Bor Steals The Show With US #2

Emmanuel Bor may be America's latest Olympic contender as he was on American record pace until the final 800m, but he had to settle for the #2 US time ever and the win over Paul Chelimo.

Mo Farah Makes His 2021 Debut

Running in hot 82F (28C) temperatures, Farah won the race 4-seconds ahead of training partner Bashir Abdi.

European Indoor Champs
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Ingebrigsten lead from the second lap on to initially win the race in 3:37.56 to Lewandowski's 3:38.06, but was later DQ'd for a lane violation.

    Tragic News
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    McMullen, a semi-finalist in the 1500m at the 1996 Atlanta Games, was only 49-years-old. In a sad coincidence, he passed away one day after Bob Parks, the head coach at Eastern Michigan when McMullen was there.
    More Shoe Tech Debate

    One leading shoe executive said, “The [sole thickness] parameters are out of control. They should never have been what they are, but now we have them we are going to work with them."

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      COVID Cancellations

      On April 24th there will be a Philadelphia-region collegiate only meet and they also plan on hosting a pro meet and a high school meet later on.

      Random Distance News

      She claimed she had rushed to see her sister in the hospital, but turns out she had made up the story and forged hospital documents. The Kenyan was due to be switch allegiance to Bahrain this summer, but now will be banned for three years. *2nd article

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      USATF Finally Stepping Up

      The first meet (as well as three others) will be in Texas. Most of the meet locations are listed TBD, but there will also be one in Boston and another in California.

      Upcoming Distance Action

      This will be her first race since giving birth to her son last year and her first race since 2018 according to Eliud Kipchoge was previously announced for the men.

      Week That Was

      In our weekly recap, we catch up with Mike Smith and ask him about his team's loss a the Big Sky xc champs, wonder if a team can go from 8th at SECs to #1 at NCAAs, and rave about Yuki Kawauchi and Athing Mu.


      Learn how Tuntivate managed to run 27:17 despite having a 5000 pb of just 13:57.

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      Kawauchi talks about continuing to try and run sub-2:20 marathons into his late 40s or 50s. “I personally think I will never retire from marathons and continue to do this as long as I live.”

      COVID Vaccine Discussion

      "My mind still stays strong, I don’t want the vaccine. ...I don’t want to get into it right now, but I have my reasons." Asafa Powell on the other hand was under the impression he would need to take the vaccine to compete abroad.

      MB: Yohan Blake: "I’d rather miss the Olympics than take the vaccine. I am not taking it."

      European Indoor Champs Start Thursday