Television and Streaming of the 2019 Pan American Games – How To Watch Pan Ams

August 7, 2019

Below we do our best in telling you how to watch the 2019 Pan American Games in the US. The good news is the games are being broadcast on on ESPN2, ESPNU and others in the ESPN Family in the US. The bad news is neither USA Track and Field nor ESPN has a list of which network will be broadcasting when.

But having researched it, we think your best bet is to try ESPNU (or ESPN Deportes if you speak Spanish) as they have over 200 hours of live coverage and atheltics is one of the featured events so likely all the track will be there. ESPNU had the finals on Tuesday and their schedule is here. If it’s not on there, ESPN Deportes likely have it on in Spanish. Online ESPN3 and the ESPN App are broadcasting a ton of the Pan Ams (over 900 hours) in Spanish as well.

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ESPN’s press release on their Pan Am coverage is here.

Canadian viewers need to check out the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) as they have the rights.

The Pan American Games schedule and live results for track and field is here.