Alicia Monson Talks Olympic Trials, Is Sean McGorty The Future of the The Steeple?, Nuguse Over Hocker, Huddle Done? Podcast

May 12, 2021

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On Running is sponsoring the Countdown to the Trials. Alicia Monson of the OAC is our guest this week and OAC coach Dathan Ritzenhein joined us last week.
Your weekly run down of the track and field world. Rojo starts with a DK Metcalf victory lap, we discuss whether Sean McGorty is the future of the steeple, praise Elle Purrier, blast the US men’s 1500m runners, wonder what is going on with Nikki Hiltz and Molly Huddle, look at Yared Nuguse‘s victory over Cole Hocker.
At 82:27, we’re joined by the OAC’s Alicia Monson, the woman coach Dathan Ritzenhein said could be “the next great American female distance runner.” We talk about Alicia turning pro, joining the OAC, and getting ready for next month’s Olympic Trials where she’s an up and coming underdog in either the 5,000, 10,000 or both. Can she really be the next Deena or Shalane? First up is trying to make Olympic team #1.
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Listen in the player below or here.
Show notes:
  • 3:21 DK Metcalf 10.37 100m
  • 10:18 Sha’carri Richardson- the best ever?
  • 17:59 Women’s 800: Kate Grace and Brenda Martinez are back. Raevyn Rogers?!
  • 20:59 Sean McGorty the future of the US steeple?
  • 27:28 Ollie Hoare and Justyn Knight embarrass US 1500m runners
  • 33:32 Elle Purrier Joins Sub 4 club
  • 36:45 Nikki Hiltz not racing well
  • 41:15 Molly Huddle done?
  • 45:42 Courtney Frerichs defeats Leah Falland in steeple
  • 48:49 Yared Nuguse Over Cole Hocker and Cooper Teare
  • 51:07 US 1500 $1000 Challenge
  • 54:38 Gudaf Tsegay world record holder in indoor 1500 runs 29:39 10,000
  • 61:56 Covid sniffing dogs, Kentucky Derby
  • 65:22 Wejo’s Rant on Tokyo cancellation
  • 71:46 Newbury Park and 4 underclassmen go sub 9 in 2 mile including Nico Young’s brothers
  • 76:25 Sound Running goes PPV – a good thing?! Tempo Journal article here
  • 82:27 NCAA champion and the OAC’s Alicia Mondon joins us to talk Olympic Trials possible double!?
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