August 09, 2018

RRW: Historic Gold Medal For Israel's Lonah Chemtai Salpeter At European Championships

Salpeter became the first Israeli woman ever to win a gold medal in any Euro Champs event. She ran 31:43 to win comfortably over the Netherlands's Susan Krumins (31:52) and Sweden's Meraf Bahta (32:19.34). *MB: 'Historic' Israel Euro 10k title - by a Kenyan!!
April 14, 2016

RRW Flashback: Paula Radcliffe Sets Marathon WR 13 Years Ago Today

Thirteen years ago yesterday, Radcliffe ran her still standing WR of 2:15:25. At the time, Chicago race director Carey Pinkowski put it well by saying, "She's like Neil Armstrong."
April 13, 2016

New Trailer Released For Documentary On The Boston Marathon

Enjoy the trailer because the actual documentary doesn't premiere until next year's Boston Marathon.
February 02, 2016

Matt Tegenkamp Has Retired - The Six Greatest Moments In His Career With Some Awesome Old School Video

Tegenkamp called it a career yesterday and his career helped usher American distance running into a new era.
January 18, 2016

RRW Flashback: Ryan Hall Wins 2006 USA Cross Country Championships

David Monti writes that when he saw Hall get third in the 4K on day 1 and come back and dominate the 12K on day 2 that is when he "realized that Ryan Hall was a truly special athlete."
December 11, 2015

Take A Look At Some Interesting Foot Locker Appearance Stats

What schools and what families have had the most runners in Foot Locker history.
April 14, 2015

RRW: Flashback To Paula Radcliffe's 2:15:25 World Record At The 2003 London Marathon 2003

Chicago Marathon RD Carey Pinkowski on Radcliffe's time being in uncharted territory: "She's like Neil Armstrong."
*MB: Flashback April 13, 2003 - Guess what happened 12 years ago today? Where were you/what was your reaction?

April 14, 2014

David Epstein Talks About Roger Bannister (On Final Day To Back Roger Bannister Film On Kickstarter)

David Epstein, author of The Sports Gene, has struck up a relationship with the great Roger Bannister. Hear what Bannister has to say about genetics and running and back the new Bannister film: Bannister: Everest On The Track on Kickstarter.