Paul Doyle

Paul Doyle

July 28, 2022

Update on Devon Allen's Disqualification from Agent Paul Doyle: "It's been stolen from the fans. It's been stolen from Devon and that's unfortunate."

A controversial start deprived Devon Allen of possibly the greatest opportunity in his athletic career. What is World Athletics doing to rectify the situation? What about the possible make-up race? Devon Allen's agent gives us an update. "Not to take anything at all away from Grant Holloway, he's an amazing athlete, but as competitive as Devon is, having already run 12.84 this year, running in front of the whole crowd, running for his dad, there's no way he loses that race and we'll never get to see it."
April 30, 2021

Great News: Revamped American Track League Announces 10-Meet Summer Series; All Meets Will Be Broadcast on ESPN

Are you ready for 10 track meets in America live on ESPN? We hope so. The ratings for the ATL indoor series were strong and now all 10 meets of the outdoor series will be on ESPN. "Streaming is great for our spot," says ATL founder Paul Doyle, "but I don't think it's reaching new fans. Whereas if we're on ESPN, we're in every sports bar in America."
January 25, 2021

WTW: Crouser Gets His WR, Walmsley Just Misses; Patrick Mahomes Gets His Super Shoes and Michigan Gets Cancelled

We hope you were entertained over the weekend. We try to tell you what it all means in our Week That Was column.
July 27, 2016

WTW: Age Cheating At World Juniors, Russia Doesn't Get Banned, The IOC Screws Over Yuliya Stepanova And Is Keni Harrison The Second Coming Of Michael Johnson?

We break down the good (Keni Harison is back in a big way) and bad (lots of cheating still going on all over the place) from an action-packed week with two great meets - one in Houston and one in London.
February 24, 2014

The Inside Story Of Gabriele Grunewald's DQ - Insider Access, False Promises And A Violation Of USATF's Own Rules?

By now, you've heard bits and pieces about what happened on Saturday but we tell you the inside story of what really went down, plus reveal that the Fat Lady hasn't sung yet as an arbitration hearing will take place later this week.