Miss The Twitter War Between Ross Tucker and Paula Radcliffe? Catch Up Here

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by LetsRun.com
February 8, 2017

Marathon world record holder Paula Radcliffe and sports scientist Ross Tucker of the Science of Sport blog got into a Twitter war earlier this week that is generating some buzz on the messageboard. MB: Nobody talking about Ross Tucker v Paula radcliffe on twitter…. spat central!

Several people on that thread stated that while they are tech savvy they have no idea how to read replies in a Twitter thread. We agree — we don’t know how to easily do it either. So to help people out, we have taken screenshots of the back and forth and embedded them for you below.

The exchange began when Tucker quoted a tweet of Radcliffe’s from a separate thread in which Radcliffe explained why she chose not to release her full athlete biological passport data (ABP) in 2015. Tucker called Radcliffe a hypocrite, and the argument escalated from there.

If we are missing any relevant tweets, please email us.






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