Nike Breaking2 Sub-2:00 Marathon Attempt

May 06, 2017 to May 08, 2017
Monza, Italy

LRC Guest Column By Dr. Michael Joyner: Kipchoge’s Run & What Might (or Might Not) Happen Next

What does the man who famously predicted way back in 1991 that a human could run a marathon in 1:57:58 think of Eliud Kipchoge's 2:00:25 run? Find out here.

LRC How Far Did Eliud Kipchoge Really Run in His Breaking2 Attempt?

Kipchoge's incredible 2:00:25 clocking wasn't achieved because he ran less than 26.2 miles - the course may have actually been seven seconds long.


Tucker estimates that the the pace car with the large clock as a windshield reduced drag saving Kipchoge 1:30 to 2:00 over the marathon distance. Overall, Tucker estimates "Kipchoge is probably good for a 2:02:15 to 2:02:30."
*Good Read #2: A Much Longer In-Depth Post-Race Analysis By Tucker Tucker says, "If the sub-2 hour marathon is the Mount Everest of human endurance performance in 2017, the Eliud Kipchoge has reached the ledge just beneath its summit."

World Athletics:

“My mind was fully on finishing within two hours, but on the last lap I lost 10 seconds and the time escaped. It has been hard, it has taken seven good months of preparation and dedication. This journey has been a long challenge, but I’m a happy man to run a marathon in two hours. We are now just 25 seconds away. I believe in good preparation and good planning. With that, these 25 seconds will go. I hope next time people believe it is possible.”

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