Listen To’s 2017 Dubai Marathon Pre-Race Live Podcast At 8:50 PM ET

January 19, 2017

The 2017 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon takes place tonight at 9:30 pm ET. will be doing a special live podcast about the race which is expected to feature a WR attempt by Kenenisa Bekele with Sean Hartnett – The Marathon Professor – for 30 minutes from 8:50 to 9:20.

Hartnett knows more about men’s marathon World Records than just about anyone as he’s personally seen everyone that has been set since 1988. He’s normally on the lead vehicle helping the runners know exactly what split they are on. Listen to the podcast below or at this link.

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To see how World Records are set, you need to go this link – Sean Hartnett’s Guide To The 3 Fastest Legal Marathons as he’s got every km split. Once there, click on one of the 3 course maps for more info.

Talk about 2017 Dubai Live here: MB: Official 2017 Dubai Marathon Live Discussion Thread – + Live Pre-Race Podcast at 8:50 pm ET

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