2016 US Olympic Track And Field Trials Live Results

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by LetsRun.com
July 1, 2016

The 2016 US Olympic Track and Field Trials start Friday in Eugene, Oregon. The day-by-day meet schedule is pasted below and live results are here.

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Thu, July 7th

All Times Local (EDT)
Women’s Shot PutQualifying2:00 PM
Women’s Javelin ThrowQualifying6:30 PM
Women’s 5000m1st Round7:20 PM
Men’s Triple JumpQualifying7:45 PM
Women’s 100m Hurdles1st Round8:02 PM
Men’s 200m 1st Round8:30 PM
Women’s 400m Hurdles1st Round8:58 PM
Men’s Discus ThrowQualifying9:00 PM
Women’s Shot PutFinal9:15 PM
Women’s 1500m1st Round9:26 PM
Women’s Triple JumpFinal9:30 PM
Men’s 400m Hurdles1st Round9:53 PM
Men’s 1500m1st Round10:21 PM
Women’s 3000m SteeplechaseFinal10:48 PM

Fri, July 8th

All Times Local (EDT)
Women’s Pole VaultQualifying6:00 PM
Men’s 110m Hurdles1st Round6:02 PM
Men’s Discus ThrowFinal6:30 PM
Women’s 200m1st Round6:30 PM
Women’s 100m HurdlesSemi-Finals6:58 PM
Men’s High JumpQualifying7:00 PM
Men’s 1500mSemi-Finals7:12 PM
Women’s 400m HurdlesSemi-Finals7:31 PM
Men’s 400m HurdlesSemi-Finals7:47 PM
Women’s 1500mSemi-Finals8:03 PM
Men’s 3000m SteeplechaseFinal8:23 PM
Men’s 200m Semi-Finals8:37 PM
Women’s 100m HurdlesFinal8:54 PM

Sat, July 9th

All Times Local (EDT)
Heptathlon 100m Hurdles3:30 PM
Heptathlon High Jump4:30 PM
Heptathlon Shot Put6:30 PM
Women’s Javelin ThrowFinal7:00 PM
Men’s Triple JumpFinal7:15 PM
Men’s 110m HurdlesSemi-Finals7:25 PM
Heptathlon 200m7:40 PM
Women’s 200mSemi-Finals8:03 PM
Men’s 5000mFinal8:20 PM
Men’s 200m Final8:42 PM
Men’s 110m HurdlesFinal8:52 PM

Sun, July 10th

All Times Local (EDT)
Heptathlon Long Jump4:45 PM
Women’s Pole VaultFinal5:30 PM
Heptathlon Javelin Throw5:45 PM
Men’s High JumpFinal6:00 PM
Women’s 400m HurdlesFinal7:03 PM
Heptathlon 800m7:11 PM
Women’s 5000mFinal7:28 PM
Men’s 400m HurdlesFinal7:51 PM
Women’s 1500mFinal8:00 PM
Women’s 200mFinal8:11 PM
Men’s 1500mFinal8:20 PM

Thu, June 30th

All Times Local (EDT)
Men’s 20 km Race WalkFinal
Women’s 20 km Race WalkFinal