Mike Rossi

Mike Rossi

July 18, 2016

One Of The Largest Cash Prizes In Road Racing History Goes Unclaimed - 48-Year-Old Pennsylvania Viral Marathon Dad, Mike Rossi, Misses Out On $200,000 Challenge To Replicate His Marathon Personal Best

We were so confident that Mike Rossi cheated at the 2014 Lehigh Valley Marathon that we offered him $200,000 to replicate his personal best. He failed to do so and also failed to claim $10,000 if he could come within even 30 seconds per mile of his alleged marathon best.
February 04, 2016

Week That Was: A Must-Read On Ryan Hall, The Syracuse Men And Allie Ostrander Keep On Rolling, Kim Conley Is A Beast, Is Morgan Uceny On Her Way Back, Boris Berian Is No Fluke, Mike Rossi, And Updates From Kenya

We span the globe of the world of running and have quite a few gems in this week's Week That Was, if we must say so ourselves.
December 01, 2015

Did Mike Rossi - The Viral Marathon Dad - Try To Cheat Out Of $10,000 On Saturday?

Has Mike Rossi cut yet another course, this time in an attempt to win $10,000 from *MB: Did Mike Rossi (viral marathon dad) cheat his way into Boston?