LRC Exclusive: Boston Bingo Was Won Atop Heartbreak Hill

April 19, 2016

This year may have been the 120th Boston Marathon, but it was the first year of’s Boston Bingo.

We created a Boston Bingo Card and invited you all to play from home. The first 10 Boston Bingo winners received a free shirt.

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Well with three different TV broadcasts, we gave up on trying to figure out when the first Boston Bingo was possible. Thankfully winner Aditi K, who’s at Stanford, emailed us a detailed timeline of his Bingo and he got it at 11:25 a.m. Eastern when the runners hit “Heartbreak Hill.” (His detailed explanation is below).

Boston Bingo was possible multiple ways as you can see from some of the winning cards below.

Owen S, a high schooler from Concord, Mass., went the southern route watching the local TV broadcast:

Cool Kid on the forums

Aditi K of Stanford with a precise double bingo: 


Here’s a timeline of Aditi’s Bingo:

Meb mentioned for 2014 win – around 9:45 AM when they interviewed him
Spectator in Red Sox gear – saw one a little after the elite men/Wave 1 start around 10:10-15 AM, I think I saw another one around 11 AM
Some random dude tries to hang with men’s leaders at the start (the Japanese guy?) – 10:10-5 AM
Lead vehicle gets a little too close to the runners 10:20 AM – Not sure how close is too close but the way the camera panned it seemed like it was pretty close to some of the guys!
Broadcaster questions whether athlete “went too early” – talking about the Japanese runner
Runner in costume is shown – Around 10:30 AM (after the wave 2 start) I think I saw a runner with a cape
Spectator in Patriots gear – ~10:35 AM, I think I may have seen another around 10:50 AM
“Scream Tunnel” – 10:40-5 AM
Someone Holding a “Kiss Me” sign in Wellesley – also around 10:40-45 AM
Bill Rodgers is mentioned – I’m putting this here because I think he was mentioned earlier but this time (I stepped away for a second so was trying to hear the commentary in the adjoining room) I also heard  “four time Boston champion” and I think “local” or “local legend”, so I’m pretty sure they had to have been talking about him
Clearly intoxicated fan is shown 11:05 AM – There was a spectator that looked pretty out of it..
Tanya McFadden win’s the wheelchair race #4! – 11:10 AM
Broadcast shows the men’s race when it should be showing the women’s race (and vice versa) – Again not sure where to put this one because I’m pretty sure this happened multiple times, but there was a break away here around mile 16 in the women’s race that was missed on camera
“Heartbreak Hill” – 11:25 AM

Joe M from California:



Winners got this:

LRC Shirt LRC Shirt

Look for more marathon bingos in the future.

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