2018 Adrian Martinez Recap: Ce’Aira Brown Goes Sub-2 Again, Marta Freitas 4:25 Mile, and After 15 Tries Leo Manzano Goes Sub-4

By Jake Hamilton and Zander Kessler
June 7, 2018

Photos by Kevin Morris

CONCORD, Mass. — Not quite TrackTown USA, but tonight Concord was mile central and home to the 10th annual Adrian Martinez Classic. Hosted in historic Concord center, “The Adro” as it is known around town, is a festival of miles in honor of Concord-Carlisle Regional High School alumni Adrian Martinez, who passed away suddenly a year after he graduated college. The event features a number of different events for people of all ages, abilities, as well as a number of high-performance races. While the venue is no Hayward Field, it still manages to produce some incredible times. The meet is located at Emerson Playground in Concord where the track only has six lanes. You don’t have to buy a ticket for admission because there are no stands nor any security. Still, the meet hosted some crazy fast times tonight.

Full results can be found here. http://lancertiming.com/results/spring18/martinez/index.htm

A video of the meet can be found here. https://baystaterunning.com/article/watch-the-adrian-martinez-classic

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Here are highlights from the elite races:

Women’s Mile: Marta Freitas runs 4:25.84

Freitas wins (photo by Kevin Morris) Freitas wins (photo by Kevin Morris)

Portugal’s own Marta Freitas set the meet record in the mile with 4:25.84. Freitas threw down a nasty kick to defeat a competitive field in the marquee event edging Dom Scott and Helen Schlachtenhaufen for the top spot atop the podium. She told LetsRun that she’s not planning on doing all that much in the near future, just laying low and training at home after an upcoming race in Germany.

UPDATE: Initially this article said that Freitas’ time is a world leader, but that actually belongs to Jenny Simpson at 4:25.71. 

Women 1 Mile Run Adro HP

Event 3  Women 1 Mile Run Adro HP
        Meet: M 4:29.43                                                       
    Name                     Age Team                    Finals               
  1 Freitas, Marta               Portugal               4:25.84M 4:09.34 1500m
  2 Scott, Dom                   adidas                 4:26.63M 4:09.33 1500m
  3 Schlachtenhaufen, Helen      Saucony Freedom TC     4:27.09M 4:09.57 1500m
  4 Johnson, Lauren              B.A.A.                 4:28.16M 4:10.71 1500m
  5 Tully, Nicole                Hoka One One           4:30.20  4:11.67 1500m
  6 Brown, Sarah                 New Balance            4:31.22  4:12.61 1500m
  7 Mansy, Megan                 Hoka One One           4:32.01  4:12.96 1500m
  8 Osika, Shannon               Nike                   4:32.43  4:11.47 1500m
  9 Piccirillo, Angel            Usa                    4:32.74  4:13.52 1500m
 10 Wilson, Heather              Hoka One One           4:34.78  4:14.72 1500m
 11 Gerlach, Tori                Reebok                 4:37.29  4:18.51 1500m
 12 Van Pelt, Stephanie          Hoka One One           4:37.71  4:18.55 1500m
 13 Saunders, Claudia            District TC            4:38.82  4:19.29 1500m
 14 Schappert, Stephanie         Hoka One One           4:41.07  4:20.11 1500m
 15 Aragon, Dani                 Hoka One One           4:42.78  4:21.22 1500m
 16 Sisson, Annika               Usa                    4:51.77  4:29.46 1500m
 -- Brown, Ce'Aira               Hoka One One               DNF               
 -- Barowski, Cecilia            Hoka One One               DNF

2) Men’s Mile: Drew Piazza wins in 3:56.86

Piazza Wins, Manzano Sub 4 (photo by Kevin Morris) Piazza Wins, Manzano Sub-4 (photo by Kevin Morris)

With fans mimicking the days of Bannister lining the track in lane three, Piazza barely outkicked Olympic silver medalist Leo Manzano and David Timlin. Piazza told us in an interview that he had “literally no idea” he was going to win until he crossed the line. Piazza is also a big LRC fan and asked us if we like to troll the boards a lot. 3:56 is a three-second PR for the VT Tech Elite. He will be running the 800 at USAs.

Editor’s Note: This was the first time Manzano had gone sub-4 in 15 tries and is a very encouraging run.

Before the race, meet director Steve Lane and Trevor Dunbar, who competed in the 3000m, led the fans in a moment of cheering in memory of last year’s mile champion, David Torrence, who unfortunately passed away last summer. Lane and Dunbar believed that Torrence was the type of guy who would have appreciated a moment of raucous fun rather than a moment of silence.

Event 4  Men 1 Mile Run Adro HP
        Meet: M 3:53.21  6/1/2017    David Torrence, HOKA ONE ON              
    Name                     Age Team                    Finals               
  1 Piazza, Drew                 VT Elite               3:56.86  3:41.67 1500m
  2 Manzano, Leo                 Hoka One One           3:57.35  3:41.94 1500m
  3 Timlin, David                District TC            3:57.69  3:42.31 1500m
  4 Napolitano, Rob              Hoka One One           3:58.68  3:42.18 1500m
  5 Simons, John                 Usa                    3:58.95  3:42.94 1500m
  6 Geoghegan, Will              Nike                   3:59.51  3:42.40 1500m
  7 Palmer, Ford                 Hoka One One           3:59.93  3:44.11 1500m
  8 Matthews, Julian             Ocean State            3:59.95  3:43.38 1500m
  9 Edwards, Jake                Columbus Running Co    4:01.03  3:45.92 1500m
 10 Gourley, Neil                VT Elite               4:01.45  3:43.44 1500m
 11 Tobin, Sean                  Ireland                4:02.69  3:46.24 1500m
 12 O'Toole, Garrett             Princeton              4:03.30  3:48.17 1500m
 13 Nowak, Craig                 Asics Furman Elite     4:06.52  3:50.20 1500m
 14 Penzenstadler, Sam           District TC            4:08.74  3:50.03 1500m
 15 Holt, Eric                   Usa                    4:17.92  3:55.50 1500m
 -- Alexander, Colby             Hoka One One               DNF               
 -- Garn, Jesse                  Hoka One One               DNF
Pagano after the win (Photo by Kevin Morris) Pagano after the win (Photo by Kevin Morris)

3) Women’s 3000m: Adidas BAA’s Sarah Pagano takes down four New Balance athletes for the win

Pagano did not lead any of the race except for the last 150 meters. She started at the very back of the five-woman field but looked very relaxed despite the fact that everyone else in the race were teammates. One by one, the New Balance athletes fell off the consistent pace and with 300 to go it was a two-person race between Pagano and Emily Sisson. Pagano started a wild kick with 200 to go and passed Sisson on the last turn en route to a 9:00.14 win. She will run the 10,000 at USAs.

Event 5  Women 3000 M Run HP
        Meet: M 8:55.55  6/1/2017    Marielle Hall, NIKE       
    Name                     Age Team                    Finals
  1 Pagano, Sarah                B.A.A.                 9:00.14
  2 Sisson, Emily                New Balance            9:01.02
  3 Garcia, Stephaine            New Balance            9:06.84
  4 Coogan, Katrina              New Balance Boston     9:12.57
  5 Durgin, Emily                New Balance Boston     9:16.82
 -- Cuffe, Aisling               Saucony                    DNF

4) Men’s 3000: Tommy Curtin took the lead and didn’t look back

Tommy Curtin Wins (photo by Kevin Morris) Tommy Curtin Wins (photo by Kevin Morris)

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think that Saucony Freedom TC’s Tommy Curtin was the pacer. Kemoy Campbell paced the race out much faster but nobody really went with the pacer and of the athletes competing, Curtin led the entire race. His 7:51.44 was in constant command over the field in a very tactical race and managed to fend off strong kicks from Julian Oakley, Reid Buchanan, and Trevor Dunbar. Though far from the meet record, Curtin was happy with his time, win, and impressive kick.

Event 6  Men 3000 M Run HP
        Meet: M 7:44.90  6/1/2017    Kemoy Campbell, New Balance
    Name                     Age Team                    Finals 
  1 Curtin, Tommy                Saucony Freedom TC     7:51.44 
  2 Oakley, Julian               Shore AC / N           7:52.36 
  3 Buchanan, Reid               Skechers Per           7:52.52 
  4 Dunbar, Trevor               B.A.A.                 7:52.72 
  5 Fink, Willy                  VT Elite               7:53.35 
  6 Crawford, Graham             Hoka One One           7:58.27 
  7 McEntee, Sam                 Australia              7:59.76 
  8 Mann, Jordan                 Ocean State            8:00.40 
  9 Tuntivate, Kieran            Harvard University     8:00.61 
 10 Shrader, Brian               Saucony Freedom TC     8:07.68 
 11 Doyle, Brian                 Unattached             8:13.02 
 12 Corcoran, Garrett            University o           8:15.75 
 -- Campbell, Kemoy              Reebok                     DNF
Ce'Aira Brown goes sub 2 again Ce’Aira Brown goes sub-2 again

5) Women’s 800: Ce’Aira Brown defends her title and breaks her own meet record

Brown told us afterward that she was confident the whole race, and we believe her. She led almost from the gun to run her second sub-2:00 800m of the year. At 1:59.75 smashed her own meet record from last year of 2:01.10. Brown blew away her entire heat as the second place finisher, Meg Manley, was only 2:02.77. Out of the “slow” heat, Lauren Johnson and Cory McGee ran 2:01.22 and 2:01.61 to grab second and third in the combined results.

Event 1  Women 800 M Run HP
        Meet: M 2:01.10  6/1/2017    Ce'ira Brown, HOKA/NJNY TC    
    Name                     Age Team                    Finals    
Section  1                                                         
  1 Brown, Ce'Aira               Hoka One One           1:59.75M   
  2 Manley, Meg                  Cptc                   2:02.77    
  3 Kopp, Maddie                 District TC            2:04.15    
  4 Iyevbele, Kenyetta           Hoka One One           2:04.67    
  5 Krumpoch, Megan              New Balance Boston     2:04.99    
  6 Barowski, Cecilia            Hoka One One           2:05.73    
 -- Chambers, Kendra             Oiselle                    DNF    
 -- Teal, Jessica                Saucony Freedom TC         DNF    
Section  2                                                         
  1 Johnson, Lauren              B.A.A.                 2:01.22    
  2 McGee, Corey                 New Balance Boston     2:01.61    
  3 Bouchard, Mattie             Athlétisme S           2:04.37    
  4 Gallagher, Kieran            Usa                    2:05.84    
  5 Herrick, Stephanie           Cptc                   2:06.10    
  6 Ayers, Kate                  Speed River TC         2:07.21    
  7 Tate, Alaine                 Cptc                   2:11.92    
 -- Ross, Cydney                 Usa                        DNF

6) Men’s 800: Ibadin edges Ellison by .02 seconds

Ibadin wins 8 (photo by Kevin Morris) Ibadin wins 8 (photo by Kevin Morris)

By the time the field came around the last bend, it was anyone’s guess who was going to pull out the win. Enter: Nigeria’s Edose Ibadin. Ibadin’s final push in the last ten meters had him breaking the tape and taking home the win in the fast heat. Just behind him, Sam Ellison dropped a 1:46.73 after battling the entire way with Ibadin. Although not able to break the meet record, Ibadin’s finish was still one of the most exciting of the day

Like we said before, not TrackTown USA, but still, home to a world #2 in the women’s mile. Pretty good stuff. All and all, the meet did an amazing job honoring the life and spirit of Adrian Martinez and his love for his community and distance running.

Event 2  Men 800 M Run HP
        Meet: M 1:46.03  6/1/2017    Ryan Martin, ASICS Furman     
    Name                     Age Team                    Finals    
Section  1                                                         
  1 Ibadin, Edose                District TC            1:46.73    
  2 Ellison, Sam                 B.A.A.                 1:46.75    
  3 Giesting, Chris              Hoka One One           1:47.62    
  4 Prince, Quamel               Nashville TC           1:47.65    
  5 Abda, Harun                  Nike Oregon            1:47.69    
  6 Martin, Ryan                 Asics Furman Elite     1:47.92    
  7 Garn, Jesse                  Hoka One One           1:50.48    
 -- Livingston, Terrance         Cptc                       DNF    
Section  2                                                         
  1 Alexander, Colby             Hoka One One           1:48.47    
  2 Henderson, Blair             District TC            1:49.77    
  3 Reyes, Tayron                Dominican Republic     1:49.98    
  4 Simmons, Paris               Top5 Sport             1:51.00    
  5 Looney, Billy                B.A.A.                 1:51.17    
  6 Minors, Dage                 Bermuda                1:51.18    
 -- Tugumisirize, Emmanuel       Cptc                       DNF    
 -- Rollo, Patrick               Usa                        DNF

Guy dives at line but comes up short of sub-4

Editor’s note: We were looking at Kevin Morris’ stunning photos and saw this one:

Charlie Marquardt's Dive Charlie Marquardt’s Dive

And tried to figure out what race it was. It was the “B” mile and it was Marquardt trying to go sub-4 for the first time. He came up just short.

But what an effort (he has run 3:39 for 1500 before). Discuss: Dude dives at line to go sub 4 for the first time and comes up …. short

Event 14  Men 1 Mile Run HP
    Name                     Age Team                    Finals               
  1 Marquardt, Charlie           Bryan Mawr R           4:00.38  3:43.67 1500m
  2 Carleo, Nick                 Providence College     4:02.61  3:46.71 1500m
  3 Brown, Spencer               Georgetown U           4:02.64  3:46.54 1500m
  4 Ross, Nick                   NE Distance            4:03.66  3:46.16 1500m
  5 Gregory, Patrick             Dartmouth College      4:04.47  3:47.10 1500m
  6 Salisbury, Jack              Georgetown U           4:05.95  3:49.42 1500m
  7 Crimmins, Brian              NE Distance            4:08.28  3:51.48 1500m
  8 McGowan, Tim                 Usa                    4:08.63  3:51.87 1500m
  9 Palumbo, Victor              Cptc                   4:09.58  3:51.98 1500m
 10 O'Leary, Michael             Providence College     4:09.89  3:52.20 1500m
 11 Greene, Kevin                Battle Road TC         4:10.93  3:50.26 1500m
 12 Irish, Miles                 Dartmouth College      4:11.08  3:52.48 1500m
 13 Johns, Jacob                 University of Maine    4:11.83  3:53.76 1500m
 14 Reck, Connor                 B.A.A.                 4:14.57  3:54.81 1500m
 15 Cooper, Kevin                Ocean State            4:18.29  4:00.34 1500m
 16 Donnelly, Jordan             Heartbreakers          4:22.08  4:01.59 1500m
 -- Bosworth, Ben                Hare AC                    DNF

There was also a series of all-comers miles before the elite races. ESPN sports business reporter/Twitter personality Darren Rovell competed in one of them and ran 7:39.

Zander Kessler and Jake Hamilton are both seniors at Concord-Carlisle High School and LetsRun.com fans. Zander plans to compete at Middlebury College next year and is excited to try the 5k and 10k on the track. Jake wants to run XC and track at Chapman University, despite the fact that the mile race he ran at Adrian Martinez was his first race ever over 800m. Congrats to Zander for winning the high school mile at the Adrian Martinez meet.

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