Live Stream of Nike Sub 2 Hour Marathon Attempt by Eliud Kipchoge

May 5, 2017


Watch the attempt by Eliud Kipchoge and crew to run the marathon distance in under 2 hours in the player below.

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Talk about it live on our fan forum / messageboard as you watch. MB: Official Sub-2 Live Discussion Thread and Prediction Thread

Get caught up on what to expect in the race by reading the following preview articles:

LRC Breaking2 Preview: Sorry, Eliud — The Experts Explain Why a Sub-2:00 Marathon This Weekend Is Not Going to Happen We break down the race in detail and talk to Ross Tucker and Steve Magness who both agree with us – there isn’t going to be a sub-2 this weekend, but we did find two other guys who said there’s a 1-15% chance it could happen.

LRC John Kellogg Dismisses Eliud Kipchoge’s Sub-2 Chances: “Unless he’s got cheater’s shoes … then he’s not doing it … I can’t say anything is impossible but it’s pretty close to impossible.” The man who made the most famous marathon 2:03 Boston marathon prediction of the last decade totally discounts Eliud Kipchoge‘s chances but does say don’t be surprised if he makes it close to 20 miles on pace.

LRC Q&A: Ross Tucker on Ideal Marathon Pacing Strategy, Eliud Kipchoge’s Big Decision & Everything Else Breaking2

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