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2008 Reebok Distance Recaps
by: LetsRun.com
June 1, 2008
*Race Results Weekly Distance Recap With Athlete Quotes

9.72 was the story of the night, but brief distance recap below. Sorry for not having more, but we've got to go party with Usain Bolt.

Men's 800 Kamel over Robinson and Reed
The men's 800 was the premier competitive distance event on the men's side and it did not disappoint. The star studded field included Gary Reed, the world championship silver medallist, US #1 Khadevis Robinson, world indoor bronze medallist Yusuf Kamel, and Kiwi star Nick Willis. The rabbit led the field through in 49.99 but the rest of the field hung back. Kamel led the chase main back followed by Reed and Robinson. The main contenders were all in contention coming off the final bend with Nick Willis in tow coming wide making a charge down the final stretch. It was four abreast the final stretch and Robinson charged hard from third place but it was just too late as Kamel held on for the very narrow win 1:43.53 over Robinson's 1:43.55. Reed just held off a quick closing Willis 1:45.81. The rest of the field was back

Event 24  Men 800 Meter Run
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Yusuf Kamel                  BRN                    1:45.53
  2 Khadevis Robinson            USA                    1:45.55
  3 Gary Reed                    CAN                    1:45.81
  4 Nick Willis                  NZL                    1:45.87
  5 Andrew Ellerton              CAN                    1:47.10
  6 Jebreh Harris                USA                    1:47.28
  7 Jonathan Johnson             USA                    1:47.29
  8 Sam Burley                   USA                    1:48.06
  9 David Krummenacker           USA                    1:50.05
 10 Derrick Peterson             USA                    1:52.14
 -- Savphan Smith                USA                        DNF
 -- James Hatch                  USA                        DNF

Paul Koech via photorun.net.
Photo Gallery here
Men's Steeple: The Paul Koech Show
Only 7 men have honorably (without drugs) broken the mystical 8 minute barrier in the steeplechase and Paul Koech is one of them. He was in NY attempting to run the fastest steeplechase on US soil (8:04.51) and possibly go sub 8 for the 6th straight year. As soon as the gun went off it was clear everyone else was running for 2nd place. Koech and the rabbit shot off like they were sprinting (and they were 29 seconds for the first 200 over a barrier) and on the first turn gapped the field. Koech never looked back. 59.1 seconds for the first 400, he even blew by the rabbit 3 laps in (3:08) and kept going. 4 laps was in 4:12, 5 in 5:16. 2 laps to go was 5:50, and he reached the bell in 6:55. It was a one man show and it was announced with a 58 second lap, the world record could even fall. The festive Jamaican crowd heard the word "world record" and got really loud. They were appreciative of Koech's effort but Koech was running 65 seconds a lap and he continued with that pace on the final lap. Koech finished in 8:01.85, an American all-comers record. Nearly halfway around the track Steve Slattery was leading the rest of the guys in the field. He finished in 8:28.21, a much better run that what he's been doing lately. Considering he's a former US champ and ran 8:15.69 last year, he's now looking good for the Olympic Trials. (Steve came up to us afterwards and told us he got LetsRun.com some press with a New Jersey newspaper. He told us he told them how he was out to prove we were a bunch of idiots with our prerace comments on him. Well done Steve).
Event 27  Men 3000 Meter Steeplechase
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Paul Koech                   KEN                    8:01.85
  2 Steve Slattery               USA                    8:28.21
  3 Solomon Kandie               KEN                    8:29.40
  4 Yoshi Iwamizu                JPN                    8:29.78
  5 Jake Morse                   USA                    8:30.19
  6 Dan Huling                   USA                    8:32.17
  7 Jacques Salberg              USA                    8:32.47
  8 Jon Pierce                   USA                    8:44.55
  9 Brian Olinger                USA                    8:49.63
 10 Erik Emilsson                SWE                    8:53.93
 11 Brett Holts                  USA                    8:57.49
 12 Matt Forys                   USA                    9:20.86
 -- John Langat                  KEN                        DNF

Lauren Fleshman via photorun.net.
Photo Gallery here

Women's 5k: Fleshman Jones Sub 15 Club
The women's 3k was a 3 way affair between Kim Smith, Lauren Fleshman, and Sentayehu Ejigu. As she usually does, Kim Smith did most of the work early. 2k was reached in 5:56.3 and 3k in 8:59 and the women had a good shot at going sub 15. The pace slowed dramatically the next k (12:05) but no one else wanted to take over and increase the pace. Lauren Fleshman then blew things open with 600 to go. She shot by Smith and never looked back. She quickly opened things up and hit the bell at 13:50. The 14 minute barrier was in her sights. Fleshman powered home for the convincing win and sub 15 clocking in 14:58.48. Kim Smith was a comfortable 2nd and Ejigu finished 3rd. 2004 Olympian Carrie Tollefson was hoping to get a qualifier for the US Olympic Trials but was well off the pace in 15:51.

Event 6  Women 5000 Meter Run
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Lauren Fleshman              USA                   14:58.48
  2 Kim Smith                    NZL                   15:03.83
  3 Sentayehu Ejigu              ETH                   15:06.37
  4 Ariana Lambie                USA                   15:19.42
  5 Sara Slattery                USA                   15:26.38
  6 Georgie Clarke               AUS                   15:27.41
  7 Katie McGregor               USA                   15:42.60
  8 Amy Hastings                 USA                   15:47.62
  9 Melissa Cook                 USA                   15:51.93
 10 Maureen McCandless           USA                   15:55.72
 11 Carrie Tollefson             USA                   15:56.72
 12 Andrea Grove                 CAN                   15:58.31
 13 Eloise Wellings              AUS                   16:02.36
 -- Marina Muncan                SRB                        DNF
 -- Julia Lucas                  USA                        DNF
Men's 1500 Lomong Gets His First Big Pro Win
The rabbit Moise Joseph took it out in a too fast 55.1 and this pace opened up a gap on the field (56.). By 800 the pace was much more reasonable (1:56). The rabbit dropped out at 1100 and six of the field of 8 were in contention at the bell. Lopez Lomong was in the lead with 200 to go and ,who had hung back in the early part of the race, tried to close on him the final 100m but Lomong held on for the win. After falling 2 weeks ago at adidas before the race was restarted, this was a big win for Lomong's professional career. Splits 56., (1:40), 1:56.1, 2:55
Event 25  Men 1500 Meter Run
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Lopez Lomong                 USA                    3:37.81
  2 Kevin Sullivan               CAN                    3:38.22
  3 Nate Brannen                 CAN                    3:39.21
  4 Chris Lukezic                USA                    3:39.74
  5 Shane Stroup                 USA                    3:41.28
  6 Jim Wyner                    USA                    3:42.66
  7 Brendan Mahoney              USA                    3:43.84
  8 Grant Robison                USA                    3:49.97
 -- Moise Joseph                 HAI                        DNF

Women's 1500: Jamieson Wins, Mortimer Just Misses Again
This race was an Australian affair. Sarah Jamieson was too strong the final 200. American Amy Mortimer tried to close fast but ended up missing the Olympic "A" standard (4:07.00) by less than a second for the second time in a week.

Event 5  Women 1500 Meter Run
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Sarah Jamieson               AUS                    4:06.93
  2 Lisa Corrigan                AUS                    4:07.57
  3 Amy Mortimer                 USA                    4:07.62
  4 Lindsey Gallo                USA                    4:09.15
  5 Carmen Douma-Hussar          CAN                    4:09.61
  6 Sara Hall                    USA                    4:15.00
  7 Mestawot Tadesse             ETH                    4:16.47
  8 Malindi Elmore               CAN                    4:16.53
  9 Korene Hinds                 JAM                    4:16.71
 10 Julie Culley                 USA                    4:17.22
 11 Jenelle Deatherage           USA                    4:18.87
 -- Mardrea Hyman                JAM                        DNF

Ali Abdosh and Shadrack
via photorun.net.
Photo Gallery here

Men's 5000 : Abdosh and Kosgei Entertain
2 weeks ago at the adidas meet, Ethiopia's Ali Abdosh entertained the few fans on hand for the special Saturday night race by running 13:08.64 and winning by .32 over compatriot Dejen Gebremeskel at the adidas Track Classic in LA.

Tonight Abdosh was in another close exciting race, but in the end Shadrack Kosgei came out on top.

The early pace was fast (13 minute 5k) and Alistair Cragg was upfront with Kosgei and Abdosh leading things. 7 laps in Cragg was dropped and it was a 2 man race.

The pace slowed considerably soon after (66 second laps) but Kosgei and Abdosh were saving themselves for a furious finish. Kosgei was upfront flying the final 200m, but Abdosh came back on him and took the lead in the final 20 meters but he was overstriding and had slightly mistimed things. Kosgei managed to dip back by the slimmest of margins (.04) just before the finish.

4:10.3 1600m
7:52.79 3k
7 laps in
3200 8:24
3600 9:30
4k 10:37
4200 11:10
4600 12:18, 4800 12:47.2
Event 26  Men 5000 Meter Run
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Shadrack Kosgei              KEN                   13:14.46
  2 Ali Abdosh                   ETH                   13:14.50
  3 Sam Chelanga                 KEN                   13:24.73
  4 Alistair Cragg               IRL                   13:25.36
  5 Scott Overall                GBR                   13:56.29
  6 Rod Koborsi                  USA                   14:09.30
 -- Josphat Boit                 KEN                        DNF

Women's 800: World Champ Jamal Wins
World 1500m champ Maryam Jamal had too much the final 100 and pulled away from Neish Bernard Thomas. US 1500m star Treniere Clement ran better than she has been, but 2:03.91 isn't ideal heading into the Trials. Hazel Clark, undefeated in 2008, did not finish. She was suffering from stomach cramps and dehydration and likely had a case of food poisoning but still hopes to run at Pre versus Mutola this weekend.

Event 4  Women 800 Meter Run
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Maryam Jamal                 BRN                    2:00.42
  2 Neisha Bernard-Thomas        GRN                    2:00.92
  3 Erin Donohue                 USA                    2:02.04
  4 Morgan Uceny                 USA                    2:02.43
  5 Nicole Cook                  USA                    2:02.79
  6 Katie Waits                  USA                    2:03.09
  7 Diane Cummins                CAN                    2:03.60
  8 Treniere Clement             USA                    2:03.91
  9 Nikeya Green                 USA                    2:05.32
 10 Kameisha Bennett-Martin      USA                    2:05.84
 -- Monica Hargrove              USA                        DNF
 -- Hazel Clark                  USA                        DNF

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