Nine Days Out From USAs, Which Athletes Have the IAAF World Championship Standard? Who Has More – The Men or Women?

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June 13, 2017

The 2017 USATF Outdoor Championships begin next week in Sacramento, where America’s best runners, jumpers and throwers will compete for spots at this summer’s IAAF World Championships in London. USATF picks the team based on the results at Worlds and the qualifying standards set by the IAAF. The top three finishers from USAs who achieve the qualifying standard by the end of the qualification period (July 23) will qualify for London. So that means if an athlete finishes in the top three but does not have the standard, he or she has four weeks to chase the standard. If the athlete has still not achieved it by the end of the day on July 23, the athlete’s spot passes to the next-highest finisher at USAs who has the standard.

Below, we’ve listed every U.S. athlete with the standard in the mid-d and distance events as of June 13, 2017. Also note that any reigning area champion (for the U.S. that means the NACAC champion) is considered to have achieved the standard and that a top-15 finish at World XC counts as the standard in the 10,000.

Here is how everything stacks up by event.


Qualifying windows
10,000: January 1, 2016 – July 23, 2017
All other events: October 1, 2016 – July 23, 2017

Performances courtesy

Men’s 800 (1:45.90)

1:43.60Clayton MURPHYTorrance (USA)15.04.2017
1:44.63Donavan BRAZIERTempe (USA)08.04.2017
1:45.02Drew WINDLEMarietta (USA)19.05.2017
1:45.12Isaiah HARRISCharlottesville (USA)21.04.2017
1:45.23Erik SOWINSKIMarietta (USA)19.05.2017
1:45.68Shaquille WALKERMarietta (USA)19.05.2017
1:45.71Devin DIXONColumbia (USA)13.05.2017
1:45.73Joseph WHITEEugene (USA)09.06.2017
1:45.82Jesse GARNMarietta (USA)19.05.2017
1:45.87Edose IBADINNashville (USA)10.06.2017
N/ARyan MARTINNACAC champion 

Men’s 1500 (3:36.00/3:53.40 mile)

3:33.41Matthew CENTROWITZLos Angeles (USA)18.05.2017
3:51.99 (mile)Clayton MURPHYEugene (USA)27.05.2017
3:53.04 (mile)Ben BLANKENSHIPEugene (USA)27.05.2017
3:52.22 (mile)Kyle MERBERBoston (USA)26.02.2017
3:53.15 (mile)Johnny GREGOREKBoston (USA)26.02.2017
3:53.23 (mile)Eric JENKINSNew York (USA)11.02.2017
3:54.23 (mile)Cristian SORATOSNew York (USA)11.02.2017
 Garrett HEATHNACAC champion 

Correction: Soratos’ mile time is not fast enough to qualify.

Men’s 3,000 steeplechase (8:32.00)

Of note in this event: two of the U.S.’s three 2016 Olympians — Donn Cabral and Olympic silver medalist Evan Jager — do not yet have the standard. The good news is that the steeple is rarely super-tactical at USAs: only once in the past 37 years has the winner failed to break 8:32. To finish in the top three in Sacramento, chances are you’ll have to run faster than 8:32. Plus, even if they don’t get it at USAs, they will easily get it somewhere else.

8:11.82Hillary BORRoma (ITA)08.06.2017
8:14.46Andrew BAYERRoma (ITA)08.06.2017
8:18.55Stanley Kipkoech KEBENEIPortland (USA)11.06.2017
8:30.28Donnie COWARTNashville (USA)10.06.2017
8:30.36Daniel HULINGPortland (USA)11.06.2017
8:30.86Michael JORDANNashville (USA)10.06.2017
8:31.08Darren FAHYEugene (USA)9.06.2017
8:31.17Dylan BLANKENBAKEREugene (USA)9.06.2017

Men’s 5,000 (13:22.60) 

13:05.85Eric JENKINSBoston (USA)26.02.2017
13:06.74Ben TRUEBoston (USA)26.02.2017
13:07.61Ryan HILLBoston (USA)26.02.2017
13:10.11Paul CHELIMOEugene (USA)27.05.2017
13:12.22William KINCAIDBoston (USA)26.02.2017
13:12.27Lopez LOMONGBoston (USA)26.02.2017
13:19.16Hassan MEADEugene (USA)27.05.2017
13:19.35Chris DERRICKBoston (USA)26.02.2017
13:22.04Leonard KORIREugene (USA)27.05.2017
Rupp won his eighth straight U.S. 10k crown last year

Rupp won his eighth straight U.S. 10k crown last year

Men’s 10,000 (27:45.00)

This is the distance event that features the lowest number of U.S. athletes with the standard: just six men. Considering the winning time at USAs has been faster than 27:45 just twice in the last 12 years, it’s likely that Team USA in London will consist of three of the six guys below.

27:08.92Galen RUPPRio de Janeiro (BRA)13.08.2016
27:32.18Shadrack KIPCHIRCHIRPalo Alto (USA)05.05.2017
27:34.38Hassan MEADPalo Alto (USA)05.05.2017
27:35.65Leonard KORIRRio de Janeiro (BRA)13.08.2016
27:38.69Chris DERRICKHachioji (JPN)26.11.2016
 Sam CHELANGATop 15 at World XC 

Women’s 800 (2:01.00) 

1:58.27Ajee WILSONNew York (USA)11.02.2017
1:58.64Charlene LIPSEYNew York (USA)11.02.2017
1:58.78Brenda MARTINEZLos Angeles (USA)18.05.2017
1:59.10Raevyn ROGERSTorrance (USA)15.04.2017
1:59.30Kate GRACEPortland (USA)11.06.2017
1:59.54Laura ROESLERTorrance (USA)15.04.2017
2:00.38Chanelle PRICETorrance (USA)15.04.2017
2:00.41Chrishuna WILLIAMSTorrance (USA)15.04.2017
2:00.53Hannah FIELDSPortland (USA)11.06.2017
2:00.62Emily RICHARDSNashville (USA)10.06.2017
2:00.69Jazmine FRAYClemson (USA)11.02.2017
2:00.78Sammy WATSONSomerville (USA)03.06.2017
2:00.90Cecilia BAROWSKILos Angeles (USA)18.05.2017
2:00.95Alexa EFRAIMSONPortland (USA)11.06.2017
Martinez has made three straight U.S. teams -- two at 800 and one at 1500

Martinez has made three straight U.S. teams — two at 800 and one at 1500

Women’s 1500 (4:07.50/4:26.70 mile) 

4:03.15Brenda MARTINEZPortland (USA)11.06.2017
4:03.59Kate GRACEEugene (USA)27.05.2017
4:04.16Jenny SIMPSONEugene (USA)27.05.2017
4:04.61Shannon ROWBURYEugene (USA)27.05.2017
4:05.88Lauren JOHNSONPortland (USA)11.06.2017
4:05.98Stephanie GARCIAGreenville (USA)03.06.2017
4:06.17Shannon OSIKAGreenville (USA)03.06.2017
4:06.43Shelby HOULIHANEugene (USA)27.05.2017
4:06.64Sara VAUGHNNashville (USA)10.06.2017
4:07.07Amanda ECCLESTONRoma (ITA)08.06.2017
4:07.15Katie MACKEYShanghai (CHN)13.05.2017
4:24.88 (mile)Colleen QUIGLEYBoston (USA)10.02.2017
4:25.62 (mile)Rachel SCHNEIDERBoston (USA)10.02.2017

Women’s 3,000 steeple (9:42.00)

9:07.96Emma COBURNEugene (USA)26.05.2017
9:19.09Courtney FRERICHSEugene (USA)26.05.2017
9:25.04Stephanie GARCIAEugene (USA)26.05.2017
9:33.13Colleen QUIGLEYDoha (QAT)05.05.2017
9:39.32Mel LAWRENCEEugene (USA)26.05.2017
9:40.40Marissa HOWARDLos Angeles (USA)18.05.2017
9:40.65Emily ORENNashville (USA)10.06.2017
9:40.90Alex WILSONLos Angeles (USA)18.05.2017
9:41.31Allie OSTRANDEREugene (USA)10.06.2017
 Ashley HIGGINSONNACAC champion 

Women’s 5,000 (15:22.00) 

15:01.64Molly HUDDLEBoston (USA)26.02.2017
15:02.10Emily SISSONBoston (USA)26.02.2017
15:08.29Natosha ROGERSLos Angeles (USA)18.05.2017
15:11.02Marielle HALLEugene (USA)26.05.2017
15:12.52Shannon ROWBURYPortland (USA)11.06.2017
15:14.57Kim CONLEYEugene (USA)26.05.2017
15:18.57Sarah PAGANOLos Angeles (USA)18.05.2017
15:19.14Karissa SCHWEIZERCollege Station (USA)10.03.2017
15:19.73Lauren PAQUETTELos Angeles (USA)18.05.2017
 Kellyn TAYLORNACAC champion 

Women’s 10,000 (32:15.00)

The U.S. has by far the most qualifiers in this event (23) compared to any other distance event (the women’s 800 is next with 14). Seventeen of the 23 qualifiers came from one of the Stanford meets.

30:13.17Molly HUDDLERio de Janeiro (BRA)12.08.2016
31:17.20Amy CRAGGPalo Alto (USA)05.05.2017
31:26.94Emily INFELDRio de Janeiro (BRA)12.08.2016
31:32.53Emily SISSONPalo Alto (USA)05.05.2017
31:35.88Kim CONLEYPalo Alto (USA)05.05.2017
31:37.45Marielle HALLPalo Alto (USA)01.05.2016
31:38.68Shalane FLANAGANPortland (USA)10.06.2017
31:40.70Kellyn JOHNSONPalo Alto (USA)01.05.2016
31:43.79Liz COSTELLOPalo Alto (USA)01.05.2016
31:51.84Erin FINNPalo Alto (USA)01.05.2016
31:52.94Laura THWEATTPalo Alto (USA)01.04.2016
31:55.46Caitlin GREGG COODMANPalo Alto (USA)05.05.2017
31:58.33Jordan HASAYPalo Alto (USA)01.05.2016
31:58.99Anna ROHRERPalo Alto (USA)31.03.2017
31:59.23Alia GRAYPalo Alto (USA)01.05.2016
31:59.88Stephanie BRUCEPalo Alto (USA)31.03.2017
32:02.80Tara ERDMANNPalo Alto (USA)01.04.2016
32:06.82Natosha ROGERSPortland (USA)11.06.2016
32:08.32Courtney SMITHPalo Alto (USA)01.04.2016
32:08.39Chelsea BLAASEPalo Alto (USA)01.04.2016
32:09.89Allie KIEFFERPortland (USA)10.06.2017
32:13.03Sara SLATTERYPalo Alto (USA)01.05.2016
 Aliphine TULIAMUKTop 15 at World XC 


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