Video: Seb Coe Gets Grilled By CNN Over State Of The Sport And His Past With The IAAF

Interview By CNN
January 14, 2015

Watch below as IAAF President Seb Coe sits in the hot seat as CNN’s Amanda Davies grills him with questions and jumps on him for giving unsatisfying answers. Excerpts from interview transcripted below the video.

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Seb Coe: “One of the accusations is that I don’t sort of get the seriousness of this issue – I do. I’m dealing with it every day and I have been dealing with this since effectively the first day I took over the role as president…”

Amanda Davies: “How confident are you that you will not be forced into stepping down.”

SC: “Look, my focus everyday, every hour of that day, is to help shape the future of our sport …

AD: “That didn’t answer my question.”

SC: “Well it’s the answer you’re going to get. I am focused entirely on putting changes in place that leave the sport in safe and secure hands. And that is my only focus now.”

AD: “Can you guarantee that there will be no allegations that directly implicate you in a cover-up?”

SC: “There is no cover-up.”

AD: “But you haven’t answered my question. How confident are you that there will be no allegations that emerge directly related to yourself.

SC: “I’m confident. I’m confident because the systems that I’m putting in place are the systems that will remedy those weaknesses …

AD: “Can you give us a 100% guarantee that there be no allegations that come to light that draw you into a cover-up or being complicit in this crisis?”

SC: “Yeah look, the ethics board has already made its inquiries. The WADA report, the French police, … as president of the IAAF I have been in total cooperation with all these inquiries, so that is where we are.

SC: “… Our sport is a strong sport. Don’t run away with the idea that I don’t know that these are dark days, of course they’re dark days. The crisis actually was probably two or three years ago when what we’re having to deal with was taking place. Our responsibly now is to make those changes and to take the sport into safe territory.”

AD: “How much more is there to come?”

SC: “I don’t know.”

You can see a bit more of the interview here.

A bearded Seb Coe is grilled in an interview with CNN's Amanda Davies.

A bearded Seb Coe is grilled in an interview with CNN’s Amanda Davies.