National Relay Championships

National Relay Championships

April 26, 2018

Relays Weekend Preview: Jenny Simpson Goes for 2-Mile AR, Sydney McLaughlin Set for 400H Debut, & Andre De Grasse Is Back

It's relays week - normally one of the greatest weekends of the year for college track fans - but this year's calendar has us a little depressed as the big guns aren't competing with each other. Instead of everyone going to Penn or Drake, some are now going to Arkansas, others to LSU and others aren't going anywhere. Still, there are a few amazing races that we are really excited about but most of them are individual races ironically.
October 25, 2017

Arkansas Creates "National Relay Champs" And Like Everyone Else in College Sports Says, "The Only Thing That Matters In Life Is Yourself"

Are you tired of greed in college sports? It's gotten so bad it's even extending to the non-revenue sports like track and field.