marathon cheating

marathon cheating

August 05, 2019

Rosie Ruiz -- The Most Famous Marathon Cheat In History -- Has Died At Age 66

For 8 days, Ruiz was the 1980 Boston Marathon winner. Then it came out that she only ran the final half mile of the course.
October 01, 2016

It's Official: Marathon Man Robert Young Exposed As A Complete Fraud After Independent Investigation

The web vigilantes have won again and exposed yet another race cheat. Inspired in part by the fastest growing thread in history started by Asher Delmott, a 101-page report shows conclusively that Robert Young wasn't running for much of his attempted record run across America. *MB: Robert Young fakes run across America
December 01, 2015

Did Mike Rossi - The Viral Marathon Dad - Try To Cheat Out Of $10,000 On Saturday?

Has Mike Rossi cut yet another course, this time in an attempt to win $10,000 from *MB: Did Mike Rossi (viral marathon dad) cheat his way into Boston?
April 19, 2015

Woman Who Was Cheated Out Of Marathon Win At Go! St. Louis Marathon Will Be Honored At St. Louis Cardinals Game

Andrea Karl will get to break the "finishing tape" that should have been hers at the actual race if Kendall Schler hadn't cheated. *MB: GO! St. Louis Marathon "Winner" DQ'd - Take notes RD's