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Athletes are like singers and some voices should and can not be enhanced in the lab. 1/18/2013 2:27PM Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
Unfortunately as the measures of greatness are now tainted by high profile athletes as Lance, the general bias among people will be that the top athletes must or have to use to get there. Personally, I should think the attributes of good applications of training methodology a good mind and human potential has a more significant effect on top range performances than could any pi-drug could ever have.

It is a fact that Sir Roger Banister broke the 4 minute barrier with the known belief at the time that this was humanly not possible. It was then that many re defined what was possible allowing for the floodgates to open and allowing many many men to go well under 4 all by natural applications.

If Banister were to set have this record now it would have been under the suspicion that he was using. Perhaps then people would think' "why even try" if I can't get there with out drugs, perhaps robbing them of the incentive to try.

That's not to say that PED don't change the profile for athletes, much as the effect of studio technology can have on a singers voice, but some voices can and should never be enhanced or changed electronically as their own raw voice can never be made better in the studio.

At the end of the day human greatness will be under the suspicion of the lab even if this isn't the case. This is a sad reality of the times.

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