Don’t Have The 2015 IAAF World Championships Standard? Don’t Worry About It — You Can Still Go to Worlds (Particularly If You Are American)

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June 18, 2015

(Editors note: We’ll be previewing the 800s, 1500s and steeples for the 2015 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships in the coming days but wanted to put up this article before we do).

Are you dreaming of the World Championships but don’t have the IAAF standard? Or are you are a fan of a pro that doesn’t have the standard?

Don’t worry about it. This year, the IAAF is going to go down the descending order list and will fill the field with 48 competitors in the 800 and 45 in the 1500 and steeple. As a result, every single American who finishes at top three at USAs in those events is basically a lock to make it to Worlds – even if they don’t currently have the standard.

Remember, each country can only have a maximum of three entrants in an event unless they boast the reigning World or Diamond League champion, in which case they get to run up to four.

Thus the 5th, 6th, 7th – hell, 12th Kenyan – all need to be removed from the list. The same thing is true for the Americans, who boast a lot of depth. When you remove all of the extra people, it’s not all that fast when you get way down to #45 or #48.

In the charts below, we have gone down the 2015 descending order list and removed the extra people from each country.

In the men’s 800, where the IAAF standard is 1:46.00, when you cap all countries at a maximum of three per country, the 48th-fastest man in the world is Italy’s Jacopo Lahbi at 1:46.72. He’s actually #78 in the world.

Similarly, in the men’s 1500, where the IAAF standard is 3:36.20 (3:53.30 for the mile), when you cap all entries at three per country except give Kenya (which gets four as it boasts the reigning DL and World champs), the 45th-fastest person this year is the Netherlands’ Richard Douma and he has run just 3:39.71. He’s actually the 90th-fastest 1500 guy in the world this year.

Manzano may not have the standard, but he almost certainly is already safe

Manzano may not have the standard, but he almost certainly is already safe

So the fact that American star Leo Manzano doesn’t have the standard is pretty irrelevant. At Pre, he just missed the 3:53.30 mile standard by running 3:53.55. While you can qualify in the mile, we don’t think the IAAF is converting miles to 1500 for the rolling list, but regardless, in the middle of that Pre race Manzano was timed at 1500 in 3:38.04. 3:38.04 places him just 58th in the world so far this year at 1500 but when you remove all the extra people from Kenya, Ethiopia, etc, Manzano is #33 and thus pretty safe to qualify as is.

In the men’s steeple, where the IAAF standard is 8:28.00, the 45th-fastest person in the world when you cap it at three per country but once again give Kenya four (as it boasts the reigning DL and World champs) is Australia’s James Nipperess, and he’s run just 8:35.39. He’s actually the 79th-fastest man in the world.

Looking at the women, in the women’s 800 where the standard is 2:01.00, the 48th-fastest person in the world this year when you cap it at three per country but once again give Kenya four (as it boasts the reigning DL and World champs) is Poland’s Sofia Ennaoui at 2:02.31. She’s really the 81st-fastest person in the world.

In the women’s 1500 where the standard is 4:06.50 (4:25.20 mile), the 45th-fastest person in the world this year when you cap it at three per country but give the USA four (as we boast the DL champ) is Norway’s Karoline Bjerkeli Grøvdal at 4:12.09. She’s really the 92nd-fastest woman in the world.

In the women’s steeple where the standard is 9:44.00, the 45th-fastest person in the world this year when you cap it at three per country but give Kenya and Ethiopia four (as they have reigning World and DL champs) is Eva Krchová of the Czech Republic at 9:48.75. She really is the 92nd-fastest woman in the world.

Sure, the results will improve somewhat between now and August, but not by a ton. Plus, many countries not named the USA won’t send someone unless they think they’ll do well, so that would make it easier for an American to get into the top 45 or 48 depending on their event.

See the results for yourself. We apologize if there is an error or two as we did it kind of quickly and just removed the duplicates that were most obvious to us.

One last thing, all of that being said, the athletes probably will go chase times regardless. Why? They’ll need them for the 2016 Olympics, which doesn’t have a rolling standards (2016 Olympic Track and Field Qualifying standards). The qualifying window for track events for the 2016 Olympics began on May 1.

Please note. The list below is only using outdoor times for 2015. The qualifying window actually began of October 1 of last year but we didn’t bother to see if anyone ran a track meet in October, November or December of last year and we also didn’t add in indoor times. That would have taken a lot more time as we don’t have access to a combined indoor and outdoor list and our thought process was that the vast majority of the fast indoor runners are a) also running fast indoors b) from one of the countries that already has 3 qualifiers or c) not on the outdoor list because they are injured and won’t be going to Worlds.

Discuss this topic on our world famous fan forum: MB: Leo the Lion doesn’t have the IAAF standard for Worlds but it doesn’t matter – He’ll still go if he’s top 3 at USAs.

Men’s 800

2015’s 48 Fastest Guys at 800 (max 3 per country, except Ethiopia and Botswana can get 4 (they don’t but could))
101:43.56Mohamed AmanETH
201:43.58David RudishaKEN
301:43.78Ayanleh SouleimanDJI
401:43.80Nijel AmosBOT
501:43.84Boris BerianUSA
601:43.88Pierre-Ambroise BosseFRA
701:43.92Job KinyorKEN
801:43.94Adam KszczotPOL
901:44.00Ferguson CheruiyotKEN
1001:44.25Marcin LewandowskiPOL
1101:44.62Matthew CentrowitzUSA
1201:45.07Giordano BenedettiITA
1301:45.17Taoufik MakhloufiALG
1401:45.21Artur KuciapskiPOL
1501:45.24Leo ManzanoUSA
1601:45.29Jeff RiseleyAUS
1701:45.38Alex RoweAUS
1801:45.48Robin SchemberaGER
1901:45.53Rafith RodriguezCOL
2001:45.59Ali Saad Al-DaranKSA
2101:45.59Kevin LópezESP
2201:45.73André OlivierRSA
2301:45.77Antoine GakemeBDI
2401:45.81Abraham RotichBRN
2501:45.83Mark EnglishIRL
2601:45.87Brandon McBrideCAN
2701:45.97Sofiane SelmouniFRA
2801:46.03Nader BelhanbelMAR
2901:46.06Khalid BenmahdiMAR
3001:46.07Jena UmarETH
3101:46.11Thijmen KupersNED
3201:46.13Yeimer LópezCUB
3301:46.14Abdulrahman Musaeb BallaQAT
3401:46.14İlham Tanui ÖzbilenTUR
3501:46.17Julian ParkerUSA
3601:46.28Andy GonzálezCUB
3701:46.33Amine El ManaouiMAR
3801:46.36Thiago AndréBRA
3901:46.49Andrés ArroyoPUR
4001:46.51Peter BolAUS
4101:46.58Anthony RomaniwCAN
4201:46.66Amel TukaBIH
4301:46.67Brice LeroyFRA
4401:46.71Jozef RepčíkSVK
4501:46.72Ryhardt van RensburgRSA
4601:46.74Ronald MusagalaUGA
4701:46.79Sho KawamotoJPN
4801:46.79Jacopo LahbiITA

Men’s 1500

2915’s 45 Fastest Guys at 1500 (Max 3 per country, except Kenya gets 4)
103:32.88Abdelaati IguiderMAR
203:32.97Evan JagerUSA
303:33.27Fouad El KaamMAR
403:33.34İlham Tanui ÖzbilenTUR
503:33.64Robert BiwottKEN
603:33.98Elijah KiptooKEN
703:34.13Garrett HeathUSA
803:34.29Yassine BensghirMAR
903:34.32Benson SeureiBRN
1003:34.54Kyle MerberUSA
1103:34.68Jonathan SaweKEN
1203:34.73Aman WoteETH
1303:34.84Silas KiplagatKEN
1403:34.90Bekele GutemaETH
1503:35.02Ronald MusagalaUGA
1603:35.73Mekonnen GebremedhinETH
1703:35.90Thiago AndréBRA
1803:35.95Pieter-Jan HannesBEL
1903:35.98Jakub HolušaCZE
2003:36.15Mohamed Al-GarniQAT
2103:36.34Johan CronjeRSA
2203:36.51Ryan GregsonAUS
2303:36.51Dumisani HlaseloRSA
2403:36.53Samir DahmaniFRA
2503:36.66Adel MechaalESP
2603:36.87Jeff RiseleyAUS
273:37.00+Ayanleh SouleimanDJI
2803:37.12Imad TouilALG
2903:37.40Mourad AmdouniFRA
3003:37.68Nate BrannenCAN
313:37.93+Henrik IngebrigtsenNOR
3203:37.97Elroy GelantRSA
3303:38.20Jeroen D’HoedtBEL
3403:38.26Yassine HathatALG
353:38.32+Charles Philibert-ThiboutotCAN
3603:38.56Yoann KowalFRA
3703:38.59Carlos AlonsoESP
3803:38.78Florian OrthGER
3903:39.05Josh WrightAUS
4003:39.06Ross MurrayGBR
4103:39.16Ross ProudfootCAN
4203:39.25Thomas FarrellGBR
4303:39.35Sami LafiALG
4403:39.61Álvaro RodríguezESP
4503:39.71Richard DoumaNED

Men’s steeple

2015’s 45 Fastest Steeplers (Max 3 per country, except Kenya gets 4)
108:01.71Ezekiel KemboiKEN
208:01.83Jairus BirechKEN
308:05.20Conseslus KiprutoKEN
408:05.28Evan JagerUSA
508:11.39Paul Kipsiele KoechKEN
608:14.75John KoechBRN
708:18.33Brahim TalebMAR
808:18.38Yoann KowalFRA
908:18.78Hamid EzzineMAR
1008:19.07Donn CabralUSA
1108:19.30Amor BenyahiaTUN
1208:19.85Roberto AlaizESP
1308:20.34Matt HughesCAN
1408:21.00Ilgizar SafiulinRUS
1508:21.10Hicham SigueniMAR
1608:21.59Tarik Langat AkdagTUR
1708:22.44Krystian ZalewskiPOL
188:22.9hTolosa NurgiETH
198:23.0hNikolay ChavkinRUS
2008:23.93Stanley KebeneiUSA
2108:24.84Alexandre GenestCAN
228:25.1hHailemariyam AmareETH
2308:25.46Taylor MilneCAN
2408:25.62Mitko TsenovBUL
2508:25.82Chala BeyoETH
2608:26.34Abdelaziz MerzoughiESP
2708:27.95Ángel MulleraESP
288:29.53AGerard GiraldoCOL
2908:29.83Benjamin KiplagatUGA
3008:31.47José Gregorio PeñaVEN
3108:32.17Dikotsi LekopaRSA
3208:32.36Mateusz DemczyszakPOL
3308:32.45Viktor BakharevRUS
348:32.6hBilal TabtiALG
3508:33.02Tumisang MonnatlalaRSA
3608:33.17Kaur KivistikEST
378:33.2hAbdelhamid ZerrifiALG
3808:33.22Ole HesselbjergDEN
3908:33.37Yuri FlorianiITA
4008:33.45Jamel ChatbiITA
4108:33.51Daniel LundgrenSWE
4208:33.51Martin GrauGER
4308:33.69Aoi MatsumotoJPN
4408:34.84Zak SeddonGBR
4508:35.39James NipperessAUS

Women’s 800

2015’s 48 Fastest Gals at 800 (Max 3 per country, except Kenya gets 4)
101:57.82Eunice SumKEN
201:57.87Ajeé WilsonUSA
301:58.75Anastasiya BazdyrevaRUS
401:59.06Brenda MartinezUSA
501:59.35Rose M. AlmanzaCUB
601:59.37Janeth JepkosgeiKEN
701:59.39Renelle LamoteFRA
801:59.47Chanelle PriceUSA
901:59.91Sahily DiagoCUB
1001:59.94Fiona BensonCAN
1101:59.98Abeba AregawiSWE
1202:00.14Selina BüchelSUI
1302:00.33Joanna JóźwikPOL
1402:00.37Lynsey SharpGBR
1502:00.42Laura MuirGBR
1602:00.50Alison LeonardGBR
1702:00.62Sifan HassanNED
1802:00.67Melissa BishopCAN
1902:00.73Malika AkkaouiMAR
2002:00.97Noélie YarigoBEN
2102:01.04Angie PettyNZL
2202:01.07Jessica SmithCAN
2302:01.20Maryna ArzamasovaBLR
2402:01.21Ciara EverardIRL
2502:01.31Yuliya StepanovaRUS
2602:01.32Natoya GouleJAM
2702:01.32Margaret WambuiKEN
2802:01.32Fabienne KohlmannGER
2902:01.41Flavia de LimaBRA
302:01.46ADéborah RodríguezURU
3102:01.50Aníta HinriksdóttirISL
3202:01.53Tintu LukaIND
3302:01.59Simoya CampbellJAM
3402:01.64Angelika CichockaPOL
3502:01.69Trine MjålandNOR
3602:01.82Annet MwanziKEN
3702:01.93Natalija PiliušinaLTU
3802:02.04Esther GuerreroESP
3902:02.06Anastasiya KalinaRUS
4002:02.07Anastasiya TkachukUKR
4102:02.11Lucia KlocováSVK
4202:02.12Yusneysi SantiustiCUB
4302:02.17Brittany McGowanAUS
4402:02.19Lenka MasnáCZE
4502:02.20Charline MathiasLUX
4602:02.20Olha LyakhovaUKR
4702:02.22Gabriela MedinaMEX
4802:02.31Sofia EnnaouiPOL

Women’s 1500

2015’s 48 Fastest Gals at 1500 (Max 3 per country, except SWE, USA get 4)
103:59.31Jenny SimpsonUSA
203:59.68Sifan HassanNED
303:59.76Dawit SeyaumETH
404:00.39Laura MuirGBR
504:00.94Faith KipyegonKEN
604:01.26Mercy CheronoKEN
704:01.41Viola KibiwotKEN
804:01.86Senbera TeferiETH
904:01.95Anna MishchenkoUKR
1004:01.97Abeba AregawiSWE
1104:02.28Shannon RowburyUSA
1204:02.63Luiza GegaALB
1304:02.64Maureen KosterNED
1404:02.94Rabab ArrafiMAR
1504:03.00Axumawit EmbayeETH
1604:03.06Angelika CichockaPOL
1704:03.20Sarah BrownUSA
1804:03.39Alexa EfraimsonUSA
1904:04.30Anna ShchaginaRUS
2004:04.49Malika AkkaouiMAR
2104:04.66Siham HilaliMAR
2204:04.70Laura WeightmanGBR
2304:04.74Renata PliśPOL
2404:04.97Sofia EnnaouiPOL
2504:05.03Nikki HamblinNZL
2604:05.56Melissa DuncanAUS
2704:06.03Yekaterina SharminaRUS
2804:06.30Zoe BuckmanAUS
2904:06.37Susan KuijkenNED
3004:07.37Anastasiya KalinaRUS
3104:07.47Sasha GollishCAN
3204:08.54Angie PettyNZL
3304:08.55Heidi SeeAUS
3404:09.14Sheila ReidCAN
3504:09.16Muriel ConeoCOL
3604:09.23Nicole SifuentesCAN
3704:09.25Tigist GashawBRN
3804:09.45Maren KockGER
3904:09.56Rhianwedd PriceGBR
4004:09.63Maryam JamalBRN
4104:10.04Corinna HarrerGER
4204:10.18Amela TerzićSRB
4304:10.68Juliana Paula dos SantosBRA
4404:11.58Isabel MacíasESP
4504:12.09Karoline Bjerkeli GrøvdalNOR

Women’s Steeple

2015’s 48 Fastest Gals at 1500 (Max 3 per country, except Kenya and Ethiopia get 4)
109:15.08Hyvin JepkemoiKEN
209:15.75Virginia NyamburaKEN
309:16.87Hiwot AyalewETH
409:20.44Lydia ChepkuruiKEN
509:21.56Madeleine HeinerAUS
609:23.04Sofia AssefaETH
709:24.91Birtukan FenteETH
809:27.07Tigist MekonenBRN
909:27.92Stephanie GarciaUSA
1009:29.16Magdalene MasaiKEN
1109:29.32Colleen QuigleyUSA
1209:31.32Ashley HigginsonUSA
1309:31.70Sviatlana KudzelichBLR
1409:31.88Salima AlamiMAR
1509:33.34Tuğba GüvençTUR
1609:34.13Lalita BabarIND
1709:35.10Maruša MišmašSLO
1809:35.17Genevieve LaCazeAUS
1909:35.69Geneviève LalondeCAN
2009:36.21Gesa-Felicitas KrauseGER
2109:36.72Bezuayehu MohamedETH
2209:36.79Yekaterina IvoninaRUS
2309:36.98Özlem KayaTUR
2409:39.10Silvia DanekovaBUL
2509:39.19Aisha PraughtJAM
2609:39.20Jessica FurlanCAN
2709:39.61Ruth ChebetBRN
2809:39.78Victoria MitchellAUS
2909:40.24Amina BeticheALG
3009:40.63Fabienne SchlumpfSUI
3109:41.20Lyudmila LebedevaRUS
3209:41.42Rosa FlanaganNZL
3309:41.43Li ZhenzhuCHN
3409:41.84Lucie SekanováCZE
3509:42.15Erin TeschukCAN
3609:43.91Yekaterina DoseykinaRUS
3709:46.37Diana MartínESP
3809:46.81Sanaa KoubaaGER
3909:46.82Zhang XinyanCHN
4009:46.91Lennie WaiteGBR
4109:47.16Rolanda BellPAN
4209:47.87Emma OudiouFRA
4309:48.33Ana NarvaezMEX
4409:48.48Elif KarabulutTUR
4509:48.75Eva KrchováCZE