Video and Audio Interviews After 800m Final With Nick Symmonds, Mo Aman, Duane Solomon, and Ayanleh Souleiman

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August 14, 2013

Mo Aman got the gold and Nick Symmonds the silver. Post-race reaction below.

(Note in certain areas of the mixed zone (early on) we can only take audio, later in the mixed zone we can take video as well. We include both interviews when interesting. Oftentime the audio only is a bit more interesting as the athletes are fresher and it’s a more give and take with the media).

Nick Symmonds World 800m Silver Medalist 

Nick Symmonds Audio Interview After 800m Silver (Audio only)
Nick starts off addressing the print media by tipping his cap to Duane Solomon.

Mo Aman World 800m Silver Medalist 

Mo Aman Audio Interview (Audio Only) 

Duane Solomon After Fading the Final 100m

Duane Solomon Audio Interview  (Audio only)
Duane talks about getting out too fast the first 200m and how that hurt his chances. Plus he talks about having a kid on the way and moving to Orlando.

Ayanleh Souleiman Gets Bronze and Says He’ll Be Back in 1500 Tomorrow 


Race Video (USA Only)

Details1414Mohammed AMANETHETH1:43.31SB
Details21169Nick SYMMONDSUSAUSA1:43.55SB
Details3343Ayanleh SOULEIMANDJIDJI1:43.76
Details4863Marcin LEWANDOWSKIPOLPOL1:44.08SB
Details5498Andrew OSAGIEGBRGBR1:44.36SB
Details61167Duane SOLOMONUSAUSA1:44.42
Details7444Pierre-Ambroise BOSSEFRAFRA1:44.79
Details8745Abdulaziz Ladan MOHAMMEDKSAKSA1:46.57



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