The Most Comfortable Running Shoes You Can Buy, Summer 2019

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August 8, 2019

Do I over-pronate? How high are my arches? Should I buy a shoe with pronation control? Can I run in a lightweight shoe without getting hurt? What does drop-height even mean? Buying the right running shoe can be overwhelming.

But when we ask people what they want in a running shoe, first and foremost they say: “comfort.”

So what are the most comfortable running shoes? Over 8,000 of the most dedicated runners on the planet have shared their shoes’ level of comfort, cushioning, and durability with us.

Below we present the most comfortable running shoes from the Better Running Shoe Site, as rated by you.

(If you trust computers and want to quickly find the top 10 most comfortable shoes with pricing info in your size? Click here.  Rankings were from August 2019 from shoes available for purchase)

  1. adidas Ultra Boost 2018 - 4.0

    “They fit like a sock.”
    9.6 Comfort Rating
    This is last year’s version of the Ultra Boost line (which is getting a huge marketing push from adidas this year as NYC subway cars are wrapped in Ultra Boost marketing) and it got great reviews overall and especially in comfort.
    One reviewer, a 45 mile-per-week neutral pronator, mid-foot striker said, “They are the most comfortable shoes since the old Nike airsock.”
    Another reviewer, a 20 mile-per-week runner stayed on the sock theme in a review titled “Like wearing socks,” where they described the Ultra Boost 4.0 as the “Most comfortable running shoes I have ever worn.”
    Vanessa3323, who is a 60 mile-per-week runner with achilles problems, said “These shoes kept me running, they fit like a sock”
    The boost technology not only comfortable, but also very durable. The main complaint about the Ultra Boost 4.0 was its $180 MSRP, but the shoes can be found for less.

  2. New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon

    They are AWESOME – super comfortable at slower paces and have amazing energy return.”
    9.5 Comfort Rating 

    A popular shoe in the New Balance line, the original version of this  shoe can be found right now at a great price. Lightness and responsiveness combine to provide a comfortable ride, according to many reviewers.
    One reviewer, a 65 mile-per-week male who rated it  a 10 in comfort, wrote a review titled “Max Cushion w no Squishyness, Incredible Cushion to Weight Ratio,” in which he proclaimed: “Title says it all. This will be your favorite recovery shoe.”
    Another reviewer, who runs 25 miles per week, said, “They are AWESOME – super comfortable at slower paces and have amazing energy return”.  The only complaints from some was the shoe is not that durable, rating only 7.9 on durability (but at $80 right now, you can afford to cycle through a few of them).

  3. Altra Escalante

    “Probably the most comfortable running shoe I’ve ever had, just to stand around in”
    9.4 comfort rating
    Altra’s zero drop wide toe-box shoes may not be for everyone, or at least take some adjustment, but they are designed to promote natural running, which in theory equals comfort. And reviewers love the comfort of this shoes. A 50 mile-per-week neutral pronator who rated the the shoe high overall said the Escalante was “Most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. Gives a natural feel with the zero drop but enough cushion for long miles on any surface.” Emphasizing their unusual comfort, one runner who only rated them a modest 7 overall said,  “Probably the most comfortable running shoe I’ve ever had, just to stand around in. One runner reported putting 700 miles on these shoes, suggesting these shoes can handle some miles.

  4. Brooks Ravenna 10

    “Supportive and comfortable”, “fits like a sock”
    9.3 comfort rating
    Reviewers say that Brooks found a good balance between lightness and stability, creating a comfortable shoe. Version 10 is the first with the Guiderail technology. A 60 mile-per-week runner who gave it a 10 on comfort said, “The newer version seems lighter and more responsive.”  Another said, “Supportive and comfortable,” which is exactly what Brooks was aiming for.

  5. Altra Escalante 1.5

    “Comfortable, light, fast, 0 drop,”
    9.3 comfort rating
    Maybe we should outlaw updates of a top ranked shoe from appearing in the same rankings (see #3 above), but reviewers love the comfort of the Escalante.

  6. Brooks Ghost 12

    “Best training shoes for comfort and performance I have ever worn.”
    9.3 comfort rating
    We’re on version 12 of the Ghost line and it continues to get accolades but especially for comfort.

  7. ASICS Gel-Kayano 26

    “Comfortable from day one.”
    9.3 comfort rating
    The Kayano 26 proves that comfortable shoes come in all shapes and sizes. This is a heavier shoe designed to provide stability, but Asics wanted it to be softer and more comfortable. Reviewers tell us that they succeeded. A 45 mile-per-week overpronator said, “Asics hit this one out of the park. Shoe performs very vwell for 350 miles. Comfortable and durable.” A 35 mile-per-week, 5’11” 180 lb. male neutral pronator said, “Great cushioned shoe, excellent for heavy runners and high mileage. Comfortable from day one.”

  8. Brooks Levitate 2

    “They are incredibly comfortable.
    9.3 comfort rating
    Caffeine26.2 says who runs 70 miles a week and has tried a lot of shoes says, “Great lightweight trainer with decent support and durability.”

  9. HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 6

    “Insanely comfortable shoe.”
    9.2 comfort rating
    The Clifton line is the most popular HOKA line on LetsRun and the Clifton 6 gets great reviews on comfort.

  10. Saucony Freedom ISO 2

    “The Next Generation of Light Comfort”
    9.2 comfort rating
    A lightweight trainer designed for everyday training and comfort

Not interested in comfort alone? Check out the Better Running Shoes site to see the best shoes ranked by overall rating, cushioning, durability, and more.

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