Canada’s Corey Bellmore Runs New Beer Mile WR With 4:33.6

October 30, 2017

The beer mile world record has gone down again. This time, during the half time of a San Francisco Deltas professional soccer game on Saturday night. Canada’s Corey Bellemore lowered his own mark with a 4:33.6 victory (previous record 4:34.35). Another interesting note is that track and field journalist Cathal Dennehy broke the Irish national record in 4th place with 5:25.2.

Results and race video below.

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1. Corey Bellemore, CAN, 4:33.6 (World Record, Canadian and North American Record, US All-Comers Record, Stadium Record) (Former World Record was 4:34.35)
2. Garrett Cullen, USA, 5:07.5
3. Corey WhipHubley Gallagher, CAN, 5:14.9
4. Cathal Dennehy, IRE, 5:25.2 (Irish National Record)
5. Reed Lyon, USA, 6:07.7
6. Todd Rose, USA: 6:11.1
DQ: John Markell CAN, Brandon Shirk USA


A race video is posted on facebook here.