Usain Bolt Crushes Justin Gatlin in 200 Then Gets RUN OVER by Cameraman on Segway

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August 27, 2015

Usain Bolt crushed Justin Gatlin, 19.55 to 19.74, to win the 200 and cement his status as the king of track and field at the 2015 World Track and Field Championships in Beijing, China.

Bolt met his match on the victory lap as he was run over from behind by a cameraman on a Segway (video below). It could have been really bad, but Bolt got up and after an initial limp continued on his victory lap.

After the race, Bolt said it was no big deal and that he’d be fine (video of the post-race press conference with Bolt as well as a more intimate interview with Bolt appear at the bottom of this article).

Up next for Bolt is the 4×100, where Team USA will be favored if it makes the final as the Americans had four men in the 100m final to Jamaica’s two.

Former international 100/long jumper Kareem Street-Thompson, now a coach at the University of Texas,  captured Bolt getting run over by the cameraman on the Segway from a different angle.


1620Usain BOLTJAMJAM19.55WL0.147
21017Justin GATLINUSAUSA19.740.161
3846Anaso JOBODWANARSARSA19.87NR0.154
4786Alonso EDWARDPANPAN19.87SB0.170
5532Zharnel HUGHESGBRGBR20.02PB0.119
6957Ramil GULIYEVTURTUR20.110.180
7831Femi OGUNODEQATQAT20.270.198
8618Nickel ASHMEADEJAMJAM20.330.132

Usain Bolt Talks About The Race and Getting Run Over In The Mixed Zone

Full Post-Race Press Conference Video (Pretty Entertaining)