The Greatest Day in the History of the Beer Mile as 2 Men Go Sub-5:00 And Set Possible World Records Thousands of Miles Apart

August 7, 2015

10:46pm update: The guys from The Beer Mile World Classic have posted an update on the LRC forums saying that Lewis Kent of Canada has texted them saying he ran a 4:55.78 beer mile in Canada tonight to eclipse Josh Harris, who ran a 4:56.25 beer mile earlier today in Australia. 

Prior to today, only one person, James Nielsen, had a ratified sub-5:00 in the beer mile on, and now we’ve had two people do it on the same day. All three men will race on another at the Beer Mile World Classic in two weeks in San Francisco.

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Aussie Josh Harris ran an unofficial 4:56.25 beer mile today which would be a new world record if approved.

The recognized world’s best by is 4:57.0 by James Nielsen, but another Aussie James Hansen ran a 4:56.2 in April that has not yet been recognized as a record.

Video of Harris’ run is below:

Beer mile fans won’t have to worry about whether the time is legit for long as Harris and Nielsen will square off at the Beer Mile World Classic in San Francisco in two weeks. did catch up with Harris after his record. He said of his training, “It’s something I’ve been working on for a few weeks now. Training has included 3 shorter interval sessions (200-400m) with beer recovery in the final set. I’ve also been drinking one beer per night at top speed, and on a Sunday after my long run, eating as much food as I can with a beer to finish once I’m close to puking.”

Discuss the possible WR here.

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