LetsRun Launches New Training Site LetsCrawl.pro

by LetsRun.com
April 1, 2018

LetsRun.com is proud to announce the launch of its new coaching platform — LetsCrawl.pro.

The premise of LetsCrawl.pro is simple: to ensure your child begins to develop their speed early so they can become a champion runner later.

“Everyone knows the Kenyan runners are good because they start running at an early age, running to and from school. But that isn’t possible in America. So with my own son, Charlie, I knew I’d have to work extra hard for him to be a champion. That’s how I came up with the principles of LetsCrawl.pro,” said Steve Soprano, previously known as LetsRun.com Employee 1.1, but now the Director of Coaching Development at LetsCrawl.pro.

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Steve’s results with Charlie are simply amazing.

At the Mall-O-Ween Baby Costume Crawl Race at Colonie Center in Albany, NY, last year, which featured a $500 first prize, Charlie absolutely destroyed the competition in his preliminary heat. You can see the results from two different angles below.

What happened in the semifinals?

Charlie pretended not to care about crawling to the finish and was soundly beaten.

“I had him (Charlie) tank [the semifinal]. That’s not easy to teach such a young kid to do,” said Soprano. “Do you know how much a college scholarship is worth? I didn’t want him losing his NCAA eligibility for a $500 gift certificate.”

Soprano indicated he’d most likely advocate Charlie turn pro after high school, but only after he first gets accepted into a top academic school with the help from his athletic resume.

The LetsCrawl.pro training principles developed by Soprano are truly revolutionary and you can see in the exclusive training videos below how he has used positive reinforcement to make Charlie a speedster at an early age.

“I’m like a baby whisperer,” said Soprano. “But these techniques work on all babies, not just my own son. I began working with Rojo’s, (LRC site founder Robert Johnson’s), son, Clayton, even earlier. He can’t even crawl yet, and we’re doing daily drills for 2 hours a day. There are other [baby training] groups out there that aren’t competing clean, so we’ve found we have to start our training even earlier.”

Wall Street has indicated that LetsCrawl.pro could take LetsRun.com to new heights.

“Runners may be notoriously cheap, but even they will spend unlimited amounts on their children, especially when it comes to sports,” said one analyst. “Our only concern is we’re not sure what percent of the LetsRun.com running nerd audience is going to reproduce. They may have the biggest running news site, but the key number is how many babies those people are having.”

In related news, LetsCrawl.pro announced the partnership with the Nick Willis-Ron Warhurst running wedding service to try to encourage more running weddings and, hopefully, children.

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