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NCAA Day 4 On Site Coverage
June 12, 2004

Day 4 Sprint Recap here. Distance recap below.

Men's 5k
Arizona's Robert Cheseret had a dramatic victory in the men's 5k overcoming a fall and the relentless pressure of Colorado's Dathan Ritzenhein.

The race was expected to be a dual between Cheseret and Ritzenhein. After a fast opening lap of 65.8, no one wanted to take the lead in the heat of Austin on the hottest day of the championships and the pace slowed on lap 2 and the pack bunched up. Then just over 500 meters into the race there was a fall and one of the runners who fell was the pre race co-favorite Cheseret. Cheseret had been in the pack and by the time he got to his feet he was probably at least 30 meters behind. But Cheseret did not waste his time and immediately tried to get on the pack. He was very fortunate in the fact that the pace was dawdling on this lap as no one wanted to lead and was the slowest lap in the race by a lot  (70.8).  Cheseret ran 30.9 for the next 200m to get back on the pack less than 300 meters after he fell. He had a slight limp at first but by another lap, his limp was gone and he was right up front with Ritzenhein who had taken the lead at the end of the 2nd lap (we're unsure if he knew about Cheseret going down or not)

By the halfway mark, it was a 3 man race with Ritzenhein still in front with Cheseret and Stanford's Louis Luchini on his heels. By lap 9, Luchini had fallen off and was caught by Wisconsin's Matt Tegenkamp who would finish 3rd.

Ritz and Cheseret had been through 1600m in 4:30 and 3200 in 8:57, but Ritz slowly began upping the tempo the final kilometer. His 11th lap was 65.8 and the race was on with 600 meters to go. Ritz really increased the pressure the next 200m running 31.7 to open a 3-5 meter gap on Cheseret at the bell. Cheseret however had shown with the fall he wasn't going to give up and he battled back the next 200m to be on Ritz's heels with 200m to go as Ritz ran 31.0 that 200m to go. Cheseret struck the final 100m flying by Ritz the final 100m and winning  in 13:49 to Ritz's 13:52. Cheseret's final 200m wasn't super fast (31.0) but he had refused to wilt under Ritz's pressure.

Cheseret said after the race, "I fell down and when I got up, everyoone was gone. I had to regorup and I had to spend a lot fo energy to close that gap. I was a litle worried because I didn't feel comfortable after I fell.  I'm happy with my time though. (My 2nd place in the 10k) was my motivation because I was expecting to win that race and I came in second. But it gave me motivation in this race."

  1 Robert Cheseret           SO Arizona               13:49.85   10            
  2 Dathan Ritzenhein         SO Colorado              13:52.13    8            
  3 Matt Tegenkamp            JR Wisconsin             14:11.45    6            
  4 Louis Luchini             SR Stanford              14:16.44    5            
  5 Kyle King                 SR Baylor                14:18.38    4            
  6 Kyle Goklish              SR Arizona               14:20.73    3            
  7 Eric Logsdon              JR Oregon                14:22.05    2            
  8 Steve Sundell             SR Columbia              14:23.97    1            
  9 Chris Powers              SR Indiana               14:24.99                 
 10 Seth Hejny                SR Stanford              14:26.12                 
 11 Will McComb               SR Minnesota             14:33.20                 
 12 Jarrod Shoemaker          SR Dartmouth             14:38.48                 
 13 Steven Kocsis             JR Tenn-Chat             14:39.87                 
 14 Jacob Gomez               SO Stanford              14:40.39                 
 15 Brett Schoolmeester       SO Colorado              14:41.71                 
 16 Joep Tigchelaar           SR Florida State         14:47.56                 
 17 Andrew Carlson            JR Minnesota             14:49.45                 
 18 Bobby Mack                FR NC State              14:58.39                 
 19 Benson Chesang            SO Kansas                14:59.71                 
 20 Thomas Morgan             SR Kentucky              15:03.27                 
 21 Thomas Frazer             JR Butler                15:06.74                 
 22 Sam Mwape                 JR LSU                   15:12.64                 
 23 Jeff Hedley               JR William & Mary        15:35.93                 
 -- Velibor Radojevic         SO Northern Iowa              DNF                 
 -- Forest Braden             SO Boise State                DNF                 
 -- Chris Solinsky            FR Wisconsin                  DNF                 
 -- Jason Woolhouse           SR Oklahoma State              DQ   Rule 5-5-3c   

Women's 5k
This was the Kim Smith show as expected. Smith was the class of the field and she showed it on the first lap. Smith opened in 72 on the first lap and no one even tried to go with her. She was 4 seconds up after one lap and 10 seconds up by 2 laps. This one was never in doubt and with the heat in Austin no records were on the line.  By 5 laps Smith was nearly 100 meters up on the field.

The interesting race was for 2nd and it became a 5 way battle with Molly Huddle of Notre Dame doing most of the leading.  She was in a group with Colorado's Renee Metiever, Sara Bei of Stanford, Emmily Chelanga of Iona, and Clara Horowitz of Duke. They had distanced themselves from everyone else with a mile to go.

Molly Huddle tried to distance herself from the pack with under 2 laps to go but Sara Bei got out off the rail and followed her with 600m to go. It was a 2 way battle for 2nd. They stayed glued together with Huddle in front until the final straightaway when Bei passed Huddle with 30 meters to go to get 2nd. It was then Chelenga, Horowitz, and Metivier.

  1 Kim Smith                 SR Providence            15:48.86   10         
  2 Sara Bei                  JR Stanford              16:24.90    8         
  3 Molly Huddle              SO Notre Dame            16:25.44    6         
  4 Emmily Chelanga           JR Iona                  16:33.97    5         
  5 Clara Horowitz            SO Duke                  16:34.44    4         
  6 Renee Metiever            JR Colorado              16:37.60    3         
  7 Jennifer Kramer           SR Boston College        16:40.26    2         
  8 Erika Schneble            SO Vanderbilt            16:46.45    1         
  9 Renee Gunning             JR NC State              16:49.72              
 10 Michelle Prowse           JR Oklahoma State        16:53.77              
 11 Shannon Wommack           SO Tenn-Chat             16:54.22              
 12 Christy Csorna            SR Belmont               16:58.09              
 13 Amanda Bales              SO Missouri              16:59.27              
 14 Kate Boyles               JR Cornell               17:07.56              
 15 Desiree Leek              JR Santa Barbara         17:08.29              
 16 Ana Rodriguez             JR Stephen F. Austin     17:14.65              
 17 Mary Kinyanjui            SR TCU                   17:17.58              
 18 Laura Harmon              JR Oregon                17:18.41              
 19 Sally Meyerhoff           SO Duke                  17:19.03              
 20 Cara Kiernan              FR Yale                  17:20.95              
 21 Emily Logan               SR Pennsylvania          17:26.76              
 22 Stephanie Madia           SO Notre Dame            17:29.44              
 23 Desiree Davila            JR Arizona State         17:31.78              
 24 Rachael Cuellar           JR New Mexico State      17:38.91              
 25 Heather Lee               SR Campbell              17:46.00              
 26 Ruth Graham               FR Brigham Young         18:19.13              
 -- Julia Lucas               FR NC State                   DNF              
 -- Suzanna Logan             SO Brigham Young              DNS 

Men's 800m
It was a wire to wire win for Jonathan Johnson, although that is not to say he wasn't challenged. Johnson led through the opening lap with splits of 24.7 and 51.4. James Hatch of Arkansas was on his heels and farther back in 4th or 5th was Andrew Ellerton of Michigan and then Tennessee's Marc Sylvester and Paul Cross behind him. Sylvester however made a huge move in the 3rd 200m, moving up to challenge Johnson with 200m to go. Johnson did not panic but stayed in front and made Sylvester try and pass him on the turn. Sylvester had used all his energy and was done and would fade to 4th. As everyone else struggled and fought for the remaining places, Georgetown's Jesse O'Connell came out of nowhere to blow by everyone and finish 2nd.  His strong finish and savvy running was reminiscent of another Georgetown 800m runner, world champ bronze medallist Rich Kenah.  24.7, 26.7(51.4), 27.7 (1:19.2),27.2

  1 Jonathan Johnson          JR Texas Tech             1:46.39   10         
  2 Jesse O'Connell           SR Georgetown             1:46.79    8         
  3 Paul Cross                FR Tennessee              1:47.18    6         
  4 Marc Sylvester            JR Tennessee              1:47.23    5         
  5 Andrew Ellerton           SO Michigan               1:47.29    4         
  6 Dmitrijs Milkevics        FR Nebraska               1:47.51    3         
  7 Prince Mumba              FR Oral Roberts           1:47.65    2         
  8 James Hatch               JR Arkansas               1:47.78    1         
  9 Moise Joseph              SR Florida                1:49.91 

Women's 800m
Neisha Bernard Thomas of LSU and of  Kameisha Bennett of Tennessee waged an exciting battle over the final 200m. After opening splits of 28.6, 32.6 (61.2), 32.0 (1:33.3) Bernard Thomas took the lead with 200 meters to go and pushed the final turn. She and Bennett distanced  themselves from the rest of the field.  However,  Bennett was not done and put on a burst of speed with 70 meters to go to pull closer to Bernard Thomas who dug deeper and kept Bennett from passing.  Bernard Thomas went on to get the win in  2:02.86 with Bennett in 2nd in 2:03.11 and  2 time defending champ Alice Schmidt of UNC 3rd. Bernard Thomas' final 200m was 29.6.

  1 Neisha Bernard-Thomas     SR LSU                    2:02.86   10         
  2 Kameisha Bennett          SR Tennessee              2:03.11    8         
  3 Alice Schmidt             SR North Carolina         2:03.79    6         
  4 Beata Rudzinska           JR Akron                  2:04.33    5         
  5 Nikeya Green              SR Wake Forest            2:04.74    4         
  6 Nicole Petty              JR Nevada-Reno            2:05.74    3         
  7 Carlene Robinson          FR Illinois               2:06.19    2         
  8 Brooke Patterson          JR Kentucky               2:06.34    1         
  9 Aneita Denton             JR Arkansas               2:06.41            

Men's steeplechase
Andy Smith of NC State took the lead on the first lap and would lead basically until the 2nd to last lap. The opening laps were 74.7, 75, 76.1, 76. By this point with 4 of the 7 laps gone, Smith, Ian Dobson of Stanford, Jordan Desilets of Eastern Michigan, Aaron Fisher of Ohio State, Soeren Lindner of SMU, and Steve Zieminski of Florida had separated themselves from the field.

On the next lap, it became a 3 man race as Smith, Dobson, and Desilets dropped everyone else. Ian Dobson pushed the pace to 73.3 on the 2nd to last lap. But Desilets had been running a very smart race, biding his time letting the others break the wind. And he showed he had a lot left when he burst into the lead on the curve, lengthened his lead on the backstretch and would go on to get the win in 8:42.64.  Smith and Dobson were in a close battle for 2nd, but Smith blew by Dobson after the final water jump and defeated him by over 2 seconds over the final 150. 67. for Desilets the final 200m.

Quote from Desilets “At the NCAA’s, it’s all about your place. Your time means nothing. Since last year, when I got second, all I wanted was to get that first place at NCAA’s so badly. It’s been the goal for a year now. Man, it feels good! I figured (NC State’s Andy) Smith would get tired because he had to block the wind the whole race, and (Ian) Dobson (of Stanford) was kind of wind-blocker, too. I got a nice close, and my coach kept telling me that. I waited and waited until I could make my move.”

  1 Jordan Desilets           SR Eastern Michigan       8:42.64   10         
  2 Andy Smith                JR NC State               8:45.84    8         
  3 Ian Dobson                JR Stanford               8:48.12    6         
  4 Aaron Fisher              JR Ohio State             8:49.53    5         
  5 Steve Zieminski           JR Florida                8:53.84    4         
  6 Jochen Dieckfoss          SR Boston University      8:55.02    3         
  7 Brett Holts               JR Oregon                 8:57.75    2         
  8 Matt Adams                JR Brigham Young          8:59.11    1         
  9 Mark Floreani             JR Texas                  9:03.45              
 10 Daniel Parker             SO Florida                9:04.25              
 11 Mate Nemeth               SR Memphis                9:05.70              
 12 Brian Olinger             JR Ohio State             9:06.60              
 13 Soeren Lindner            SO Southern Methodist     9:15.28              
 14 Kenneth Richardson        SR Weber State            9:21.72          

Women's Steeplechase
This was a two woman race as Brianna Shook of Toledo took it out fast and NCAA record holder Ida Nilsson of NAU was the only runner to go with her. They opened up a 5 to 10 meter gap on the first lap and would only extend it.

Shook continued to lead in the heat. The outside temperature was 86 degrees but add 60% humidity and the distance runners running in the sun for the first time all week and it was hot on the track.  On the 4th of the 7 laps, Nilsson passed Shook but Shook got on her heels.  By the end of lap 5 Nilsson opened up a slight lead over Shook.  She would stretch the lead on the penultimate lap and had a comortable 15 meter lead at the bell. She extended the lead until the final stretch where Shook had a strong finish but it was too late to even make it interesting as Nilsson won in 9:48, only 5 seconds off her NCAA record. A great run in the heat of Austin. Especially considering how hard they took it out.  Their first lap was 80. For reference their 2nd to last lap was only 84.6.

Nilsson's said after the race, "I expected that Brianna (Shook of Toledo) would go out and set a good pace. I just wanted to go with her and then try to pass her with four or five laps to go, which is what I did. The win is nice because I’ve just missed out and lost to two different BYU girls in each of the last two years. I wanted to go out with a win. I didn’t have a real strategy, but I just wanted to go with Brianna and maintain a good pace. I’m not a strong kicker, so I knew I’d have to make my move early.”

  1 Ida Nilsson               SR Northern Arizona       9:48.29   10         
  2 Briana Shook              SR Toledo                 9:49.44    8         
  3 Michaela Mannova          JR Brigham Young          9:56.66    6         
  4 Kassi Andersen            JR Brigham Young          9:58.38    5         
  5 Ann Gaffigan              SR Nebraska               9:59.75    4         
  6 Julia Budniak             SR Southern California   10:14.51    3         
  7 Amber Ferner              JR Purdue                10:15.26    2         
  8 Victoria Mitchell         JR Butler                10:18.34    1         
  9 Jinny Hanifan             SR Northern Arizona      10:26.00              
 10 Cassie Hunt               FR Illinois              10:28.37              
 11 Audrey Geisler            SR Indiana               10:35.98              
 12 Maureen Scott             SO Arkansas              10:46.23              
 13 Carol Henry               JR North Carolina        10:48.23              
 14 Jennifer Donovan          SR Boston College        11:04.41       

Men's 1500m
Tom Parlapiano led the 1st two laps at 60.0 and 2:04.6 at 800m where the pack began to bunch up with the slow pace.
At the bell, Nathan Robison of BYU took over in 2:51.7. He led onto the back stretch where Don Sage moved into second and tried to challenge him. Said Ahmed was in the mix and favorite Chris Mulvany was behind all of them.

Heading into the final stretch, Robison still led and the only guy who looked like he might catch him was Mulvaney who was moving up well.  He passed Robison about 2/3 of the way down the home stretch for the win by .2 over Robison who held off Sage who finished 3rd. Roughly 53 seconds on the final lap. Mulvaney was actually faster as he was not on the lead at the bell.

Mulvaney got his first outdoor 1500m title after bombing for the Hogs indoors this year. He said, "I just tried to stay relaxed through the race, but it was a tough one today because I didn’t feel great. But I knew I had to dig down and get the points for the team. We’re already in a really good position and obviously, this just put us in a better position to win the national championship."

1 Chris Mulvaney SR Arkansas 3:44.72 10
2 Nathan Robison JR Brigham Young 3:44.94 8
3 Donald Sage JR Stanford 3:45.03 6
4 Rob Myers SR Ohio State 3:45.17 5
5 Said Ahmed JR Arkansas 3:45.66 4
6 Josh Spiker JR Wisconsin 3:46.26 3
7 Scott McGowan SR Montana 3:46.34 2
8 Adam Davis SR Rice 3:47.18 1
9 Tom Lancashire FR Florida State 3:47.51
10 Brendon Mahoney SR Georgia Tech 3:47.62
11 Tom Parlapiano SR Villanova 3:48.81
12 Bryan Lindsay JR Brigham Young 3:50.27


Women's 1500m
As expected Mississippi's State Tiffany McWilliams, the class of the field, took out the race. She went out in 63.7 and  slowed to 67 on the 2nd lap (
2:10.7) and had 3 others on her heels, Lindsey Gallo of Michigan, Treniere Clement of Georgetown, and Marina Muncan of Villanova. On the 3rd lap McWilliams opened up a  5 meter lead on the field at the bell (3:02.2) with Clement in 2nd.

McWilliams would extend the lead a bit on the final lap until the final stretch where Clement of Georgetown closed fairly well on McWilliams as McWilliams really slowed the final 20 meters. But she had the race in the bag as this was a 1500m and not a mile. Treniere Clement was 2nd, Muncan 3rd, and Gallo 4th.

  1 Tiffany McWilliams        JR Mississippi State      4:11.59   10         
  2 Treniere Clement          SR Georgetown             4:12.21    8         
  3 Marina Muncan             SO Villanova              4:13.84    6         
  4 Lindsey Gallo             JR Michigan               4:15.33    5         
  5 Hilary Edmondson          SR Wisconsin              4:16.64    4         
  6 Iryna Vashchuk            JR Southern California    4:17.00    3         
  7 Londa Bevins              SR Arkansas               4:17.71    2         
  8 Marlies Overbeeke         SR Virginia Tech          4:20.49    1         
  9 Kerry Meagher             JR Notre Dame             4:21.26              
 10 Melissa McBain            SR UCLA                   4:24.13              
 11 Erin Donohue              JR North Carolina         4:34.30              
 12 Valentina Medina          JR Oklahoma State         4:37.43       

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