   Nike                        

Section 2  Timed Finals
  1  Franek, Bridget                  Nike                        
  2  Brown, Stephanie                 Arkansas                    
  3  Van Alstine, Amy                 adidas                      
  4  Tauro, Danielle                  Njnytc                      
  5  Mecke, Dana                      San Antonio                 
  6  Gallagher, Kerri                 Pacers New B                
  7  Thomas, Callie                   Unattached                  
  8  Hagans, Lauren                   Asics                       
  9  Wilson, Heather                  Njnytc                      
 10  Salerno, Melissa                 New Balance                 
 11  Miller, Ashley                   Asics                       
 12  Van Buskirk, Kate                Brooks                      
 13  Infeld, Emily                    Nike                        

Section 3  Timed Finals
  1  McShine, Pilar                   Trinidad & T                
  2  van der Wyk, Tracee              Unattached                  
  3  Jordán Ordiales, Cristina        C.D. Seoane-                
  4  Cliff, Rachel                    Vancouver Th                
  5  Beck, Cat                        Cptc New Bal                
  6  Guevara, Cristina                Mexico                      
  7  Praught, Aisha                   Nike                        
  8  Carlyle, Laura                   Bowerman AC                 
  9  Digby, Erica                     Vancouver Th                
 10  Bizzarri, Angela                 Brooks                      
 11  O'Connell, Jessica               University of Ca

This race features a lot of people running the 1,500 as an off event (2012 US steeple champ Coburn,  5000 Olympian Conley, near 5000 Olympian Lucas) but undoubtedly the press attention will go to teen sensation Mary Cain (4:10.77 pb).

In terms of 1,500 runners, former Oregon runner Zoe Buckman has run 4:08.84  former Wisconsin star Hilary Stellingwerff has run 4:09.02 and former FSU runners Violah Lagat and Susan Kuijken have run 4:09.17 and 4:09.67 so far this year.

8:40 pm  Men’s 1500 (3:35.00 A/3:37.00 B)

Heat 1: Matt Schere & Duane Solomon 1:52 for 800 (going for 1200)
Heat 2: Michael Rutt &Mark Wieczorek 1:54 for 800 (going for 1050)
Heat 3: Joe Abbott & Geoff Harris 1:54 for 800 (going for 1k)
Heat 4: Michael Cortney & Sadiki White 1:56 for 800 (going for 1k)

Event 6  Men 1500 Meter Run
        Meet:  3:34.66  2012        Mo Farah, Nike                             
     Name                        Year Team                                  

Section 1  Timed Finals
  1  Centrowitz, Matthew              Nike                        
  2  Manzano, Leo                     Austin TC                   
  3  Brannen, Nathan                  Saucony                     
  4  Rupp, Galen                      Nike                        
  5  McNamara, Jordan                 Nike                        
  6  Wheating, Andrew                 Nike                        
  7  Leer, Will                       Nike                        
  8  Boylan-Pett, Liam                Njnytc                      
  9  Batty, Miles                     Asics                       
 10  Lomong, Lopez                    Nike                        

Section 2  Timed Finals
  1  Brown, Russell                   Nike                        
  2  Fernandez, German                Nike                        
  3  Andrews, Robby                   adidas                      
  4  See, Jeff                        Saucony                     
  5  Torrence, David                  Nike                        
  6  Heath, Garrett                   Saucony                     
  7  Symmonds, Nick                   Nike                        
  8  Gagnon, Brian                    Njnytc                      
  9  Jager, Evan                      Nike                        
 10  Levins, Cam                      Nike                        
 11  Degefa, Deriba                   Bowerman AC                 
 12  Clark, Daniel                    Very Nice Tr                

Section 3  Timed Finals
  1  Bolas, Jack                      New Balance                 
  2  Miller, Craig                    New Balance                 
  3  Kaan, James                      Nike                        
  4  O'Hare, Chris                    Scotland                    
  5  Bishop, David                    Great Britai                
  6  Huling, Dan                      Nike                        
  7  Robinson, Paul                   Nike                        
  8  Gonzalez, Christian              Njnytc                      
  9  Heath, Elliott                   Nike                        
 10  Schmitz, Tommy                   USA                         
 11  Blankenship, Ben                 Nike                        
 12  Johnson, Brett                   Unattached                  
 13  Derrick, Chris                   Nike                        

Section 4  Timed Finals
  1  Huffer, Craig                    adidas                      
  2  Corrigan, Peter                  Running Room                
  3  Gowell, Chris                    adidas                      
  4  Solares, Pablo                   Bay Area Tra                
  5  Jordanek, Tony                   Neo TC Elite                
  6  Philibert-Thiboutot, Charles     Laval (Canad                
  7  Morris, Graham                   Unattached                  
  8  Harasyn, Eric                    Brooks                      
  9  Leslie, Cory                     Unattached                  
 10  Cronin, Ian                      Team Run Eug                
 11  McNiff, Ryan                     adidas                      
 12  Phillips, Duncan                 Austin TC

Heat  1 is  loaded.

In heat 1, Olympic 1500 silver medallist Leo Manzano who has been less than impressive in two shorter races this year (beaten by nearly 2 seconds at Kansas Relays, third at US road mile) and awful at a longer race (14:57 5000) will try to turn things around but he’ll have his hands full with 10,000 silver medallist Galen Rupp and 2011 1,500 bronze medallist Matthew Centrowitz as well as 3:30.90 man Andrew Wheating. The man to beat might be Lopez Lomong who was on fire all of indoors (1:46 800/13:07.00 AR in 5000).

Quick Take #1: We really want to see who gets the ‘A’ here. We’d love to see Will Leer get it – he deserves it. Everyone in heat #1 is capable of it except Liam Boylan Pett.

Quick Take #2: It’s interesting to us that the training partners Farah and Rupp will not race here. Might Salazar be keeping Rupp apart from Farah a sign they are starting to realize they are big rivals in addition to being training partners?

Quick Take #3: At first we were surprised to see Robby Andrews in heat #2 since he ran 3:34.79 last year but the more we think about it, that might be an intentional move by his coach Jason Vigilante. Andrews is a good competitor and has always excelled in races that he can win and often struggled in fast time trials.

9:20 pm  Women’s 5k (15:18.00 A/15:25.00B)

Rabbits: Katie Mackey & Dana Mecke 4:50 for 1600m (going for 2k)

Event 7  Women 5000 Meter Run
        Meet:  15:14.31  2012        Jackie Areson, Nike                       
     Name                        Year Team                                  

Section 1  Timed Finals

  1  Huddle, Molly                    Saucony                     
  2  Areson, Jackie                   Nike                        
  3  Felnagle, Brie                   adidas                      
  4  Erdmann, Tara                    Nike                        
  5  LaBeaud, Natasha                 Brooks                      
  6  Tebo, Jessica                    Brooks                      
  7  Del Toro, Rosa                   Unattached                  
  8  Secaffien, Andrea                Speed River/                
  9  Rohde, Kristen                   Bowerman AC                 
 11  Hastings, Amy                    Brooks                      
 12  Romero, Marisol                  Mexico                      
 13  Moser, Treniere                  Nike

American record holder Molly Huddle, who got a late start to 2013 due to injury, will try to get the ‘A’ along with several others.

9:40 pm  Men’s 5k (13:15.00 A/13:20.00 B)

Rabbit: Bolota Asmeron 7:56 for 3k (going for 4k)

Event 8  Men 5000 Meter Run
        Meet:  13:12.87  2012        Mo Farah, Nike OTC                        
     Name                        Year Team                                  
Section 1  Timed Finals
  1  Farah, Mo`                       Nike                        
  2  Rupp, Galen                      Nike                        
  3  Gabius, Arne                     Nike                        
  4  Ritzenhein, Dathan               Nike                        
  5  Levins, Cam                      Nike                        
  6  Braun, Aaron                     adidas                      
  7  Solinsky, Chris                  Nike                        
  8  Fraser, Rory                     Bowerman AC                 
  9  Gonzalez, Mauricio               Porvenir- Co                
 10  Okello, Tonny                    Santa Monica                
 11  Braden, Forest                   Bruin Bruise                
 12  Nageeye, Abdi                    Netherlands                 
 13  Wacker, Andy                     adidas                      
 14  Webb, Alan                       Nike                        
 15  Furst, Stephen                   adidas                      
 16  Puskedra, Luke                   Nike                        
 17  Curtis, Bobby                    Hansons-Broo                
 18  Borrego, Diego                   Zatopek                     
 19  Tully-Doyle, Colton              Brooks                      
 20  Emanuel, Lee                     New Balance                 
 21  Romero, Juan Carlos              Mexico                      
 22  St Lawrence, Ben                 New Balance                 
 23  Stilin, Joe                      Unattached                  
 24  Vega, Aldo                       Unattached

The Olympic 10,000 and 5,000 champ Mo Farah is the headliner here obviously. As the defending world 5,000 champ, he doesn’t need the ‘A” but expect him to get it here.  The comeback of Chris Solinsky is the focus for US fans here although you’ll also want to see how Rupp doubles back and how Ritz and Webb try to stay relevant on the track now that they are in the 30s.

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