The 10 Most Durable Running Shoes September 2019

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September 16, 2019

The Better Running Shoe Site, has thousands of shoe reviews and you can see not only what type of runners are rating the shoes (high mileage runners, low mileage runners, pronators, men, women, etc), but see how they rate certain characteristics of the shoes (cushion, durability, comfort).

What at the most comfortable running shoes? Last month we showed you. This month we’re going to take a look at the shoes that received the best reviews for durability.

Durability 101

People want durable shoes for good reason. What shoes can take a pounding and keep on providing cushioning?

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An interesting tidbit is that when people rate running shoe on, they generally like them. The average rating this year for a shoe is 8.7, however when it comes to durability, people are much more critical of shoes, the average durability rating is only 8.0.

Below we present the most durable running shoes from the Better Running Shoe Site, as rated by you. The adidas boost technology was designed to withstand a pounding and gets great durability ratings from the crowd, while they also like the Brooks Ghost line and the Brooks shoes in general with the various Brooks DNA foams.

Below you will see the ten shoes that have been rated the highest for durability on the LRC shoe site (Rankings were from September 2019 from shoes widely available for purchase). If you want to find the current top 10 most durable shoes with pricing info for your your size, click here.

Click on the titles of each shoe for more info.

  1. adidas Adizero Boston 7

    “Great, versatile shoe”
    8.9 Durability Rating
    adidas wanted this shoe to be super durable as they combined the adidas boost material with a Continental rubber outsole, and they succeeded in making a lightweight, yet durable shoe. This shoe wins praise for being able to be used for training runs, workouts and races.

    A neutral male mid-foot striker writes, “Cushioning is similar to Pegasus, but it is much more responsive. Additionally, it is extremely durable due to the continental rubber used for the sole.” A  heavy supinator says, “Love this shoe – as a heavy supinator tread wear is an issue for me. These shoes use a Continental rubber compound that is extremely durable and has held up so far. “

  2. Brooks Ghost 11- The Most Popular Brooks Shoe on LetsRun

    My Go To Shoe”
    8.8 Comfort Rating
    The Ghost 11 is the most popular (reviewed) Brooks shoe on LetsRun and it stacks up very well overall and in durability.

    A 40 mile a week runner says, “it’s perfectly balanced. It’s comfortable, both well cushioned and responds well, it’s durable, it looks good and it’s affordable”. Another runner who runs on a collegiate XC team says, “I run 80-90 miles a week and do 16-18 mile long runs and I have no issues with the comfort of the shoe. The outsole has good durability, there is a lot of rubber and it holds up. I can put about 500-600 miles on a pair before they start to lose comfort and durability.”

  3. New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v3

    “Cushioned and durable ride”
    8.8 comfort rating
    This shoe is designed for those needing a little stability and it gets rave reviews.

    A 45 mile a week overpronator says, “Cushioned and durable ride”.

    A 65 mile a week over-pronator put them to the test and said, “Comfortable right from the start and allowed me to get nearly 600 miles out of them before I felt they started to break down – however the outsole was still intact I just felt after 600 miles that the cushioning broke down.”

  4. Brooks Ghost 12

    “Ghost does it again”
    8.7 durability rating
    LRCers loved the Brooks Ghost 11 (overall and durability), so it makes sense that they’d like the Ghost 12 as well since Brooks only made minor tweaks, adding a little support in the midfoot and a change to the upper.

    The typical LRCers isn’t a big person, but see what this self described big person says of the Ghost 12, “Due to me being top heavy, The BROOKS GHOST is hands down the best shoe in the market for us fat bodies, reason being its a neutral support shoe and it has enough cushioning for my fat.”


  5. Nike Zoom Structure 22

    “Try them out and you won’t be disappointed.”
    8.7 durability rating
    Another stability shoe that cracks our durability rankings.  Durable neutral trainers often last longer than durable stability shoes, but the Structure Triax gets good durability scores. A 90 mile per week overpronator says, “I have found that it can sometimes last over 300 miles but usually can feel when it’s time to hang them up around 250-300.”

  6. Brooks Glycerin 17

    “Gliding in Glycerins”
    8.6 durability rating
    A neutral trainer with the Brooks DNA Loft foam that gets high ratings on all characteristics. Many shoes rated high on durability don’t get good ratings on cushioning, but not this shoe. A 54 year old 180 lb runner says, “These shoes have good cushioning and comfort. The light grey shows dirt. The soles show their wear about 500 miles but I replace around then anyway.”

  7. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19

    Maximum stability shoe with durability
    8.6 durability rating
    If you need maximum stability and want durability this shoe may be for you. “I’ve ran over 500 miles on them and they are barely falling apart,” says one reviewer.

    5 reviewers mentioned the shoe helped them with shin splits.

  8. HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 5

    “comfortable, supportive, attractive, and durable.”
    8.5 durability rating
    A neutral trainer built to last. The Clifton line is the most popular HOKA ONE ONE shoe on, but the Clifton 5 gets better durability ratings than the Clifton 4 or the Clifton 6.

    Now we don’t want you to think this will happen to you but one 75 mile a week reviewer says, “Typically, the only thing that leads me to retiring a pair is that the tread will be gone after 1,000 miles+, and it can become slippery on some wet surfaces. Besides that issue, I could probably take these for a full 2,000.” Others report getting 300-600 miles out of them.

  9. Asics Gel Kayano 26

    8.5 durability rating
    The workhorse of the Asics line designed to give a lot of support. Many long-time Kayano runners like this shoe and say it is an improvement on previous versions. A reviewer who has run in 43 pairs of Kayano’s says, “Comfortable and durable.”

  10. adidas Adizero Adios 4

    A racing shoe meant to last
    8.5 durability rating
    The problem with some of the newest racing shoes is they don’t last last very long. The adidas adios boost 4 doesn’t fall in this category. This reviewers sums of the adios 4 well, “Lightweight racing shoe. Great for long runs and marathons. Lightweight but durable.”


Want a running shoe that can’t take a pounding? We’ve got you covered.

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