Edna Kiplagat Sprints To Victory At 2014 London Marathon in 2:20:20

Tirunesh Dibaba Is A Close Third in 2:20:34 In Her Marathon Debut After Losing Contact When She Stopped To Pick Up A Dropped Water Bottle

by LetsRun.com
April 13, 2014

Two-time world champion Edna Kiplagat out-sprinted world half marathon record holder Florence Kiplagat to capture the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon in 2:20:20. Edna Kiplagat took the lead with just over 200 meters remaining (at the 2:19:34 mark) and won by two seconds over Florence Kiplagat. Tirunesh Dibaba, who lost contact with the top two when she stopped to picked up a water bottle just before 30k, was a very close third in 2:20:34 in her marathon debut.

The Race

Edna Kiplagat wins 2014 London Marathon

Edna Kiplagat wins 2014 London Marathon

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Ignoring the rabbits, a lead pack of 8 women hit 5k in 16:45. Then the pace really got going as the second 5k was a crazy fast 16:03 and the lead group was down to 6 (ignoring pace makers) and 2012 Olympic champ Tiki Gelana was one of the casualties.

The pace would slow all the way to the finish, but the lead pack just got smaller and smaller as it was still very fast overall. After opening at 16:45 and 16:03 they went 16:17 – 16:33 – 16:40 – 16:53 – 16:56 – 16:55 for each of the 5km segments through 40km.

At halfway (69:16), the lead pack was down to 4 – the eventual top three as well as reigning London (and New York) champion Priscah Jeptoo. Surprisingly, Jeptoo was the first one of the big four to crack and she cracked in a major way as she was off the course before 30k. (David Monti of Race Results Weekly reports that Jeptoo “felt a pop in her calf.”) Just before 30k, Dibaba dropped her water bottle and stopped to pick it up. She lost maybe 50 meters, and she’d run just behind the top two until the finish.

Quick Thought #1: A much deserved victory for Edna Kiplagat in London. The 2011/13 World Champ and 2010 NY Champ had been third, second and second in London the last three years.

This is a flash recap. For more, see David Monti’s recap: 4th Times A Charm: Edna Kiplagat Wins 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon and/or read the messageboard reaction to this one:

*Dibaba dropping the bottle cost her the win
*Why aren’t people trashing Turinesh Dibaba?

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Unofficial Elite Women’s Results

Pos. Name Club Runner no Category Pred. Finish Pred. Daytime Diff Time
1 Kiplagat, Edna (KEN) 104 18-39 +00:00 02:20:21
2 Kiplagat, Florence (KEN) 103 18-39 +00:03 02:20:24
3 Dibaba, Tirunesh (ETH) 115 18-39 +00:14 02:20:35
4 Tadese, Feyse (ETH) 106 18-39 +01:21 02:21:42
5 Kebede, Aberu (ETH) 105 18-39 +03:00 02:23:21
6 Augusto, Jessica (POR) 108 18-39 +04:04 02:24:25
7 Gamera-Shmyrko, Tetyana (UKR) 107 18-39 +05:09 02:25:30
8 Felix, Ana Dulce (POR) 110 18-39 +06:25 02:26:46
9 Gelana, Tiki (ETH) 102 18-39 +06:37 02:26:58
10 Kovalenko, Liudmyla (UKR) 117 18-39 +11:10 02:31:31
11 Shimizu, Yuko (JPN) 118 18-39 +11:39 02:32:00
12 Nukuri-Johnson, Diane (BDI) 112 18-39 +12:40 02:33:01
13 Whitehead, Amy (GBR) 113 18-39 +13:59 02:34:20
14 Stepto, Emma (GBR) 114 40-44 +15:44 02:36:05

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The finish

The finish