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Andrew Wheating Blows Away Field Final 200m to Run 3:38.60 at Oregon Twilight Meet
by: LetsRun.com
May 9, 2008
Full Meet Results

Two weekends ago, we're pretty sure we had never heard of Andrew Wheating. Now he's upstaging Barrack Obama.

Wheating ran Friday in the Oregon Twilight meet in the last event of the day, the men's 1500. Barrack Obama showed up earlier at the meet, and the incredible Rend College sensation Boaz Lalang ran a blistering 1:45.15 800m, but Wheating managed to outshine them all. He ran a blistering 26.2 final 200 meters (spits off the Runnerspace.com video below) to blow away the field and run a 3:38.60 1500m. Watch the video below. His finish truly is stunning.

The pace was fast from the beginning with Joaquin Chapa serving as the rabbit. Chapa went out a little hard (56 point), but Wheating hung fairly close in third (57.4). He was still in third at 800 (1:57.7 for Wheating). Chapa dropped out at the 1000 and the early pace seemed to take its toll on Wheating. A few guys passed him and he was in 5th at the bell (2:43.8 for Wheating). Two more guys passed him on the turn and he was in 7th in 2:58.8 at 1200.

Wheating, however, was far from done. He moved up a little the next 100m into third and his final 200 was magical. 26 point and he just blows away the field like it was a man racing boys. Watch it yourself.

Wheating's rise has been meteoric. Two weeks ago we (wejo at least) had never heard of him. Then the Oregon sophomore seemingly came out of nowhere to run a 3:58 mile (last year Wheating was the 7th fastest freshman in the country as he ran 3:45.17, and 1:50.17) to get on our radar.

Then, last week he went from last to first on the final lap to win the 800 at Stanford in 1:47.82.

Pretty impressive. Especially considering that this is only his third season of track and field in his life. He only ran one season of track and field in high school and ran 3:54 for 1500 (bio here). He was coached by Jeff Johnson, founder of the Nike Farm Team and one of Nike's first employees.

After his win last weekend we said to "get the bandwagon rolling." We didn't think it would start rolling down a mountain.

After his 3:58 but before the Stanford race we were a bit shocked to get an email from another West Coast journalist who said, "If he can keep a solid head, he could be NCAA 1500 champ this year." No longer is the idea shocking.

More Wheating
*Runnerspace.com Page on Wheating (3: 58 Mile Video, 1:47 Stanford Win Video, Plus Interviews after both races)
*Full Meet Results

The Legend Grows
Wheating Loses His Shoe and Runs 1:50 for 800

Event 11  Men 1500 Meter Run


    Name                    Year School                  Finals



  1 Andrew Wheating              Oregon                 3:38.60

  2 Brendan O'Keefe              Zap Fitness            3:40.90

  3 James Hatch                  Unattached             3:40.92

  4 Sean O'Brien                 OTC Elite              3:41.49

  5 Gabe Jennings                Eugene Health &        3:41.81

  6 Carlos Jamieson              American University    3:41.84

  7 Brad Woods                   Australia              3:42.00

  8 Don Sage                     OTC Elite              3:42.17

  9 Graeme Wells                 Unattached             3:42.93

 10 Jake Morse                   Unattached             3:43.13

 11 Brendan Fennell              American University    3:43.26

 12 Steve Hallinan               American University    3:44.10

 13 Mike McGrath                 Oregon                 3:44.59

 14 Ian Cronin                   Team XO                3:45.03

 15 Billy Berlin                 Virginia Tech          3:46.06

 16 Matthew Centrowitz           Unattached             3:46.76

 17 David Gill                   Canada                 3:47.43

 18 A.J. Casteel                 Oregon                 3:47.52

 19 Paul Michel                  Bowerman AC            3:47.57

 20 Kalpanatit Broderick         Team XO                3:48.86

 21 James Scheiner               Virginia Tech          3:49.00

 22 Dennis Brands                Montana                3:49.79

 23 Paul Rupprecht               Westchester Trac       3:50.78

 24 Peter Corrigan               Calgary Spartans       3:52.29

 25 Carlos Trujillo              Oregon                 3:52.65

 -- Joaquin Chapa                Oregon                     DNF



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