The Bettor’s Guide To The Olympic Track and Field Action in Rio

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August 11, 2016

Below we list the 2016 US Olympic track and field team athletes by event and show you both their gold medal odds and the odds that they win a medal of any color. We then tell you what we think of those odds to help you make a wise bet. The athletes listed in bold are the ones that we think are most compelling in terms of a value proposition.

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Odds are taken from (Come back later and we’ll also do the same for the women).

Men’s 100Gold OddsMedal OddsComment
Justin Gatlin9 to 41 to 16We don’t like these odds
Trayvon Bromell14/11 to 1If we were going to bet on an American, it would be him
Marvin Bracy50/110 to 1No thanks
Men’s 200
Justin Gatlin7 to 21 to 8Betting against Bolt in the 200 is stupid
LaShawn Merritt8 to 14 to 7None of these seem valuable
Ameer Webb33 to 112 to 1None of these seem valuable
Men’s 400
LaShawn Merritt9 to 21 to 4None of these seem valuable
Gil Roberts33 to 18 to 1None of these seem valuable
David Verburg66 to 116 to 1None of these seem valuable
Men’s 800   
Boris Berian 14 to 19 to 414 to 1 for the win isn’t bad
Clayton Murphy33 to 18 to 1The medal odds are tempting
Charles Jock100 to 116 to 1We think the odds are greater than 16 to 1 that he makes the final
Men’s 1500
Matthew Centrowitz20 to 14 to 1These odds are VERY tempting. 
Robby Andrews66 to 110 to 1No thanks
Ben Blankenship100 to 116 to 1No thanks
Evan Jager8 to 1EvenWe like these odds
Donn Cabral150 to 110 to 1No thanks
Hillary Bor150 to 140 to 1No thanks
Bernard Lagat20 to 18 to 1We’d consider the medal bet
Hassan Mead80 to 112 to 1No thanks
Paul Chelimo100 to 120 to 1No thanks
Galen Rupp25 to 17 to 4No thanks
Shadrack Kipchirchir150 to 140 to 1No thanks
Leonard Korir250 to 140 to 1No thanks
Galen Rupp16 to 14 to 1Very tempting
Meb Keflezighi33 to 18 to 1No thanks
Jared Ward200 to 166 to 1No thanks
Devon Allen7 to 111 to 10We like these odds
Ronnie Ash20 to 17 to 2No thanks
Jeff Porter33 to 16 to 1No thanks
400 hurdles
Kerron Clement15 to 84 to 9Wide open event but we don’t think so
Michael Tinsley10 to 12 to 1No thanks
Byron Robinson25 to 14 to 1No thanks
Men’s HJ
Erik Kynard10 to 12 to 1Maybe to medal
Ricky Roberston150 to 120 to 1No thanks
Brad Adkins150 to 1NANo thanks
Men’s LJ 
Jarrion Lawson5 to 24 to 7No thanks
Jeff Henderson4 to 14 to 6No thanks
Michael Hartfield12 to 1NANo thanks
Men’s TJ
Christian Taylor8 to 131 to 25Not quite enough value in the gold medal bet
Will Claye5 to 22 to 7A victory isn’t inconceivable
Chris Benard25 to 13 to 1No thanks
Men’s Pole Vault   
Sam Kendricks6 to 11 to 2Victory isn’t out of the question
Cale Simmons66 to 116 to 1No thanks
Logan Cunningham80 to 18 to 1No thanks
Men’s Discus
Mason Finley100 to 120 to 1No thanks
Andrew Evans100 to 1NANo thanks
Tavis Bailey100 to 1NANo thanks
Men’s Hammer
Rudy Winkler200 to 150 to 1No thanks
Kibwe Johnson200 to 150 to 1No thanks
Conor McCullough250 to 150 to 1No thanks
Men’s Javelin
Sam Crouser200 to 140 to 1No thanks
Sean Furey200 to 140 to 1No thanks
Cyrus Hostetler200 to 140 to 1No thanks
Men’s Shot Put
Joe Kovacs3 to 41 to 10Maybe bet him to win
Ryan Crouser4 to 11 to 2Crouser did beat Kovacs at the Olympic Trials
Darrell Hill20 to 17 to 2Don’t know enough about it
Men’s Decathlon
Ashton Eaton1 to 101 to 50Is there a 10% chance he gets hurt or no heights?
Jeremy Taiwo50 to 110 to 1Nope
Zach Ziemek80 to 120 to 1Nope

Below you can see all 60 athletes ranked from 1 to 60 in terms of their gold medal odds.

2016 US Men’s Olympic Track and Field Athletes Gold Medal Odds
1Ashton Eaton (decathlon)1 to 10
2Christian Taylor (tj)8 to 13
3Joe Kovacs (sp)3 to 4
4Kerron Clement (400h)15 to 8
5Justin Gatlin (100)9 to 4
6Jarrion Lawson  (lj)5 to 2
7Will Claye (tj)5 to 2
8Justin Gatlin (200)7 to 2
9Jeff Henderson (lj)4 to 1
10Ryan Crouser (sp)4 to 1
11LaShawn Merritt (400)9 to 2
12Sam Kendricks (pv)6 to 1
13Devon Allen (110h)7 to 1
14Evan Jager (steeple)8 to 1
15LaShawn Merritt (200)8 to 1
16Michael Tinsley (400h)10 to 1
17Erik Kynard (hj)10 to 1
18Michael Hartfield (lj)12 to 1
19Boris Berian (800)14 to 1
20Travyon Bromell (100)14/1
21Galen Rupp (marathon)16 to 1
22Matthew Centrowitz (1500)20 to 1
23Darrell Hill (sp)20 to 1
24Bernard Lagat (5k)20 to 1
25Ronnie Ash (110h)20 to 1
26Chris Benard (tj)25 to 1
27Galen Rupp (10k)25 to 1
28Byron Robinson (400h)25 to 1
29Jeff Porter (110h)33 to 1
30Meb Keflezighi (marathon)33 to 1
31Clayton Murphy (800)33 to 1
32Gil Roberts (400)33 to 1
33Ameer Webb (400)33 to 1
34Marvin Bracy (100)50/1
35Jeremy Taiwo (decathlon)50 to 1
36Cale Simmons (pv)66 to 1
37Robby Andrews (1500)66 to 1
38David Verburg (400)66 to 1
39Hassan Mead (5000)80 to 1
40Logan Cunningham (pv)80 to 1
41Zach Ziemek (decathlon)80 to 1
42Paul Chelimo  (5k)100 to 1
43Charles Jock (800)100 to 1
44Ben Blankenship (1500)100 to 1
45Mason Finley (discus)100 to 1
46Andrew Evans (discus)100 to 1
47Tavis Bailey (discus)100 to 1
48Ricky Roberston (hj)150 to 1
49Brad Adkins (hj)150 to 1
50Shadrack Kipchirchir (10k)150 to 1
51Donn Cabral (steeple)150 to 1
52Hillary Bor (steeple)150 to 1
53Jared Ward (marathon)200 to 1
54Rudy Winkler (hammer)200 to 1
55Kibwe Johnson (hammer)200 to 1
56Sam Crouser (javelin)200 to 1
57Sean Furey (javelin)200 to 1
58Cyrus Hostetler (javelin)200 to 1
59Leonard Korir (10k)250 to 1
60Conor McCullough (hammer)250 to 1
Ashton Eaton is the #1 favorite

Ashton Eaton is the #1 favorite