2015 SEC Championships: Live Results / Schedule / Startlists

Via results.flotrack.org
May 15, 2015

Team scores and multi event results can be found here. Meet home here.


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All Times Central Time Zone
Time Event Round
1:00pm Women’s Javelin Throw Final
Men’s Triple Jump Final
Women’s Triple Jump Final
2:30pm Men’s Pole Vault Final
3:00pm Men’s 400m Relay Final
3:10pm Women’s 400m Relay Final
3:20pm Men’s 1500m Run Final
3:30pm Women’s 1500m Run Final
Men’s Discus Throw Final
3:40pm Men’s 110m Hurdles Final
3:50pm Women’s 100m Hurdles Final
4:00pm Women’s Shot Put Final
Men’s High Jump Final
Men’s 400m Dash Final
4:10pm Women’s 400m Dash Final
4:20pm Men’s 100m Dash Final
4:30pm Women’s 100m Dash Final
4:40pm Men’s 800m Run Final
4:50pm Women’s 800m Run Final
5:00pm Men’s 400m Hurdles Final
5:10pm Women’s 400m Hurdles Final
5:20pm Men’s 200m Dash Final
5:30pm Women’s 200m Dash Final
5:40pm Men’s 5000m Run Final
6:00pm Women’s 5000m Run Final
6:25pm Men’s 1600m Relay Final
6:35pm Women’s 1600m Relay Final


Time Event Round
2:00pm Men’s Long Jump Final
Women’s Long Jump Final
3:45pm Men’s 1500m Run Prelim
4:00pm Women’s Pole Vault Final
Women’s 1500m Run Prelim
Men’s Shot Put Final
Women’s High Jump Final
4:20pm Men’s 110m Hurdles Prelim
4:40pm Women’s 100m Hurdles Prelim
5:00pm Women’s Discus Throw Final
5:15pm Men’s 400m Dash Prelim
5:35pm Women’s 400m Dash Prelim
5:55pm Men’s 100m Dash Prelim
6:10pm Women’s 100m Dash Prelim
6:25pm Men’s 3000m Steeplechase Final
6:45pm Women’s 3000m Steeplechase Final


Time Event Round
11:00am Women’s Hammer Throw Final
2:30pm Men’s Hammer Throw Final
6:00pm Men’s Javelin Throw Final
6:30pm Men’s 800m Run Prelim
6:45pm Women’s 800m Run Prelim
7:05pm Men’s 200m Dash Prelim
7:25pm Women’s 200m Dash Prelim
7:40pm Men’s 400m Hurdles Prelim
7:55pm Women’s 400m Hurdles Prelim
8:15pm Men’s 10000m Run Final
9:00pm Women’s 10000m Run Final
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