Galen Rupp Discusses Nike Oregon Project Doping Allegations with the Media Following 2015 USATF Outdoor 10,000 Final

June 25, 2015

EUGENE, Ore. — Shortly after winning his seventh consecutive 10,000 meter title at the 2015 USATF Outdoor Championships on Thursday night, Galen Rupp spoke before the for the first time since the BBC/ProPublica report focused on him and coach Alberto Salazar was released on June 3.

It was a total media scrum as evidenced by this picture by Chris Chavez BEFORE Rupp even appeared:

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Tim Layden has a tremendous piece on Rupp and Salazar in Sports Illustrated here. Tim writes, “Three times he (Galen) said some version of, “I stand behind [either Salazar or Salazar’s statement] 100 percent.” Three times he said some version of, “I believe in a clean sport.” Three times he said some version of, “I’m not gonna lie, it’s been hard.””

Or as Ken Goe of the Oregonian quoted Rupp, “”It’s been hard. I’m not going to lie. It’s been difficult to focus…”I’m real happy that report came out yesterday. I stand behind it 100 percent. I believe in a clean sport.”
Goe also spoke to Salazar who said, “The idea was to run just as slow as possible to save himself for Sunday. He could have run faster. We weren’t worried about it. He’s in the best shape he’s ever been in.”
As for his critics, Alberto said, “People are going up with something else that’s crazy. You can’t worry about it. Batter up. If somebody else wants to come up with something crazy, batter up.”
Full interview with Galen below:

Watch the full interview below:

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Rupp also spoke briefly to a TV reporter afterwards (non doping questions)

We asked Rupp if he would be able to answer a few more questions but he did not respond and walked out of the mixed zone.

“See ya,” added Rupp’s agent, Ricky Simms.

Full interaction in 1 video from a different angle:

Galen Rupp Award Stand interview with Dan O’Brien:

Ben True Addressed the Scandal in His Post Race Comments:

And Chris Derrick Discussed What Supplements He Is On

Messageboard thread: Watch Rupp’s Post-Race Interview Here

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