NN Mission Marathon Results – Eliud Kipchoge Wins in 2:04:30

by LetsRun.com
April 18, 2021

Eliud Kipchoge returned to his winning ways at the NN Mission Marathon getting the win in 2:04:30. Sometimes training partner John Korir was the only athlete able to staby with Kipchoge and the pacer past half way but by 35k (21.7 miles) Kipchoge was clear.

The biggest surprise on this one was Kipchoge ran a positive split. He hit half way in 61:43 and split 62:47 the second half. Full LetsRun.com recap coming.

Kipchoge wins NN Mission Marathon
Courtesy NN Running Team
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2012 Olympic Champ Stephen Kiprotich was 5th in 2:09:04.

Germany’s Katharine Steinrück won the women’s race easily in 2:25:59 well under the Olympic qualifier.

Recap coming. Results below.

Men’s Results (More here)

  1. Kipchoge, Eliud (KEN)–1–02:04:30
  2. Korir, Jonathan (KEN)–6–02:06:40
  3. Kifle, Goitom (ERI)–7–02:08:07
  4. Kacheran, Philemon ()–P2–02:08:47
  5. Kiprotich, Stephen (UGA)–5–02:09:04
  6. Kusuro, Geoffrey (UGA)–8–02:09:53
  7. Sang, Mathew (KEN)–11–02:09:54
  8. Chemonges, Filex (UGA)–2–02:09:59
  9. Tewelde, Hiskel (ERI)–9–02:10:07
  10. Chabowski, Marcin (POL)–16–02:10:17
  11. Nowicki, Adam (POL)–23–02:10:21
  12. Kersten, Dieter (BEL)–33–02:10:22
  13. Butter, Michel (NED)–12–02:10:30
  14. Suárez, Jeisson (COL)–26–02:10:51
  15. Mohamed, Mustafa (SWE)–15–02:11:09
  16. Shegumo, Yared (POL)–17–02:11:50
  17. De Bock, Thomas (BEL)–25–02:11:54
  18. Gröschel, Tom (GER)–24–02:12:45
  19. Zamora, Andres (URU)–27–02:14:50
  20. Jimenez, Alejandro (ESP)–30–02:15:15
  21. M. Cuestas, Martin (URU)–22–02:15:18
  22. Ali, Mohamed (NED)–28–02:15:57
  23. Denays, Pierre (BEL)–34–02:15:59
  24. Wais, Hassan (DJI)–37–02:19:42
  25. Ionescu, Marius (ROU)–21–02:21:12

Women’s Results

  1. Steinrück, Katharina (GER)–F5–02:25:59
  2. Moreira, Sara (POR)–F2–02:26:42
  3. Schöneborn, Rabea (GER)–F6–02:27:03
  4. Hottenrott, Laura (GER)–F19–02:28:02
  5. Joglova, Marcela (CZE)–F16–02:28:16
  6. Holterman, Jill (NED)–F20–02:28:18
  7. Gorissen, Mieke (BEL)–F23–02:28:31
  8. Chesir, Gladys (KEN)–F4–02:29:16
  9. Mendez, Laura (ESP)–F22–02:29:28
  10. van der Meijden, Ruth (NED)–F15–02:29:30
  11. Pelayo, Irene (ESP)–F11–02:30:07
  12. Perez, Madai (MEX)–F1–02:32:09
  13. Arias, Kellys (COL)–F9–02:34:40
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