The French Have Done It Again (Almost) – The French Protested and Tried To Get Evan Jager Stripped of His Medal For Stepping on The Line

by Robert Johnson
August 8, 2017

The French have done it again. A year after they protested and got Ezekiel Kemboi disqualified from the Olympics for stepping on the line in the middle of the men’s steeplechase (Olympic Debacle: The French Have Forgotten What The Olympics Are Supposed To Be About – Ezekiel Kemboi DQ’d From Men’s Steeple After Protest), they protested again tonight in an attempt to get Evan Jager disqualifier for a similar infraction.

Thankfully, their protest this year was unsuccessful.

See the from the IAAF below.

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Statement from IAAF

8 August 2017


Event: 3000m Steeplechase Final           Men 

A protest was presented by the French Team after the 3000m Steeplechase Final Men, asking for the disqualification of US Athlete Evan JAGER under Rule 163.3 b) (Lane Infringement), claiming he had twice placed his foot on the inside line after the second water jump.

The Jury reviewed the video of the race, and was of the opinion that the athlete had indeed stepped on the line, but only in the straight part of the diversion from the  track for the water jump and had therefore not gained any material advantage. (Rule 163.4 b) 

The Jury of Appeal rejected the appeal.

The result of the 3000m Steeplechase Final Men stands.

RULE 163 (The Race)

Lane Infringement

3.   (a) In all races run in lanes, each athlete shall keep within his allocated lane from start to finish. This shall also apply to any portion of a race run in lanes.

      (b) In all races (or any part of races) not run in lanes, an athlete running on a bend, on the outer half of the track as per Rule 162.10, or on the diversion from the track for the steeplechase water jump, shall not step or run on or inside the kerb or line marking the applicable border (the inside of the track, the outer half of the track, or the diversion from the track for the steeplechase water jump).

      Except as stated in Rule 163.4, if the Referee is satisfied, on the report of a Judge or Umpire or otherwise, that an athlete has violated this Rule, he shall be disqualified.

4.   An athlete shall not be disqualified if he

      (a) is pushed or forced by another person to step or run outside his lane or on or inside the kerb or line marking the applicable border, or

            steps or runs outside his lane in the straight, any straight part of the diversion from the track for the steeplechase water jump or outside the outer line of his lane on the bend,

with no material advantage thereby being gained and no other athlete being jostled or obstructed so as to impede his progress.

Note: Material advantage includes improving his position by any means, including removing himself from a “boxed” position in the race by having stepped or run inside the inside edge of the track.

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