Podcast: Robert Brandt on Breakout 2020, Trash-Talking with Tinman Elite

by LetsRun.com
August 19, 2020

We’re unveiling a new segment on LetsRun.com Track Talk and that is a “Where Your Dreams Become Reality” talk where we go more in depth with a breakout performer (Subscribe to LRC Track Talk here).

Robert Brandt lowered his 10k pr from 28:48 to 27:39 in 2020 so it’s fitting he is the first “Where Your Dreams Become Reality” guest. The 6th year senior at Georgetown first turned heads in the spring by talking a little smack about the Tinman Elite team. Ever since then he has backed it up on the track. He talks about his breakout 2020, talking smack (Tinman segment starts at [45:56]), and the highs and lows of his running career. Listen in the player below or here on your favorite podcast app.

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Show notes:

  • 1:21 His breakout 27:39 run
  • 20:42 Looking ahead in 2021 towards NCAAs / Olympics
  • 26:44 His start in running / progression to today
  • 41:30 Tenacity
  • [45:56] Trashtalking Tinman
  • 59:10 His #1 piece of running advice

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