USATF Controversy

USATF Controversy

April 13, 2016

WTW: Dennis Mitchell And USATF, Shaq Goes 1:44.99, Nick Symmonds 2.0?, Hurdle Stars Keni Harrison And Devon Allen, Meet The Lyles Brothers, And The Indoor Marathon

We recap the week that was from the track, the boardroom, the bedroom, and even the indoor marathon.
March 07, 2016

Unbelievable: The 2016 NYRR Millrose Games Wasn't A USATF-Sanctioned Meet

Just over a month ago, USATF told us that Rachel McFarlane couldn't run in the Olympic Marathon Trials as her qualifier didn't come in a USATF-sanctioned event, even if we paid the sanctioning fee ourselves. A month later, someone failed to secure a sanction for the crown jewel of the US Indoor season - the NYRR Millrose Games - but all of the marks will count.
August 19, 2015

USATF: Stephanie Hightower Overwhelmingly Elected To IAAF Council

There are six IAAF council seats designated to be filled by women and there were ten candidates. Of the ten, Hightower received the most votes.

August 11, 2015

USATF statement and data on elite athlete spending: USATF will spend more than 50% of its budget and more than $15 million on elite athletes in 2015

USATF has issued a press release showing it will spend more than $15 million on elite athletes in 2015 - a total which represents more than 50% of its projected budget.

August 10, 2015

Sad: USATF Kicks Nick Symmonds Off Team USA For Worlds Instead of Defining What an "Official" Team Function Is

Barring legal action, Team USA won't have Nick Symmonds, its top 800m runner at Worlds, because it wouldn't write a new Statement of Conditions for athletes defining when they needed to wear Nike branded apparel at Worlds.

August 08, 2015

Nick Symmonds Explains Why He Won't Sign USATF's Contract And How He Was "Bullied and Threatened" At World Indoors For Not Wearing USA Gear

According to Nick Symmonds, USATF wants to control what athletes wear to coffee.

June 24, 2015

Convicted Doper Dennis Mitchell Is Now The Paid Head USA Relays Coach Hired By USATF National Office Without Input Of USATF High Performance Committee

USATF has quietly hired convicted doper Dennis Mitchell to lead the USA Relays program. Sadly, they are afraid to take ownership of the decision and have Dennis and Max Siegel discuss why Dennis is the best man to lead Team USA or have Dennis publicly account for his doping past.

March 18, 2015

Jenkins Vs. Cheserek, Jenkins Vs. Rupp And Solinsky, The Worst Cross-Country Coach In America, Ryan Hall, Ryan Gregson, Andrew Wheating And More

We take one more look at Jenkins vs. Cheserek and our first at Jenkins vs. Rupp and Solinsky and Leah O'Connor vs. Simpson and Coburn. Plus a look at the worst cross-country coach in America, whether Ryan Hall went out too fast, and Ryan Gregson and Andrew Wheating.

March 06, 2015

Editorial: "The System Didn't Work" - USATF Board Should Do The Right Thing And Reverse The Stephanie Hightower Decision Next Week

Next week, the USATF Board has the opportunity to do the right thing and honor the wishes of 85% of USATF delegates and nominate Bob Hersh to the IAAF Council. The track and field community that the Board is supposed to serve could not have made it more clear - Bob Hersh, not Stephanie Hightower, should be the USA nominee to the IAAF Council.

February 11, 2015

USATF Activist Becca Gillespy Peter Responds To Latest USATF Memo On IAAF Council Controversy

Peter has harsh criticisms of Stephanie Hightower, citing a time when she broke rules to kick people out of an AAC meeting. She praises Bob Hersh and says he played a role in getting the DMR added to the 2015 World Relay Championships.