A Fan’s Guide To The 2019 USATF Distance Classic

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By LetsRun.com
May 16, 2019

The 2019 USATF Distance Classic — also known as Oxy — takes place tonight at Jack Kemp Stadium at Occidental College in California. Below we give you a schedule of events, viewing info and then briefly tell you what to look for in each event. The schedule of events is as follows.

Competition Schedule (Pacific Time)

If you are a US viewer, you can only watch the event if you subscribe to NBC Sports Gold. We have no idea why USATF puts some events on USATF.TV+ and some on Gold. It seems like it would be best if everything went to Gold or if everything was included with a USATF membership. We guess one could argue college sports go to both Fox and ESPN, but that analogy doesn’t work for us. Whatever. International viewers can watch it on through AthleticsCanada.TV.

Women’s 800 – USATF standard 2:03.00, Worlds standard 2:00.60

The final heat is interesting as it features 2016 Olympic finalist Kate Grace versus Konstanze Kloserhalfen. So you get the Bowerman Track Club vs. the NOP and US vs. Germany. Klosterhalfen smoked Grace in their last meeting at Millrose on February 9, but that was over the mile distance.

1Savannah CAMACHO-COLONUnattached
2Ana Rosa GOMEZJalisco
3Gabriela MEDINAMx International
4Devan WIEBEOcean Athletics
5Julia STEPANOVAUnattached


1Annette MELCHERUnattached
2Ashley TAYLORUnder Armour
3Lauren JOHNSONBoston Athletic Association
4Alethia MARREROGarden State Track Club
5Sabrina SOUTHERLANDNike/ Otc Elite
6Laurence COTEUnattached
7Rebecca MEHRAOiselle


1Luisa REAL CRESPOMx International
2Cory MCGEENew Balance
3Samantha MURPHYThe Mission AC
4Maite BOUCHARDSherbrooke
6Konstanze KLOSTERHALFENNike Oregon Project
7Kate GRACEBowerman Track Club

Men’s 800 – USATF standard 1:47.50, World standard 1:45.80

In the fast heat, we get to see Olympic medallist Clayton Murphy face his teammate Craig Engels, the US indoor champ in the mile, plus Erik Sowinski.

1Christian HARRISONBoston Athletic Association
2Neil GOURLEYOregon Track Club Elite
3Brannon KIDDERBrooks Beasts TC
4Drew WINDLEBrooks Beasts TC
5Drew PIAZZAOregon Track Club Elite
6Kyle LANGFORD IPhoenix Track Club
7Izaic YORKSBrooks / Brooks Beasts TC
8Anthony ROMANIWUnattached
9David RIBICHBrooks / Brooks Beasts TC


1Harun ABDAOregon Track Club Elite
2Samuel ELLISONBoston Athletic Association
4Clayton MURPHYNike Oregon Project
5Ryan SANCHEZPuerto Rico
6Wesley VAZQUEZPuerto Rico
7Robert FORDHoka One One Njny TC
8Craig ENGELSNike Oregon Project

Women’s Steeple – USATF standard 9:50.00, World standard 9:40.00

Not sure what we are supposed to say about this race with 4 entrants. We guess it shows that with Worlds not starting until the end of September that it’s still way early in the season. To be honest, we have no idea who any of these runners are.

1Courtney BARNESMcKirdy Trained
2Jessica FURLANExcel Athletika
3Maria BERNARD-GALEASaucony Canada
4Christine THORNRoots Running Project

Men’s Steeple – USATF standard 8:40.00, Worlds standard 8:29.00

Two-time Olympic finalist Donn Cabral is in this one as is 2016 NCAA champ Mason Ferlic. This is Ferlic’s track debut for 2019.

1Frankline TONUIU.S Army
2David GOODMANUnattached
3Quetzalcoatl DELGADO FITZ SR.Mv
4Benard KETERU.S Army
5John GAYVancouver Thunderbirds
6James HURT IIIUnattached
7Craig NOWAKFurman Elite
8Kaur KIVISTIKEstonia
9Donald CABRALHoka One One / Hoka Njnytc
10Troy REEDERFurman Elite
11Adam VISOKAYRebook Boston TC
12Brian BARRAZAadidas
13Mason FERLICUnattached
14Jordan MANNOcean State Athletic Club/New
15Dylan HODGSONUnattached

Women’s 1500 – USATF standard 4:09.00, Worlds standard 4:06.50

Usually USATF designs the 1500 heats to be even at this meet, but in this case the second one is more interesting. Klosterhalfen doubles back into it and will face former NCAA star Karissa Schweizer, Katie Mackey, Elise Cranny and Nikki Hiltz, the NCAA runner-up in the 1500 from last year.

1Marielle HALLNike / Bowerman Track Club
2Courtney FRERICHSNike / Bowerman Track Club
3Faith MAKAUUnattached
4Dana MECKECstc Elite
5Belen CASETTAArgentina
6Angelin FIGUEROAPuerto Rico
7Carina GILLESPIEAir Force Wcap
8Jenna HINKLEHoka Aggie Running Club
9Jessy LACOURSELaval – Canada
10Maddy BERKSONPeninsula Distance Club
11Erika KEMPBoston Athletic Association
12Tori TSOLISPeninsula Distance Club
13Raquel LAMBDINThe Mission AC
14Alexina WILSONOiselle
15Aurelie DUBE-LAVOIELaval – Canada


1Amy-Eloise NEALERebook Boston TC
2Karissa SCHWEIZERNike / Bowerman Track Club
3Elise CRANNYNike / Bowerman Track Club
4Konstanze KLOSTERHALFENNike Oregon Project
5Sage HURTAUnattached
6Violah LAGATadidas
7Hannah FIELDSUsa
8Grace BARNETTMammoth Track club
9Amanda REGOColorado Springs Track Club El
10Katherine MACKEYBrooks Beasts TC
11Hanna GREENNike/ Otc Elite
12Dominique HILTZadidas
13Mariah KELLYNew Balance Canada

Men’s 1500 – USATF standard 3:39.00, Worlds standard – 3:36.00

When we initially published this article, we left out the 1500 by mistake. Thankfully, a messageboard poster noticed it and published a preview for us. Here is what “chaserofsteeples” wrote about this race:

“US 2 mile champion Drew Hunter squares off with US 1000m champion Clayton Murphy who’ll be doubling back with a possibility for spoilers from newly minted 3:50 miler Sam Prakel or one of the 5k guys moving down. Couple other Bowerman guys in heat 2 as well and some throwback names running “unattached” including Chad Noelle and Mac Fleet.”

11Jose MARTINEZMx International
12Julius BORU.S. Army
13Shoma FUNATSUChuo University
14Tom FARRELLNike / Otc Elite
15Jacob EDWARDSColumbus RC
16Mac FLEETUnattached
17Joe COFFEYCollegeville TC
18Colin SCHULTZUnattached
19Daniel ESTRADAMexico WR NM


21Chad NOELLEUnattached
22Adam PALAMARVic City Elite
23Nick HARRISUnattached
24William KINCAIDNike / Bowerman TC
25Kevin ROBERTSONSaint-Laurent Select
26Matt HUGHESNike / Bowerman TC
27James RANDONSaucony / Freedom TC
28Hyuga ENDOSumitomo Electric
29Joshua THOMPSONNike / Bowerman TC


31Sean MCGORTYNike / Bowerman TC
32Drew HUNTERadidas / Tinman Elite
33Kalle BERGLUNDArctic Approach Mgmt
34Sam PARSONSadidas / Tinman Elite
35Jordan GUSMANTinman Elite
36Clayton MURPHYNike Oregon Project
37Samuel PRAKELadidas
38Daniel HERRERAHigh Performance West
39Lopez LOMONGNike / Bowerman TC
310Moh AHMEDNike / Bowerman TC
311Kirubel ERASSAAmerican Distance Project

Women’s 5000 – USATF standard 15:25.00, Worlds standard 15:22.00

We’re sure other people will be watching for other reasons, but we’ll be paying attention to this one to see how much of a PR recent LRC podcast guest Stephanie Bruce can run at age 35. Her pb is 15:44.77.

1Regan YEELangley Mustangs
2Aisha PRAUGHTUnder Armour
3Aminat OLOWORAOklahoma City University
4Sarah PAGANOadidas
5Breanna SIERACKIUnattached
6Helen SCHLACHTENHAUFENSaucony / Freedom Track Club
7Shannon OSIKANike
8Margareta MONTOYARoots Running Project
9Allie BUCHALSKIBrooks Beasts TC
10Rachel CLIFFON Running
11Erica DIGBYMile2Marathon
12Jessica O’CONNELLCanada
13Elvin KIBETU.S Army
14Stephanie BRUCEHoka One One Naz Elite
15Marta PEN FREITASBrooks Beasts TC
16Lauren PAQUETTEUnattached
17Rachel SCHNEIDERUnder Armour
18Maya WEIGELPeninsula Distance Club

Men’s 5000 – USATF standard 13:35.00, Worlds standard 13:22.50

The final race of the night is interesting as there are a lot of 1500 runners testing their strength in this one, including two-time Olympic 1500 medallist Nick Willis. British 1500 runners Chris O’Hare and Josh Kerr will duke it out as well in Kerr’s 5000 debut. Also included in the field is 2016 NCAA indoor mile champ Henry Wynne.

1Chris O’HAREadidas
2Darius TERRYHoka Aggie Running Club
3William LEERUnder Armour / New York Athlet
4Sam MCENTEEAustraila
5Lucas BRUCHETMile2Marathon
6Tommy CURTINSaucony / Freedom Track Club
7Josh KERRBrooks / Brooks Beasts TC
8Henry WYNNEBrooks / Brooks Beasts TC
9Nick WILLISadidas
11Mauricio GONZALEZEquipo Porvenir
12Josef TESSEMAAmerican Distance Project
13Lawi LALANGU.S Army
14Craig LAUTENSLAGERUnattached
15Dillon MAGGARDBrooks Beasts TC
16Kyle MEDINATinman Elite
17Kevin LEWISTeam Usa Minnesota
18Jacob THOMSONBoston Athletic Association
19Jeffrey THIES IITinman Elite
20Joseph BERRIATUAUnattached
21Trevor DUNBARBoston Athletic Association

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