2016 TrackTown Classic Results In Edmonton Canada: World Silver Medalist Melissa Bishop Breaks Her Own National Record With 1:57.43 Win

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by LetsRun.com
July 16, 2016

A lot of US sprinters competed, but the big highlight was Canada’s Melissa Bishop breaking her own national record with a 1:57.43 victory in the 800. US Olympian Chrishuna Williams was 3rd in 2:02.41. Duane Solomon won the men’s race in 1:45.51.

Local TimeSexDivisionEventRound
6:30 PM FriWInternational400 Meters HurdlesFinals
6:45 PM FriMInternational400 Meters HurdlesFinals
6:45 PM FriMInternationalHigh JumpFinals
7:05 PM FriWInternational400 MetersFinals
7:15 PM FriMInternational400 MetersFinals
7:15 PM FriWInternationalLong JumpFinals
7:25 PM FriWInternational200 MetersFinals
7:35 PM FriMInternational200 MetersFinals
7:45 PM FriWInternational800 MetersFinals
7:45 PM FriMInternationalHammerFinals
7:55 PM FriMInternational800 MetersFinals
8:10 PM FriWInternational100 Meters HurdlesFinals
8:20 PM FriMInternational110 Meters HurdlesFinals
8:30 PM FriWInternational100 MetersFinals
8:40 PM FriMInternational100 MetersFinals