Full Results Track Trown Summer Series Portland

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by LetsRun.com
July 2, 2017

Below are full results for the 2017 TrackTown Summer Series Meet #2 in Portland where the New York City Empire edged the Philadlephia Force 86-85. We really have no idea what that means for the Summer Series final meet this Thursday on ESPN but there will be a track meet on ESPN so turn in and watch. Update: Doug Binder of Dyestat writes, “New York (Sunday’s winner) and San Francisco (Thursday’s winner) will go into the finals with 15 points. Philadelphia and Portland will start out a step behind with 12 points each.”

Robby Andrews knew he wasn’t going to hit the Worlds qualifying standard so he dropped out of the 1500 with 350 to go, and Ben Blankenship ended up winning by the tiniest of margins over Kyle Merber.

LRC recap of meet here: TrackTown Summer Series Portland Recap: Andrews Drops Out, as Ben Blankenship Wins a Thriller over Merber and Engels, Windle Keeps Rolling


If you’d like laps splits or series of throws click here.

Full Results starting with distance races first.


Team Scores
NYC 86  PHL 85   SFO 80   PDX 78   


Men’s 1500: Ben Blankenship Holds Off Kyle Merber

1Ben BLANKENSHIPPhiladelphia Force3:37.43 (3:37.424)
2Kyle MERBERPortland Pulse3:37.43 (3:37.430)
3Craig ENGELSPhiladelphia Force3:37.65
4Colby ALEXANDERSan Francisco Surge3:37.86
5Johnny GREGOREKNew York Empire3:38.77
6Pat CASEYNew York Empire3:41.22
7Cristian SORATOSPortland Pulse3:43.78
Robby ANDREWSSan Francisco SurgeDNF
Lopez LOMONGUnattachedDNF

Men’s 800: Drew Windles Keeps it Rolling

This race was sort of  replay of the USA 800m final as Erik Sowinski led once the rabbit dropped out, but it wasn’t as fast (52.42 for Sowinski at 400). Sowinski opened up a couple-meter gap on the field on the backstretch but  Drew Windle, 3rd at USAs,  moved up on his shoulder with 200 to go. Windle, Sowinski and Andres Arroyo of Puerto Rico and the University of Florida, were three-wide on the homestretch but Windle pulled ahead and held off Arroyo as Sowinski settled for third.

1Drew WINDLEPortland Pulse1:46.21
2Andres ARROYONew York Empire1:46.44
3Erik SOWINSKISan Francisco Surge1:46.63
4Shaquille WALKERSan Francisco Surge1:46.71
5Jesse GARNPhiladelphia Force1:46.84
6Edward KEMBOINew York Empire1:46.87
7Harun ABDAPortland Pulse1:47.22
8Casimir LOXSOMNew York Empire1:47.42
9Curtis BEACHPhiladelphia Force1:47.93
Stephen BULLARDUnattachedDNF

Women’s 3000m: Stephanie Garcia Wins

Stephanie Garcia and Lauren Paquette separated from the field by the kilometer mark and the Garcia separated from Paquette the final 800m to get the comfortable win.

1Stephanie GARCIANew York Empire9:01.05
2Lauren PAQUETTESan Francisco Surge9:03.95
3Marisa HOWARDSan Francisco Surge9:08.84
4Sara SUTHERLANDPhiladelphia Force9:10.79
5Megan ROLLANDPortland Pulse9:13.92
6Lianne FARBERSan Francisco Surge9:21.99
7Alexina WILSONPhiladelphia Force9:24.89
8Ashley MATONPortland Pulse9:29.89


Women’s 100m: Barbara Pierre Wins

Last year’s 60m World Indoor champ Barbara Pierre beat Joanna Atkins, who, believe it or not, was the NCAA champ at 400 in 2009.

1Barbara PIERRESan Francisco Surge11.14+2.2
2Joanna ATKINSPortland Pulse11.21+2.2
3Destiny CARTERPhiladelphia Force11.25+2.2
4Simone FACEYNew York Empire11.28+2.2
5Tawanna MEADOWSPhiladelphia Force11.29+2.2
6Charonda WILLIAMSSan Francisco Surge11.32+2.2
7Jeneba TARMOHNew York Empire11.52+2.2
8Mikele BARBERPortland Pulse12.05+2.2

Men’s 100: Michael Rodgers Prevails

Rodgers, 6th at USAs in the 100, was the favorite and he won comfortably over Kyree King, formerly of Oregon, who was 4th at USAs in the 200.

1Michael RODGERSNew York Empire10.16+0.9
2Kyree KINGPortland Pulse10.29+0.9
3Jeff DEMPSNew York Empire10.30 (10.291)+0.9
4Sean MCLEANPhiladelphia Force10.30 (10.299)+0.9
5LeShon COLLINSSan Francisco Surge10.34+0.9
6Marqueze WASHINGTONPortland Pulse10.36+0.9
7Remontay MCCLAINPhiladelphia Force10.37+0.9
8Quentin BUTLERSan Francisco Surge10.40+0.9

Women’s 400: Phyllis Francis Wins

Francis, 5th at the Olympics last year and 2nd at USAs this year, was the class of the field and showed it.

1Phyllis FRANCISPhiladelphia Force50.65
2Elexis GUSTERPortland Pulse51.39
3Daina HARPERNew York Empire51.61
4Kendall BAISDENNew York Empire51.90
5Carly MUSCAROPortland Pulse52.18
6Claudia FRANCISPhiladelphia Force52.84
7Robin REYNOLDSSan Francisco Surge53.04
8Madeline KOPPSan Francisco Surge53.31

Combined Shot Put: Whiting and Carter Prevail

This was a combined men’s and women’s competition and Team Philadelphia had the best women’s throw by Olympic Champ Michelle Carter, and best men’s throw by Ryan Whiting so it won the competition.

AthleteAffiliationBest Mark
1Ryan WHITINGPhiladelphia Force21.14m (69-4¼ )
2Stephen MOZIANew York Empire20.83m (68-4¼ )
3Darrell HILLSan Francisco Surge20.83m (68-4¼ )
4Kurtis ROBERTSPortland Pulse20.00m (65-7½ )
5Michelle CARTERPhiladelphia Force18.97m (62-3 )
6Felisha JOHNSONNew York Empire18.30m (60-½ )
7Daniella BUNCHPortland Pulse18.27m (59-11¼ )
8Brittany SMITHSan Francisco Surge17.43m (57-2¼ )


PlaceAthleteAffiliationBest Mark
1PHL FORCEPhiladelphia Force40.11m (131-7 )
2NYC EMPIRENew York Empire39.13m (128-4 )
3PDX PULSEPortland Pulse38.27m (125-6 )
4SFO SURGESan Francisco Surge38.26m (125-6 )

Men’s Triple Jump: Omar Craddock Wins

Three-time NCAA cham Omar Craddock, 5th at USAs this year, got the win over Josh Honeycutt (4th at USAs) and Donald Scott (3rd at USAs).

AthleteAffiliationBest Mark
1Omar CRADDOCKSan Francisco Surge16.90m (55-5½ )+0.5
2Josh HONEYCUTTPhiladelphia Force16.74m (54-11¼ )+2.0
3Donald SCOTTPortland Pulse16.68m (54-8¾ )+1.0
4Tony CARODINE JRNew York Empire14.67m (48-1¾ )-1.5

Women’s High Jump: Inika McPherson Wins, Chaunte Lowe’s Struggles Continue

McPherson got the win and took attempts at a lifetime PB of 1.96, but came up short. 4th at the Olympics last year, was 4th and last here, after getting 7th at USAs.

PlaceAthleteAffiliationBest JumpFlight (Pl)
1Inika MCPHERSONSan Francisco Surge1.90m (6-2¾ )1 (1)
2Amina SMITHNew York Empire1.87m (6-1½ )1 (2)
3Liz PATTERSONPortland Pulse1.83m (6-0 )1 (3)
4Chaunte LOWEPhiladelphia Force1.75m (5-8¾ )1 (4)

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