2016 USATF Cross Country Championships Results / Videos

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Via Runnerspace.com
February 6, 2016

The 2016 USATF National Cross Country Championships were Saturday in Bend, Oregon. Mattie Suver and Craig Lutz were the champions, each winning by a comfortable 7-second margin. Top 10-results can be seen below. Full results may eventually be posted here or on the USATF race page.

Videos: *Men’s Race *Women’s Race *Interview With Craig Lutz *Interview With Mattie Suver

Women’s Results

1.Mattie Suver36:38
2.Amy Van Alstine36:45
3.Cally Macumber36:55
4.Allison Grace Morgan37:01
5.Megan Rolland37:19
6.Collier Lawrence38:14
7.Gina Slaby38:47
8.Sora Klopfenstein38:57
9.Maggie Callahan38:59
10.Caroline Jepleting39:03


Men’s Results

1.Craig Lutz31:40
2.Aaron Dinzeo31:47
3.Tabor Stevens31:57
4.Donald Cowart31:58
5.Max King32:05
6.Joe Bosshard32:26
7.Andrew Wacker32:27
8.Hillary Bor32:37
9.Emmanuel Bor32:39
10.Christo Landry32:45