Rachel Sorna

Rachel Sorna

June 13, 2014

2012 Olympian Shalaya Kipp Upset as Michigan State's Leah O'Connor Arrives

A runner was dominant over the final 1.5 laps but it O'Connor, not Kipp as Boise State's Marisa Howard PBd by 15+ seconds to get 2nd.
MB: Upset City: Leah O'Connor Crushes Kipp - 9:36.43 FTW !!!

June 08, 2014

Women's Mid-D/Steeple: Laura Roesler and Shalaya Kipp Heavily Favored; Can Emily Lipari Finish Out Perfect 2014?

Is there any way Roesler or Kipp lose or will they just totally dominate? Can Lipari stay hot in the 1,500? We break it down for you.