The 10 Most Durable Running Shoes September 2019

The most durable running shoes as rated by you.

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September 16, 2019

The Better Running Shoe Site, has thousands of shoe reviews and you can see not only what type of runners are rating the shoes (high mileage runners, low mileage runners, pronators, men, women, etc), but see how they rate certain characteristics of the shoes (cushion, durability, comfort).

What at the most comfortable running shoes? Last month we showed you. This month we’re going to take a look at the shoes that received the best reviews for durability.

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Durability 101

People want durable shoes for good reason. What shoes can take a pounding and keep on providing cushioning?

An interesting tidbit is that when people rate running shoe on, they generally like them. The average rating this year for a shoe is 8.7, however when it comes to durability, people are much more critical of shoes, the average durability rating is only 8.0.

Below we present the most durable running shoes from the Better Running Shoe Site, as rated by you. The adidas boost technology was designed to withstand a pounding and gets great durability ratings from the crowd, while they also like the Brooks Ghost line and the Brooks shoes in general with the various Brooks DNA foams.

Below you will see the ten shoes that have been rated the highest for durability on the LRC shoe site (Rankings were from September 2019 from shoes widely available for purchase). If you want to find the current top 10 most durable shoes with pricing info for your your size, click here.

Click on the titles of each shoe for more info.

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