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Best Shoes For Low Arches

Best Shoes For Low Arches

We rank the best running shoes on the market by their quality and performance according to experienced runners with low arches.

Our rankings reflect the fair and accurate judgments of real runners by applying data science to thousands of verified shoe reviews. Our reviews are collected from the most knowledgeable and experienced runners in the world.

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These Rankings Are For Runners With Low Arches

The below rankings and LRC grades are calculated using data specific to runners with low arches. Ratings and review counts will differ from shoes' overall numbers.

  1. 9.0 7 reviews
    A popular stability shoe from Brooks that gets great marks in Durability. Reviewers seems to have a slight preference for the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23 however.
    10.3 oz. (men's), 9 oz. (women's), maximum stability pronation, 36mm stack height
  2. 8.9 7 reviews
    The most popular trainer on LetsRun. Rated lower than older Pegasus revisions. 1/3 of users love it, but about 1/5 strongly don't.
    10.2 oz. (men's), 8.5 oz. (women's), neutral pronation, 33mm stack height
  3. 8.9 3 reviews
    The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23 is a stability training shoe designed for everyday running. Rated highly in comfort, durability, and value for the dollar, reviewers see this shoe as reliable, utilitarian trainer that keeps them healthy.
    10.1 oz. (men's), 9.1 oz. (women's), maximum stability pronation, 36mm stack height
  4. 8.9 3 reviews
    Comfortable and cushioned shoe that weighs in lighter than most shoes in the stability category.
    9.1 oz. (men's), 7.9 oz. (women's), moderate stability pronation, 37mm stack height
  5. 8.9 7 reviews
    With top ratings on cushioning and appearance, this shoe is well-liked by reviewers, except for its high price tag.
    10 oz. (men's), 9 oz. (women's), neutral pronation, 34mm stack height
  6. 8.9 4 reviews
    A training shoe with a carbon plate and ZoomX foam the Zoom Fly 5 gets great marks in comfort and cushioning while still being durable and relatively light.
    11.1 oz. (men's), 8.5 oz. (women's), neutral pronation, 42mm stack height