Great Op-Ed In NY Times: Losing Is Good For Kids The author decries the fact that everyone gets a trophy, even multiple trophies nowadays.

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LRC 5th Avenue Mile, Bumbalough Over Teg And Solinsky, Jenny Simpson, Kara Goucher, Geoffrey Mutai, More On Competitor Group We span the running globe and look at the 5th Avenue Mile presented by Nissan, Andrew Bumbalough beating Matt Tegenkamp and Chris Solinsky, ponder Kara Goucher's prospects, look at Geoffrey Mutai and weigh in some more on the Rock N Roll Marathons.

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Russian Race Walker Igor Erokhin (5th At London Olympics) Given Lifetime Ban For 2nd Doping Offense

IAAF Profile On Two-Time Olympic Javelin Champion Barbora Spotakova, Who Returned To Competition Less Than 4 Months After Giving Birth

With The Olympic Stadium Under Construction Until At Least 2015, London DL Meet May Be Moved To Hampden Park In Glasgow, The Host Site For 2014 Commonwealth Games

XC News: A Lot Of Big NCAA Action This Weekend

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After Winning US Road 5k Champs Molly Huddle Says She Wants To Step Up And Do The .US Road Racing Champs 12K In November

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One Of The Biggest Doping Scandals In The Sport Was 25 Years Ago

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    The Telegraph: Ben Johnson evokes pity, not a feeling of redemption on return to Seoul Olympic Stadium One writer shares some good reasons why she feels Ben Johnson is a horrible choice to put as the face of a new anti-doping campaign.

    Usain Bolt Renews Puma Sponsorship Deal Through After The 2016 Rio Olympics
    *Deal Estimated At $10 Million A Year He'll also reportedly still get $4 million a year after he retires to act as a "Puma ambassador."

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    2013 5th Avenue Mile Photo Gallery

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    Good Read: "The Festivalization Of Sport": Toni Reavis Adds To WSJ Article On How The "Everyone's A Winner" Mentality Is Taking Over And The Latest Generation Of Runners Are Less Competitive "But with the advent of the first Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in San Diego in 1998, we began to see the Lebow-anticipated devolution toward the participation-based completion model. ... accordingly, we have seen the gap between elite and also-ran grow to a black-hole depth as the linking ground of effort has been allowed to go fallow."

    Recommended Read: WSJ Article On How Today's Generation Of "Runners" Are Slower, Don't Run Hard And Are "Turning Some Races Into Parades" Article includes a quote from LRC's Rojo: "If you're going to get just as much praise for doing a four-hour marathon as a three-hour, why bother killing yourself training? It's hard to do well in a marathon if your idea of a long session is watching season four of 'The Wire.'"

    Doping: 7 Tested Positive At Worlds In Moscow