CAS Clears Alberto Salazar Of All Doping Chages – Salazar Can Immediately Start Coaching Again

April 1, 2021

Today the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) announced that they have cleared Nike coach Alberto Salazar of all doping charges. On October 1, 2019, the US Anti-Doping Agency had suspended Salazar for four years for rules infractions. He appealed that decision and the appeal was heard by CAS from March 3-12.

CAS’s full ruling is expected to be released in three to four weeks but given that it’s an Olympic year, the court said it was important to release a preliminary statement so Salazar could get back to coaching immediately, particularly since his appeal had been postponed from November due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“As judges, our job is to deal with facts and not feelings. This case was pretty simple. It makes absolutely no sense logically to ban a coach at the same time his top three athletes – Galen Rupp, Mo Farah and Sifan Hassan – are being feted as the greatest distance runners ever from their respective countries,” wrote CAS chief justice Sidd Finch, a former professional baseball player. “Salazar’s lawyers provided us evidence showing that USADA leaked the fat-shaming allegations, which, while morally repugnant, aren’t part of the WADA code, to the US judges and we think that’s what caused the American judges to rule erroneously in 2019. We all know that everyone in America scared to death of the SJWs.”

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