Robert Young

Robert Young

November 01, 2016

WTW: Mark Wetmore Works His 'Magic', Foreigners in the NCAA, What Rita Jeptoo's Doping Suspension Means For Her Coach and Agent + American Marathoners Bobby Curtis and Linsday Flanagan

The Colorado men and women shined brightly in different ways at Pac 12s, so did two American marathoners in Frankfurt, plus a look at Rita Jeptoo's doping suspension and the amount of foreign studs in NCAA xc.
October 01, 2016

It's Official: Marathon Man Robert Young Exposed As A Complete Fraud After Independent Investigation

The web vigilantes have won again and exposed yet another race cheat. Inspired in part by the fastest growing thread in history started by Asher Delmott, a 101-page report shows conclusively that Robert Young wasn't running for much of his attempted record run across America. *MB: Robert Young fakes run across America