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Best Overall Training Shoes Under $100

Best Overall Training Shoes Under $100

We rank the best running shoes on the market by their overall quality and performance according to thousands of experienced runners.

Our rankings reflect the fair and accurate judgments of real runners by applying data science to thousands of verified shoe reviews. Our reviews are collected from the most knowledgeable and experienced runners in the world.

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  1. 9.2 81 reviews
    Lightweight all-around training shoe highly rated on comfort, cushioning, durability, and value.
    9.6 oz. (men's), 8.4 oz. (women's), neutral pronation, 35mm stack height
  2. 9.0 53 reviews
    ASICS' flagship stability shoe, this revision stands out for its high ratings on comfort and durability.
    10.7 oz. (men's), 9.3 oz. (women's), moderate stability pronation, 40mm stack height
  3. 8.8 43 reviews
    Pulls off the trifecta of being a super comfortable, cushioned, and durable trainer.
    10.6 oz. (men's), 8.9 oz. (women's), neutral pronation, 38mm stack height
  4. 8.6 24 reviews
    Comfortable and cushioned shoe that weighs in lighter than most shoes in the stability category.
    9.1 oz. (men's), 7.9 oz. (women's), moderate stability pronation, 37mm stack height