We Showed You The Money: LetsRun.com’s Rio Olympic Betting Guide Picks Proved To Be Spectacular

August 12, 2016 to August 21, 2016

If you followed our betting advice, you’d have made an amazing 80.2% return on your bets

by LetsRun.com
August 22, 2016

We hope you listened to us. In addition to producing LetsRun.com free of charge, before the Olympics we did something that few websites ever do – give you free betting advice. Before the action in Rio got under way, we listed all of the American track and field athletes and their betting odds and bolded the ones we thought were the best bets. We bolded 10 women and 11 men. We sure hope you followed and advice on bet on them. You would have made a ton of money.

First of all, our stone-cold lock of the meet was right on the money. Upon seeing the 7/2 odds offered on Emma Coburn to medal, we wrote, “THIS IS THE BET YOU HAVE TO MAKE.” That was far from the only bet we told you to make that would have paid off handsomely. We also told you to bet on Galen Rupp, Evan Jager, Jenny Simpson, Matthew Centrowitz and even total longshot Clayton Murphy – all of the US mid-d/distance medallists except for Paul Chelimo.

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showmeSure we also encouraged you to bet on Shalane Flanagan, Desi Linden, Molly Huddle, and Bernard Lagat but we were looking for value – not sure things.

If you followed our advice and bet $100 on each of the 21 suggestions, guess what your return would have been on your $2100 investment? 80.2%. Yes, that’s right. You would have come close to doubling your money and taken home $3785. You would have made at least* $1685 in profit off of $2100 risked.

And unlike most betting sites, we’ve got proof that our picks were on the money. Here are bets we bolded in our original betting guides: Men’s betting guide, women’s betting guide).

Gold Odds Medal Odds Comment Profit / Loss on $100 Wager
Women’s 100
English Gardner 8 to 1 5 to 4 Getting US champ and World #2 at these odds isn’t awful $-100*
Women’s 1500
Jenny Simpson 50 to 1 8 to 1 Getting a former World champ at 8 to 1 for a medal is interesting $800
Women’s Steeple
Emma Coburn 25 to 1 7 to 2 THIS IS THE BET YOU HAVE TO MAKE $350
Women’s 10k
Molly Huddle 66 to 1 20 to 1 She’s in great shape, it might be fun to bet on her $-100*
Women’s Marathon
Shalane Flangan 25 to 1 5 to 1 She’s medalled before $-100
Desi Linden 66 to 1 25 to 1 We think these odds make it fun to put down $10 if you are American $-100
Women’s 400h
Dalilah Muhammed 5 to 4 1 to 5 We think the bet for gold might be worth it $125
Sydney McLaughlin 16 to 1 7 to 2 Might be fun to bet on a HSer $-100
Women’s LJ  
Brittney Reese 1 to 1 1 to 4 Does Reese win half the time? We think yes. $-100
Women’s PV
Jenn Suhr 5 to 1 5 to 4 The reigning champ who has lost just 1 all year $-100
Total Profit Loss on $1000 wagered ($100 per event) $575
Men Gold Odds Medal Odds Comment  Profit / Loss on $100 Wager
Men’s 800
Boris Berian 14 to 1 9 to 4 14 to 1 for the win isn’t bad $-100
Clayton Murphy 33 to 1 8 to 1 The medal odds are tempting $800
Men’s 1500
Matthew Centrowitz 20 to 1 4 to 1 These odds are VERY tempting. $400*
Evan Jager 8 to 1 Even We like these odds $100*
Men’s 5000
Bernard Lagat 20 to 1 8 to 1 We’d consider the medal bet $-100
Galen Rupp 16 to 1 4 to 1 Tempting $400*
Devon Allen 7 to 1 11 to 10 We like these odds $-100*
Men’s HJ
Erik Kynard 10 to 1 2 to 1 Maybe to medal $-100
Men’s Pole Vault
Sam Kendricks 6 to 1 1 to 2 Victory isn’t out of the question $-100
Men’s Shot Put
Joe Kovacs 3 to 4 1 to 10 Maybe bet him to win $-100
Men’s Decathlon
Ashton Eaton 1 to 10 1 to 50 Is there a 10% chance he gets hurt or no heights? $10
Total Profit Loss on $1100 wagered ($100 per event) $1110
Total Men + Women Profit on $2100 Wagered $1685
% Return on Investment 80.20%

It’s worth noting that we really only made big money on the events we claim to be experts on – mid-d and distance. Here is how the profit/loss was per event group:

Sprints/Hurdles: $-175
800/1500: $1900
Steeple-Marathon: $450
Jumps: $-400
Throws: $-100
Multi: $10

Talk about our betting guide on our world famous fan forum / messageboard: MB: Looking for proof positive that we are experts when it comes to track and field? Read this. (Rio betting advice)

*On several picks, based on the description, one could argue it wasn’t clear whether we advocating for you to bet for gold or simply for a medal as we wrote something generic along the lines of “We like these odds” or “Tempting.” For most, we meant the bronze medal pick. But if you argue it meant for you to bet both, your return would actually be way higher as one of the events was the men’s 1500 where Centrowitz was offered at 20-1 for gold.

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